Tuesday, March 20, 2018

What Does It Mean to be Holistic?

Few people ask directly, but I see the question in so many of their eyes. You know, the look that says they're wondering if you stick pins in dolls or make potions out of dried, ground bat and dusty spider webs...

No, its not that. 

Holistic medical practice means you look at the entity, and their interactions with their environment, not just one symptom of a problem. How many of you have had the frustration of going to your allopathic (mainstream) physician with a list of symptoms and he treats you for only one, or maybe two? And then his treatment is to prescribe you medications that will give you a handful of new symptoms! That's what kept happening to me. That's what pushed me into choosing a Holistic Medical approach. 

My Dr. is an MD. He practices Integrative Medicine. That means that he won't limit himself to toxic pharmaceuticals that only mask symptoms while poisoning the patient. He researches, gets certification in and uses tools from other modalities. For instance, if I were to go in to him with back pain, he'd look at probable causes for the pain that would include environmental or dietary exposures. Together, we'd take a holistic approach to solving my medical issues. Depending on what we thought might have triggered it, he might use acupressure, TENs, nutritional supplements or send me to an acupuncturist, or massage therapist, before looking at a pain med. If he thinks I require an evaluation from a specialist, he suggests ones that he knows are supportive of complimentary and alternative therapies. When I had a ruptured ovarian cyst, he sent me to a gynecologist for testing and evaluation, that gave me information on alternatives for treating the issues that she found. She and my regular doctor worked together, and we added a ND that oversaw my treatment for the host of problems the OB/Gyn had found. 

Here's the thing - symptoms don't happen in a vacuum. Something causes the body to manifest them. In my case, these symptoms were the result of endocrine system disrupting chemicals (from pesticides) that had given me Estrogen Dominance. We used nutritional supplements and dietary strategies to bring my hormones back into balance, without using synthetic chemical hormone replacement therapies. In essence we looked at the whole picture. From cause to effect, to effects of possible treatments. Then we made decisions and devised a strategy.

Yes, my OB/Gyn suggested hormone replacement drugs. She was respectful when I asked her for alternatives. She understood my reasons for not wanting them. 

Here's some info I've combined from two different fields of study...

1.) From the study of evolution: scientists never created the building blocks of life in a test tube as they claimed. The created the proteins (by manipulations that weren't possible) in the environment that they say was present at the time life was supposed to spontaneously generate, but they weren't "living" proteins! They were "dead" proteins. 

What does this mean? All proteins are "spun together" or twisted. The ones that promote, or support, life are twisted to the left. "L-" proteins. The ones that are toxic, and can't support life are "D-" proteins. They are dead, and cause death and decay. They are twisted to the right. The D stands for "derecho" the latin word for right. The direction of the twist is called chirality. In living tissue most of the proteins are L. In the test tube, they created ONLY D- proteins. Their attempt to mimic the spontaneous (tongue in cheek, because they cheated) generation of life resulted in "no life."

2.) From the study of chemistry: chirality is not restricted to proteins, but inhibits all components of creation. They haven't yet discovered "all components of creation." Here is a simple explanation, 
"In short, the science of chirality began with Louis Pasteur, who discovered that biologically active molecules often occur in two mirror image forms called isomers or simply stated ‐ hands. You could visualize these "hands" as “sides” whose only similarity is that they look alike. Although they are stereo images of each other, the chirally correct side is Mr. Hyde and the chirally incorrect side is Dr.Jekyll". The current scientific recognition of chirality has pharmaceutical companies admitting D-chiral substances are toxic, and researching unwinding and retwisting them to have L-chirality. 

One periodical on imagery of molecules states it this way, "(PhysOrg.com) -- It is not always easy to distinguish between images and mirror images of molecules, but this knowledge is important when one image of a molecule is a drug and the mirror image is toxic." 

While they have redressed the elephant in the room by saying the "drug" is (supposed) to be non toxic, the reality is that the pharmaceutical industry is "working on" realigning the synthetic drug's chirality. Other articles about pharmaceuticals and D-chirality  state that previous drugs were D chiral and toxic out right, as their aim is to justify the need for billions of dollars in research and to promote the "new L- isomer forms of these drugs." The pointedly do not admit their liability in poisoning millions of people with the D-chiral isomers....

I think they are being overly optimistic. Just as in the past when they discovered micro-particles and claimed they'd discovered the smallest... Now we have "nano particles"... I don't think their arrogant attempts to circumvent God's wisdom are non-toxic. In His Word God said he'd provide plants for our food and healing... Why would we choose puny man's toxic synthetics over God's provision? 

They claim they have 4000 new L-forms of prescription drugs. If this is true, and they weren't still toxic, why do we still get pharma commercials on TV with warnings about side effects? Side effects = poison. 

In short, a holistic approach seeks to avoid, or remove as many toxic substances as possible in the course of treating a medical issue. It uses a wide range of proven beneficial modalities. I choose Holistic because I want the best possible outcome for myself.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Watching From the Sidelines

Exile 2018 Has Begun

March 7, 2018

1:30 p.m.
I picked today to leave the farm because the temps were high enough  in the mountain passes, that the roads would be clear. The second factor, very low wind. A 30ft RV does not handle well in the wind. The pass was clear, but the weatherman missed the wind speeds for our destination. 15-20mph. Luckily, it was only the last 15 miles.

Ron and I worked on getting my RV ready last Sunday. Ron finished wiring in the salon light Monday night. I loaded a few more items yesterday and put everything away. This morning before the frost melted I loaded up the perishables, a few last items and Rosie. Ron swung back by to check oil, air in the tires and see us off. 

The trip was good. The only trouble was when we hit the windy part. It was quartering off the front, right fender and switching around to broadside. It made passing oncoming cars on the 2 lane highway dicey. I slowed down. The people behind me probably didn't like it. Didn't care. 

So we're all set up, tucked in, heaters running and staying warm. I am again dressed like a Himalayan goat herder. Its warm. At this point, that's my priority. Well. Make that a shepherd. The new hat I made looks more like a shepherd that a goatherd's. The ponytail hole is working nicely. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

O.k., we're already bored. Stuck in the RV. I keep getting a headache when I take the dog out. Don't know what it is. Finished inputting the most recent batch of tax info. yesterday. Not much else to do. Weather's decent. Watching the snow recede up the mountain tops. Ron won't bring supplies til next weekend. Sigh. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

While not a lot is happening in my life personally, its an amazing time to be alive historically. President Trump continues to root out the corruption in our government and the human trafficking world wide. Yesterday I learned some pretty startling facts. Before I share them with you I'd like to review what we've witnessed since the 2016 election in historical context.

We saw rioting in the streets by the progressive Democratic militant factions, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The Angry Women's March was also funded by the same groups. We've discovered that George Soro's was funding these groups with tax payer's money funneled to him by Obama and leading Progressive Democrats and Neocons! You heard me. Look it up. Fake indian Elizabeth Warren set up the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. It had no oversight and has been found to have been extorting money from banks and businesses and funneling it to progressive left wing activist charities! Now that President Trump is in charge and has appointed Mick Mulvaney as the acting head, that spigots been turned off. It seems like every week more information surfaces on yet another instance where money has been misappropriated by the Obama Administration. Have you heard about the $800 million dollars missing from the pentagon? The ghost employees, the missing troops and equipment? Have you dug around in the catastrophic Obamacare deal with insurance companies? More will be coming out on the kick backs to Obama hidden in there as well as its globalist intention. 

Lets talk about globalist intentions... This is something I've been digging into. The deeper you get the more astounding the facts are. No not theory, facts. The globalists themselves have stated their intent to, and their actions accordingly, bring about the downfall of nations and orchestrate One World Government. Look up Bildeburg, the Rothchilds, the Rockafellers, the royalty and the vatican connections. They use Soro's 7 principles which include flooding the country with illegal immigrants and destroying the nuclear family and the economy. The Progressive Dems (globalists) just about accomplished it. Do I need to define a few terms? A Progressive Democrat is a Socialist. Socialist want the government to control everything. In every instance socialism progresses to a totalitarian state, and/or communism. The latest example, Venezuela. Look it up. The most historic example... Nazi Germany. Where did we get the term "Nazi?" The Nationalist Socialist Party. Nazi's are socialists. Look what Hitler did: he manipulated the youth to act as his army (we have an irrational youth army, the Snowflakes), he propagandized gun control until he'd disarmed the populace (did you see David Hogg and his sister's Nazi like arm band campaign to pressure people into banning guns? Just one of the many false terrorist/flag attacks to manipulate the people), he broke up the family, incentivizing women to put their children in daycare, and have children out of wedlock (we have that), he controlled and confiscated peoples income, and their healthcare (we have that, too, now)... Are you seeing the pattern yet? If you research these people you'll see that they state this is their intent! 

Now here's some info I read yesterday that really made my hair stand on end: Angela Merkle is Hitler's daughter! No really! Apparently he had sperm frozen. It was implanted in to Eva Braun's sister. The documentation on who, how, what where has surfaced! Her name was changed to protect the discovery. Here's the link because its hard to believe, so I wouldn't expect you to believe me. https://youtu.be/fE6gy6Ww91w 

Chew on that patriots. Spread truth. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

New New

March 2, 2018

9:06 p.m.
Same as last week. Watching the weather. People spraying. Fighting with exposures. I did have my daughter and her family over last weekend. The buddies are coming tomorrow. Looks like I'll be leaving here for the mountains on Wednesday.😐

Monday, February 19, 2018

Hanging On

Monday, February 19, 2018

9:13 p.m.
 Well its been yet another horrid week. I was horribly injured by the spray rig that went zooming past. Like roof of my mouth, throat and air ways burnt and sloughing off, choking me. Like glute shot doesn't cut it, hurt. Eventually I was able to call one of the neighbors to the North. He told me who and where they sprayed: Heideman, over the brow of the field, on the opposite side of the one across from my house, less than a 1/3 a mile away. The sprayer went up the road to the North of me and went around passed my neighbor so I wouldn't see him. Ron had called him and he'd denied applying. I almost didn't survive that. Ron was so upset his blood pressure was through the roof. He went into the dentist and they refused to work on him. So just about the time I was dragging my ass back out of the pit Bellinger's guy shows up at the Evils and sprays there. I called Ron at work, he called Bellinger, who said his guy wasn't there. I took pictures. That was Thursday. The high winds hit Friday. 50 mph gusts. They finally let up today. 

A cold snap started yesterday. This week is supposed to continue cold with temps in the mountains in the negatives and snow here. I'm stuck here getting the piss beat out of me. 

My daughter and her family came yesterday for dinner. I cooked the chicken. Ron made a blueberry pie, the mashed potatoes and the veggies. I got to see my granddaughter again before I leave. I got to play with my buddies.

Today I did the dishes from our dinner and ground oat flour. It takes all day. I'm using a mix master grinder attachment. Don't get one. Not effective.

I've been looking and looking for an LGD to be my guardian. I've followed every lead I could find. I need a chemical free, fixed, adult male. I'm looking at several breeds. I've messaged emailed and talked to several people. There's lots of puppies. I need an adult for the stalker. Sigh. I'm feeling very frustrated. I'm not moving forward. 

Monday, February 12, 2018


February 12, 2018

Bad night. A huge spray rig went roaring past Friday afternoon spewing a wake of pesticide so strong it permeated the house and bludgeoned me to the ground. It was Joey's birthday weekend. I'd agreed to have him so that his parents could decorate without an excited little boy "helping." I painted on a smile and tried to enjoy my time with him, but it was very low key. After he went home Saturday for his party I crashed. The wind shifted blowing the spray back my direction... Horrible 36 hrs. Still recovering. I should have left last week. There is solace. I no longer have to worry about being "in the wind." I don't know if the roads are open to Grandma Mountain yet, but they will be soon. Sigh. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Savoring My Family Time

February 14, 2018

11:19 p.m.
Can't sleep. Too hot. Ron's been working long hours in the cold since November. I think he's been chilling these last couple of weeks. So he built a fire today. He stoked it up real good before he went to bed. I'm sleeping in the living room because Joey's spending the night. Its sweltering in here.

We had both Joey and Tobes over last night. I found out my daughter was feeling pretty sick yesterday afternoon. I offered to take the boys as soon as Ron could swing by and get them on the way home from work. We had our usual wild crazy time. For dinner Ron made battered and fried walleye. I baked spicy sweet potato planks and served buttered winter veggies. We had pancakes for breakfast, then nachos and black beans for lunch. Lots more cooking than we normally do. Toby decided he was ready to go home just before afternoon nap, but Joey stayed here. 

When he got up from his nap one side of his face was puffy! I have no idea what that was from. I helped him wash his face. It helped so we tried having him take a shower. That helped even more. He didn't feel sick. He had plenty of energy. It was just very swollen. I stripped the bed and washed everything. He'd used Toby's pillow. So I removed it. It acts like it was some kind of contact allergy. I also had to do an eye wash. Joey was very brave!

Anyway, the swelling went down over the evening. We made pizza and played Mario Kart and Super Galaxy. He went to bed as soon as his bedding came out of the dryer. Which was well after his bed tine!

So what did you think of the SOTU? And what are your thoughts on the memo? I was hoping for more fireworks but after reading lots of peoples responses on line, I can see a lot of people wouldn't be able to handle it if there were more fireworks. 

Did you hear that the train wreck was an assassination attempt? 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

More Little Buddy Time, While I Can

Sunday, January 28, 2018

7:08 a.m.

I certainly got more time with little buddies this week. Toby had a fever Wednesday, so he came to Grandma's. He perked up by noon. Then both buddies came for the day yesterday. Ron was able to stay home and play with them as well. More fort building in the living room! I played the part of the attacking "monster" with breeching the wall, and tickle fighting and "tossing" on the couch. I don't know how he manages it, but Ron napped in the middle of all that! I'd pre-made a chicken casserole and biscuits, so we had plenty to eat. 

When they went down for naps Ron went out and reinstalled my RV toilet. He sealed the gaps around the toilet sewer pipe and insulated the floor. That should help prevent future freezing and cracking of fittings (that was what had broken). He added some filter clothe to the back of the air vent covers, as an added precaution for fumes if he missed any gaps. It didn't take him very long. He came back in and finished his napping.

I generally can't nap during the day. I used the quiet time to get updated on the amazing things that are happening behind the scenes as the Trump administration continues to take down the corrupt officials in and around our government from previous administrations. This coming week is going to be a big one! In a Strzok to Paige text message he disclosed they actually have a name for their corrupt political group, the "Espionage Machine Party!" I saw a post of the identified upper echelon members with ties to black hat CIA! Hundreds! They've been placed in the highest positions throughout our government, judiciary, social media, mainstream media.  

Fasten, or tighten, your seatbelts people, some of the most vile stuff is coming out this week. Inside white hat sources, including Q, say if you're tender hearted, don't look at the details. Its horrific! Read the headlines, so you know that these people deserve to be hung, but if you know this will be too much for you, don't read the articles! I wish I didn't know the things I know. You can't unknow this stuff. Protect your innocence. 

Many of us, myself included, have been victims of this kind if evil. I've known about it for most of my life. My mother was into dark, evil stuff. If you've wondered why she's not part of my life, thats why. I cut her out long ago. It's why I fight against evil and fight for righteousness. Always. I know its real. We have to fight. There is no neutral. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. So, get informed. Read or watch videos on Q, tweet, post, spread memes and hashtags. This war is fought using truth and information! Even someone as sick as I can fight! Great aources: American Intelligence Media, aim4truth, Judicial Watch, Isaac Greene, Tracy Beanz, Roy Potter, the White House official page, Dustin Nemos, BPearthwatch. I don't believe everything anyone says. God says "2 or more witnesses," and view all things through the lens of the Word of God (the whole Word). This is a time when people of disparate beliefs are coming together on the facts, truth and fighting for our country and way of life. Read/get the facts, pray, stay out of the way. Be careful, be vigilant, pray! PRAY!

They are warning that the anti-patriots will be using false flags to detract from their treason this week. If you don't know about false flags, they are when these deep state, black hats set up and execute a horrific event: the Boston Bombing, 911... These were black hat CIA ops orchestrated by George H.W. Bush and the globalist traitors. There is some evidence that the rogue CIA was involved in the Las Vegas massacre. There were other things going on and not all of the info is in yet. Trump and the white hats are working hard to out maneuver the destruction that the NWO cabal and traitors are trying to unleash! 

This is an historic time to be alive! Don't sit on the side lines. Don't let the corrupt Democratic leadership hijack the truth movement. Be a part of history! Get involved! #ReleaseTheMemo #WeThePeople #MAGA