Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fenced Out!

Monday, June 18, 2018

6:30 a.m.
I'm still floating on a cloud of relieved euphoria!  The cows are fenced out. The trespasser on his 4 wheeler (pretty sure it was Don - tracks match) is fenced out! 

We hired Josh, a friend of our son's from grade school through high school, on Saturday and were able to get both he and his dad on Saturday. We needed them both! The last section was grueling and it poured all day! 

On Friday we got three wires up in the west section of the south fenceline, with Josh's help. Though he and Ron arrived around 10:00, they worked until dusk. Then Josh drove home to return in the morning with his dad.

I got exposed by the toxic cows. About 6:30 that morning I heard a motorized vehicle pushing cows up to their north fence across from our main drive. It was while I was running the generator. When I went out to the SW corner jack the whole herd was walking down the fence line toward it... I hollered and made noise to try to move them away. It wasn't very effective. They didn't move away far enough and not very fast. I got hit/hurt. By the end of the day my "fibro" (insecticide poisoning, the symptoms are exactly the same) was in full roar. Feet and leg pain flaming clear up to my ribs. I could barely walk. No sleep that night either. By now you undoubtedly know the drill. 

At the time it happened I honestly thought (still do) it was an attempt to prevent us from closing the fence, or to spite us/hurt me for cutting off the 4 wheeler access,  so I knuckled down and pushed through it. I had double medicated before going out and I did meds again every time we came in. The pain and symptoms were brutal but I had to do everything in my power to close the fence, or the exposures wouldn't stop and I'd have nowhere safe to go when the driller was here. 

Since Josh is the youngest and strongest we had him pulling wire. Ron was pulling at the 1/2 way point and I spelled Josh, taking a few turns pulling, at the end, the last 1\3, nearest the corner jack, when he needed a break. Then Ron set and managed the stretchers and we all put on clips, working our way back to Trespassers. At the mid point of that section of fence line I'd go back for the Ute and bring up more clips, etc. I also took my chainsaw to a small tree that ended up being a problem. The barbwire had damaged it to the point it wasn't going to survive, so I went ahead and cut it down. Ron had devised a clever device to make the wire spool turn easier and not get stuck on the fence posts that made up the stand, or "cradle.". That made pulling tons easier! We needed that, since the terrain was rougher. Its hard to walk backward with all those large rocks!

Saturday morning before Josh and Mike arrive Ron and I took equipment up to the top of the peak where that site's wire roll cradle would be set up. We hauled the rest of the stuff they'd need up to the top and Ron pounded the posts for, and set up, the cradle. I took the loppers to trees and berry patches on the fence line that Ron hadn't reached when he chainsawed his way up last weekend. Remember, he ran out of gas? Then we went to check the other locations before Mike and Josh got here. When we were driving out to Trespassers, wouldn't you know it, a highly fragranced person just happened to be driving Don's UTV up and down the fence line. I'm assuming it was a woman. She was wearing so much perfume she'd had to have bathed in it. Neither Ron nor I could tell gender by the look of the person because he or she was bundled up. I'm still reeling from that one. It was so bad, that between that exposure and the cow herders wasting so much of my day I wasn't much help that day. 

Bob, the cattle guy, had texted Ron at 5:30 Saturday morning to see if he was on schedule. Ron replied that they should come between 10:00a.m.-12:00p.m.. So I left the fence line and went back to camp at 9:45 a.m. incase they showed up early. I texted Ron at noon, they hadn't showed. I returned to work (pouring rain and a thunder storm) at 12:30. They had just arrived. I could hear them talking to each other and their horses as they rode up to the peak through the forest. Their truck was parked at the jack. Ron told me they came up to where he was and spoke civilly before they rode down the back skid road and spread out to make a pass. Presently the guys all stumbled out of the woods soaked to the skin, chilled to the bone, and we all went back to camp so they could get food, dry off, get warm and change clothes. We were back out in 30 more minutes (the sun came out while we were in camp and teased us all with promises of clearing weather; it was a lie). They headed out first in the truck. I went over a few minutes later in my Ute. It was raining hard over there. The rider's pickup was gone. Tracks showed where the horses had exited. The guys were sitting in the cab of Ron's pickup waiting out the rain. I pulled in under some trees and waited until there was a lull in the storm. As soon as it slackened I got out of the Ute and began to pull the section of wire that crossed the road, that they'd left open for the riders. You know, the road that the mystery 4 wheeler kept trespassing on. Which is why we call that location Trespasser's S. The S. is for south. The guys got out of the pickup behind me just in time to see me fall flat on my face. Insecticides are neurological poisons. They adversely effect coordination, among other things. Nobody said anything except me. What I said is not printable here...

So I was relegated to clipping the wire to the posts at the bottom of the slope. They worked their asses off in the frigid, pouring rain while Rosie and I mostly waited in the Ute, getting out when they got the wire down the hill. It was wet and cold. I heard the neighbors UTV driving up and down the west fence 2 more times that afternoon. I didn't report it to the Deputy. I've been down this road before. "They weren't doing anything illegal." If I complain and LEOs talk to them, they escalate. No positive outcome for me. 

The guys got 3 wires stretched across the whole east section of the south fence line and 1/2 the 4th wire pulled back to the jack at Trespassers, from the cradle, by dusk. Enough to keep out the cows. They were beat, soaked through, cold and hungry. Done for the weekend. I was greatly relieved! 

Sunday morning Ron and I headed up to the peak to retrieve equipment. I took my e-chainsaw. Ron used it to cut out the logs that were down on the backside of the mountain. They were in the way for the bottom strand. I loppered limbs and underbrush to make the job easier. Looks like it might be Justin helping with that one.

Ron had a family reunion at noon, so we headed back to transfer supplies and do water/fuel. Only the city sewer was overflowing so we had to find a different dump station. I sent Ron to his reunion and I came back up to my mountain to do internet research. We got the dump done later. Ron went home.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

4:10 p.m.
The sun finally came out this afternoon. I put clothes on the line yesterday morning. They got plenty of extra rinsing. Rosie and I stayed in since I didn't have any other clean dry clothes left. After all the rain and mud, I need to wash seat covers again, too. I filled yesterday's hours by continuing to work on that pair of "lace up ropers" - western boots for cattle roping, as opposed to the classic "cowboy boot". I did telling you about that right? Working on those boots? I thought the insole that was under the foam insole was leather but it's was leather colored rubber. And I discovered that under the heel part several nails were sticking up 1/8th inch! No wonder they made my feet hurt! So I'm trying to figure out what tool will best work to reach in there and nip those nails off real short. Then I can pound them flat. If I buy new shoes, I'll just have to tear them apart too. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It was mostly sunny today. The humidity ranged from 45% to (currently) 61%. I got everything on the line off and a new batch on. That would be those seat covers and rugs. I even got to run the LP generator. I've been airing it out in here most of the day. 

I started out to cut wood but it got too warm. Instead Rosie and I took the Ute to the base of Cell Hill and did a fence stick scavenge. I got quite a load. Since we ended at the back fence and someone had moved a bunch of those top clips to about 3' high (height the average guy can't step over...) I decided to work on that fence. I moved up the wires and wove in all the sticks. I need more of course, but it was a start. It was after that that we did laundry. 

I also deleted my Toxed FB page and left an explanation on my family page. Tomorrow I'll delete my family FB page. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

There was another elk pool party in the meadow yesterday afternoon. There were aproximately 20 attendees. I'd say, "A good time was had by all!" There were lots of tiny calves in the herd. The weather report forecasted thunder starting in the afternoon and all through the night. I heard "the distant rumbling of thunder." Only it wasn't thunder; it was a bunch of the elk herd chasing each other around the meadow. Rosie and I went out and watched the fun for awhile. They do like to playing in the water.

It did storm all night, though it stayed out at 10-14 miles away. Its no longer thundering, but still overcast and raining. Guess my shower day is tomorrow. 

No updates on the driller's start date yet.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Free Speech

got blocked on FB yesterday, twice. I made a conservative political comment. The comment was factual. FB called it "hate speech." This is a blatant act of censorship and an attempt to control the narrative. Talk about trolling! Anyway Breitbart raised the alarm 2 years ago when FB rolled this program out in Germany. Now FB is implementing this same fascist program in the US.  

When I contacted my Rep, his office said they were a private entity, so they could violate the Constitutional Right to Free Speech! Huh? I don't think so. Its a public (hello, SOCIAL) platform! But apparently Republicans are asleep at the post. Thats not news. 

Another article pointed out that we are not customers at FB. We "are the product." If you look carefully you will see that we are like cattle to them. We will be merchandised. We will be led to the slaughter, our rights taken away gradually so that at first we don't even notice. Then it will be too late. 

Donald Trump won and is changing our country back, but the fight isn't over. The globalists haven't given up their plan for world domination. Zuck is a globalist, besides being a cardboard cutout. He continues the globalist plan to coerce and control through fake media and censorship of dissenting views. This is equivalent to what they did (minus the tech) in Nazi Germany for their take over using Hitler.

My comment that got me blocked was to say that "Illegals are criminals." That is fact. If you break the law, and do something illegal, you are a criminal! But FB says its "hate speech" if you point out the truth. I also said they shouldn't get amnesty or be rewarded for breaking the law... See the problem with FBs "hate speech" censorship? Conservative opinions are surpressed. Truth is not allowed. Its this truth today. My statement of truth. Tomorrow, it could just as easily be yours...

I'm going to be leaving FB. I will not contribute, or be a passive participant in an unpatriotic, anti-American propaganda mill. I won't allow them to use me to make money to promote their cause. 

Please read the article below and consider the matter carefully"

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Good Morning Elk

Sunday, June 10, 2018

7:17 p.m.
Icey cold rain and hail beat upon us as we slogged through our fencing chores. Ron wasn't able to get away until yesterday afternoon. So we didn't make a lot of progress this weekend.

Saturday morning, the toxic cows announced their presence on the 80 at 5:30 a.m.. We didn't know for sure who they belonged to, or who allowed them in. I texted Don, the neighbor south of me. No response. 

Saturday afternoon Ron finally got here. It was pouring icey rain and blowing hard. By the time we finished at the dump station and were set back up, it was pretty late. We decided to take the next sections' rolls of barbed wire to their stations. Four at Trespassers S. Four at the top of the peak. Those 4 were hard. Ron had brought a hand truck for hauling them up the steep slope. It was pretty rigorous. He tied 2 on and wrestled them up the slope while I carried the supplies to mount the bales on. The second two he hauled up one at a time. I helped with the last one. That pretty much wiped Ron out. We went back to camp and turned in!

While we were out this morning pulling the last wire on the west line, someone drove up to the new gate on the neighbor's. It was Bob. The same guy who dumped the toxic cows on me last year. Ron intercepted him while Rosie and I retreated into the forest to escape his diesel rig's fumes. Turns out both Don and Scott have a lease with him this year. But they didn't bother including us or telling us, and they all knew his cows would be on our property! Bob's response, "Open range." None of them could be bothered to give me a heads up or Don to return my message either. Ron put that one to Bob, too. 

His response, "Why would I want to do that?"

"It would be neighborly." Ron returned. Bob said nothing. Then he tried denying having my number. Ron called out to me and I responded. Bob jumped like an electrocuted cat and then admitted that he'd had it but must have lost it... Yeah, right.

Ron let him know we were fencing his cows out and intended to complete it next weekend. He told Bob he was giving him the opportunity to herd his cattle back through before we closed the last section, its the neighborly thing to do. Bob said if we turned them out on the county road he'd call the sheriff. Hows that for an unreasonable answer to a generous offer?! Wow! Ron told him, "Open range. That's what you've been telling me. The road is open range, too." And that he'd be sure and call the sheriff first. I advised Ron to do it soon. I'd read the Statutes on Open Range. They're pretty sketchy, but you can't "take up someone's stray cattle" unless you notify them by certified mail two weeks in advance. We definitely don't want to be accused of taking up his cattle, so we need to do this with the sheriff's dept. fully informed. It seemed pretty telling to me that Bob would make a comment like that. Sounds like he doesn't intend to be cooperative. Bob left in a huff and undoubtedly made a beeline for Don. 

Ron and I continued fencing in the ice and freezing rain. We finished that leg. We decided that the next thing that needed doing was for Ron to take the gas powered chainsaw and clear those downed trees, right after lunch. I can't be around that.

Only while we were getting warmed up and eating the well driller showed up! He was there to make his preliminary inspection and decide if he'd do the job or not. Ron showed them around (he brought his wife and kids) and I had to stay inside. That took awhile. The well driller estimated that it would take 2 weeks. When they left, Ron took the chainsaw and I waited here. I got most of my supplies on board. Everything except what was in his truck. He drove that over to do the chainsaw work. I put away as much of the tools as I could. He finally returned around 5:00p.m. Wet through, cold, tired and sore. He'd cleared both sections, except one last stand on top. He ran out of gas. I let him change into warm, dry clothes, then we finished transferring the supplies and putting away tools. I hadn't been able remove the roll of barbed wire from the back of the Ute by myself. It was sitting on top of a bunch of stuff. So once that was done we packed him up and got him on the road.

Thursday, June 13, 2018

I ended up being the one to call Animal Control. Ron made arrangements to hire some guys we know to help fence. The Animal Control Officer I got on Monday was new so he took my info and told me the senior Deputy would call me back. She did yesterday. She was very nice, and very understanding about my disability. She has a severe allergy herself so she "gets it." We had a nice discussion. She told me to, "Push them out on the road." I'm far enough out and away from busy roads and highways that its fine. I also talked to her about Rosie being exempt from Rabies vacs, so I could get her licensed in this county. She was good with that, too, I just needed to send her a copy of Rosie's exemption letter. I had a few panicked moments when I couldn't find it; it had fallen down behind some stuff. Rattling RV- bumpy road.

The bad news I got this week is that the Timber Company intends to spray by helicopter right behind me this fall. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. I did, in my search for Rosie's letter, discover I had the letter from my Dr. about no pesticides within 2 miles areal application, 1 mile ground, with me...  Now how to best use it to gain accommodation and not get their backs up or illicit retaliation. Thinking about that one! 

I continue to suffer reactions from Bob's cows. I haven't had a full nights sleep all week. The night before last I think I was up from around 11:30p.m. (Cell phone died) on, and last night when I checked the time it was 3:38a.m.. Painful symptoms. Regurg, Aspirating, choking and can't breathe. Lymphoma pain. Chest pain.

I've been cutting wood with my hand saw and working on the west fence on the main piece of property. I still have 15 sections along the front, but I'll wait until Bob's cows are gone. If they show up right across the road from me it would be too close!

Twenty head of elk came down into the big meadow last night with plenty of tweedling and fanfare. It's was pretty cool. 

This morning when I looked out it was cloudy. That meant I had to switch the power cord from the LP generator to the onboard generator. I stumbled around the back of the RV and ran into 8 head of elk either bedded download or grazing within 100ft of me. I said "Good morning." politely.  They just looked at me and went on with their business. They did get up and move away when I made noises with the generator and electrical compartment doors, but nothing panicky. They moved out to the meadow to graze. Rosie was well behaved, and though she looked, she did not bark or approach. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018


Sunday, June 3, 2018

8:29 p.m.
Three strands. We pulled and clipped 3 strands of barbed wire on the west fence line. It was every bit as sweaty and gritty as the other weekends. Forest bits down my clothes. That's from crawling through the underbrush pulling the wire. Ron pulled the first 1/8 mile. Then he was so far from the spool and the trees were so close together it took two of us. He'd pull the wire forward 20 ft at a time and I wove it through the trees. When we got past the dense part we tied it to the hitch on the Ute and used the Ute's horsepower to pull. When we came to more trees we had to unhook it, and use the other method. Then, reattach on the other side. It was slow but we made progress. 

Three nights in a row, howling. Sounds like a cross between wolves and coyotes. Ron thought so too. We're wondering about coy-wolves. They've been interbreeding across the continent. It was bound to happen here too. Ron mentioned he saw an article that said that the feds were talking about reintroducing grizzly bears. I hope not!

Ron brought a new generator. It has remote start and stop. I love it. I do much better when I don't use the onboard generator. Only I now know I can't run the portable generators in the rain or snow. Since it stormed all afternoon, I'm using the onboard generator. πŸ˜•

Monday, June 4, 2018

5:32 p.m.
It was a housecleaning, paperwork, laundry kind of day. Did I mention I'd finished loppering my pile. Now I just have the big limbs. I ordered a hand pruning saw. The pole saw was so effective and the power tools are so heavy I thought it would be easier to hand saw them. We'll see. 

Last night before dark Rosie and I heard the howling again. Then right at dark the elk came through. This morning Rosie alerted to something out by the pond. She took off and went out by herself. I called her back, then after I finished what I was doing went out to investigate. We found a big pile of poo full of deer hair. Probably wolf. Could be bear. Definitely too big for coyote. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

6:37 p.m.
Today was soup day. I made chicken vegetable soup from scratch, for the first time in my RV. Not enough space. Used too much water for cooking and washing, and too much power. Good though. I'm freezing 3 jars. 

This morning I got to talk to my son. Then Rosie and I went to the 80 and cleared the west half of the south fence line. Well, everything we had the skill set for and the tools to clear. There are some really big blown down, and partially down, old trees that need to be cut out. I don't know if my little saw can handle them. I also don't have the skills for some of those situations. Then there were the two tick infested berry patches. I didn't do them. I told Ron I wasn't going in there again. They aren't very big, or tall. I did cut a swath through the ones that had trees in them that needed clearing. I needed to get the next section ready in case we get a chance to start it. 

We worked on it until almost 2:00 p.m.. I've been whining about sore muscles the whole rest of the day! 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

1:42 p.m.
Taking a break. For the last couple of days Rosie and I have been focusing on fence sticks. I'd finished the section from the driveway to the first draw. Used the wagon to haul the sticks in. We even did a few places in the remaining middle section, where there were plenty of handy sticks. The vegetation has shot up, and there's been very little wear on the game trail along the fence. I don't know if that's due to the noise from the contractor, or because there are no cows, or Jim's cows ate everything down so far its pushing hard for regrowth. That happens when you prune. Anyway, I need to clear trail again. But, I'm saving my energy for the weekend, so I'm pacing myself.

I decided we'd do tasks that used the Ute. I moved all the big limbs that I need to cut with the saw I ordered down to the rick Ron made last year. Then we took the Ute over to the corral and loaded up the fence sticks I had piled up there. Since I can't get the Ute into the middle section of the front fence, I took them around the edge of the big meadow and worked on the west fence. 

This morning we took the wagon into the forest and gathered up 2 more loads of sticks. I loaded those on the Ute and we worked on the west fence again. I decided to work on clearing trail for the Ute (and gathering sticks). I wanted to find out how close to the center section I could get it. We did some loppering, some log rolling, some branch tossing and some random wandering. Eventually we ended up with the Ute at the tree that blew down this winter near the Bone Pit. I unloaded the sticks there. It was the hottest part of the day, so I decided I'd wait to get my chainsaw and go back when it was cooler. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Last Weekend of May

May 29, 2018

6:45 a.m.
I still haven't recovered from the weekend. On Saturday we set the additional 2 posts on the mid point jack on the south line. I was anxious to get started, but Ron was feeling ill. I think he pushed too hard to get ready, and didn't eat all day Friday. He was extra cranky because the genertor, which started beautifully back at the farm, was eventually worse. So Rosie and I set out to dig those two post holes. 

It was wet and muddy. Digging was slow. Heavy clay and some rocks. I'd chunk the postholer in, pinch and get up a scant 1/2". Then I'd have to scrap it off the blades. I worked hard ad getting bigger bites" nothin' doin'. By the time Ron got there I had a 2' hole dug on the west and 18" on the east. He was able to get up great big wads of thick heavy mud. It wasn't long and we had those posts in the ground and set in cement. It took us the better part of the day to build the rest of the jack and drill and set lag bolts on that jack. Ron and Justin had set the lag bolts on the mountain top jack. Finally we set all the lag bolts on the the SW corner jack. We ran out of lag bolts. We still needed to doing the NW corner jack. πŸ˜• 

I was thinking we'd pull some wire, Sunday from the SW corner jack to the mid-point jack (which I've been calling Trespassers S. since we had a four wheeler trespassing there a lot). Ron woke up with a different plan. He said, oh so casually, at breakfast, "I think we'll finish pounding those few posts on the peak." If you'll remember, he and Justin had taken some T-posts up there when they went up the previous weekend. I'm thinking, "5-6?" No, 17. But I didn't find that out until we got up there, with the total total station, the transceivers, the post pounder, the chain (350' surveyors tape made of laminated cloth, on a reel. It used to be made of steel chain a hundred years ago. The name stuck), my signs, nails and hammer, and my loppers. Sigh. Ron climbed down the slope on the east and set up the control on the SE 1/4 corner while I stood under a towering fir and sucked wind. Then he started setting points for T-posts. I ferried T-posts and the pounder to the points, and up the line as it progressed. 

The T-posts, the baling twine, the Chain, and the shrubbery, facing west

As it turned out we don't own as much of the top as I expected. Not a crushing blow, just a notation. When we reached the west face Ron decided he needed to get that spool of baling twine and run the rest of the line with it. He hiked down the west face to Trespassers S. and got it. I kept busy putting up 2 signs, and taking the loppers to the chin high raspberry bushes that we've been fighting our way through every time we've come up here. They used to be shoulder high, but with the warm weather, they've shot up. Some 3' over my head. They've surged together mostly obliterating the (game) trail at some points. Loppering a 500' section of steep mountain trail isn't exactly what I had in mind, but its better than standing around doing nothing. It did make going up and down easier, and cooler. Those raspberry leaves respirate and make it hot and muggy. 

Anyway, Ron got back with the spool of twine; its about as large and heavy as a good sized watermelon. His arms were soaked! Then, poor guy, he had to hike back down to the control, tie it there and back to the last post we had twine tied off to. While he laid out and drove the posts on the west side of the top, I laid out the posts on the east side. We ran out of posts in between. We needed 11 more. Thats when he told me we needed 9 more on the steepest part of the west slope. I'd thought maybe 3... I hadn't been there. Too steep. Rosie had been fussing at me. Finally she barked at me. Like, "Timmy is stuck in the well." Only it was me. I was crashing. So we broke for lunch (2:30 p.m.) and afterward headed for our T-post pile. Ron decided he wanted to do the west slope ones first. I drove up as far as I dared. Then Rosie and I waited in the Ute. I told him I was too beat, he'd have to take the posts up himself. But after awhile I thought I could manage to get 2 of them to that pinked flagged post just over there. So I clambered out of the Ute (Rosie was having trouble staying in anyway. She kept sliding out onto her face. We were parked on a sidehill), and wrestled 2 posts off the back of the Ute. I managed to get them over there. After resting I did two more. Then 
I told myself I could probably get 2 of the 4 up to the next pink flagged post. So I did that, using the posts as ski poles,and went back for the other two, continuing on to the next pink flagged post. In this way I continued to leapfrog those 4 post up the mountain until I met Ron coming back down. Then Rosie and I went back to the Ute for a good long rest. I showed Rosie how to wedge herself in so she'd stop sliding out. When Ron finished those, and returned, we drove wearily back to the T-post pile. We loaded the last dozen posts and returned to the overgrown skid road (until it ran out and turned into a game trail) we'd been using to access the peak. Ron took 5. I took 2. Up we went. I'm getting less winded. When I reached the top he'd already disappeared to the west side. I turned right around and headed back for more posts. The rest had helped. I took 3. I was headed back up when he came down. He decided we needed one more post than he'd thought. He told me to leave one he'd get it on the way back up. I didn't argue. While he drove posts, I laid them out. We did it. That was all the posts we needed, pounded for all the sections of fence. Thirty seven this day alone. Huge milestone! I said things like "Yay!" "Hooray!" Lets drink wine and slap mosquitos to celebrate!" on the way down to the Ute. I don't drink alcohol, liver damaged, but thats beside the point. We had one post left. We used it to replace the broken piece of wood on that gate, as we went out.

We were both exhausted. Yesterday I just did laundry, and a very small amount of woodcutting. Rosie was so tired she'd fallen asleep on the sofa and didn't move all night. She still didn't want to move yesterday. Poor girl. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Another Week Rolls By, And Keeps On Rolling

Sunday, May 20, 2018

5:22 p.m.
This week was fully of rain and "sticks," just like last week. The excitement came this weekend when my daughter and her family joined us. Joey and Tobes raced around yelling and screaming the way little boys are supposed to. Ari had forgotten who I was, so was a little shy at first. It rained over the weekend too. We had lots of soggy shoes and socks. Ron built fires in the fire pit, one for roasting marshmallows, one for hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch. Only lunch got rained out and we moved lunch to under Grandma's awning. Ron and Justin did make one trip to the top of the peak on the 80. Ron had brought his battery powered circular saw. He still had boards to trim on that jack. They took the Ute up as far as it would go, then hiked the rest. They also packed in some T-posts. Yay! Less for me to pack!

I had a little trouble with fragrances from Ron's camper, so had a couple of episodes. Lots of kinks to work out yet. It was good to see my family again, even so.

Ron took the LP generator home with him to try to figure out what it's problem is. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I took my Ute and woodcutting tools down Violet Way this morning.

I cleared 2 trees that fell across the road. One was green so I just sectioned it up enough to move it to the side and let it season. The second one was that dead fir that went down in the fall before I left. I cut everything that was laying on the ground. ☺️ Not bad for a disabled Grandma with an electric chainsaw.

I actually decided to do that instead of cutting up limbs because the contractor for the neighbor's drive was working at their gate. Too smelly.

I tried to do limbs this afternoon but there was a thunderstorm that circled around for hours. I think, o.k., its on its way out. I'd go out and start working, and back it would come!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

8:17 a.m.
Ron brought the generator back. It worked perfectly back home. Won't run in the morning here. 😟 Haven't figured out its problem yet. New spark plug, oil good, getting plenty of fuel. Found a statement in the manual about high altitude fuel jet... Help line is Mon-Fri. Found it this morning.πŸ™„

The plan today is to finish the jack at the mid point of the 80's S. line and start pulling barbed wire. They weather is 🌧.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Feeling Blessed

Monday, May 14, 2018

1:26 p.m.
It is a lovely day today and one of those days when things just seem to go right. 😍 I took my cordless electric chainsaw into the woods and cut up four trees. They were 3-6inches in diameter. Most of their length was around the 3-4" size. When I pooped out after 3.5 hrs there was still half a battery left. Then to make it even better, the persnickety LP generator started up on the 3rd try. The battery recharged in just an hour. I'm having a lovely day! I'm currently sitting out in the shade looking over the meadow. In between loads of laundry, I mended my shoe. 

This past weekend was pretty good too. When I drove down to the dump station I got to see just how much of a road improvement the contractor my neighbor hired to put in his driveway had made. It was lovely! He completely rocked, leveled and compressed both mudholes! My road is fixed! Oh there are a few other places that need improvement, but they're not bad like those two were. I called and left him a message that I appreciated his work. 

Ron was supposed to arrive Friday, again, but couldn't get away until Saturday morning. We still got the NW corner jack in Saturday afternoon. Three 4x4 posts, 6 horizontal 2x6x8 boards and 2 2x6x10 diagonal braces. Sunday we set out for the peak on the 80 via that old skid road that runs along the east fence line in the Ute. We had one post, 3 horizontal boards and one diagonal brace, 60 lbs of concrete, 2.5 gal. of water, the shovel, postholer, level, cordless drill, bits, screws, tape measure, my "no trespassing" signs, nails and hammer, along with loppers, cordless electric chainsaw, polesaw, and cordless recip saw all loaded into the Ute. We only got the Ute up to the place I made it to on foot before. About 1/2 way. Then we hade to haul all that stuff (not the chainsaw, lopers, recip, and polesaw, those were for clearing a path for the Ute) up the steepest, brushiest part on foot. Ron did the lumber and concrete. I did most of the tools and water. There was an old jack up there already, so we only had to do one leg. It was hard climbing up that mountain so many times. The only one Ron had trouble with was the 60 lb bag of concrete. That was the first time I'd been up there. I now know where Raspberry Breath (the bear) is getting the raspberries. The whole top is covered with them. There were green ones already set on. The bushes came up to my shoulders. 

Since I'd added geranium essential oil I hadn't picked up any new ticks. Though last night I discovered one had made its way into my bed and found its way up my pajama leg😑. I hadn't been spraying my jammies... It must have been in the RV for some time. 

Anyway, after we finished with the jack we hauled all the tools back to the Ute and came back in for brunch. I made Ron and Rosie bacon and eggs. Ron is really enjoying his new camper. The kids were supposed to come for mother's day, but apparently got the dates mixed up and scheduled their nursery duty for church for this weekend. So they'll be coming next weekend.

After breakfast we went to the center, 1/4 monument on the S line and set one post. Thats all the concrete we had left. We picked it as we could drive to it and we were both still beat. Since we still had some time, be took the cordless chainsaw over to the west line and Ron showed me how to use it. I cut up a tree, then drove the Ute to the big meadow on that line,while he took the chainsaw and walked the line, clearing the few downed trees that were left. There were a couple of the T posts that he wanted to reset now that that corner jack was in.

We got back to camp and sat quietly for a bit. Ron fell asleep. I just let him. He works hard all week, then just as hard here. Eventually he woke himself up. He left to go home and mow, only Justin ( SIL) called him to say he had a tasty recipe in the bar-b-q and a place set for Ron. I missed my Mother's day call from our son, Ryan, because we were loading and unloading stuff for Ron to leave. My daughter hadn't called, so after the kid's bedtime I called her. Apparently it had been a wild day there. Justin had a go round with the auto repair guys over overcharging, and Joey and Toby decided to put a tube of sunscreen on all their toys and their bouncy house so they (the toys) wouldn't get sunburned. Ron came through the door at the moment that Justin discovered the deed. 😳 Poppa supervised the boys cleaning up their mess. Our daughter said she wasn't even going to look at it until today. LOL probably a good idea. I told her at least now she won't have to apply sunscreen, just send them to the bouncy house and roll them around a bit.πŸ˜†

The whole week before the weekend was cold and rainy. Not much happened. I cut sticks into kindling and listened to the contractor working on the neighbor's road. When I could I took a load of fence sticks out and wove them into the fence. We had some coyotes lurking and howling out of sight in the shrubbery. They were worrying Rosie, but I smacked a few big sticks on the ground to break them off and they didn't come any closer. Once I determined it was coyotes I wasn't worried. I ran out of sticks before I finished that section, even with the scrounging the really long ones. Only 6-8 more needed. Once I find them I'll have to wait until the contractor isn't working. One of his drivers is female and wears a whole lot of fragrance! I was having respiratory issues and couldn't figure it out until I realized that it had got on my clothes when I went down the front fence line too soon after they quit for the day. Washed those yesterday afternoon. 
That's about all there is to report from this past week.