Monday, February 12, 2018


February 12, 2018

Bad night. A huge spray rig went roaring past Friday afternoon spewing a wake of pesticide so strong it permeated the house and bludgeoned me to the ground. It was Joey's birthday weekend. I'd agreed to have him so that his parents could decorate without an excited little boy "helping." I painted on a smile and tried to enjoy my time with him, but it was very low key. After he went home Saturday for his party I crashed. The wind shifted blowing the spray back my direction... Horrible 36 hrs. Still recovering. I should have left last week. There is solace. I no longer have to worry about being "in the wind." I don't know if the roads are open to Grandma Mountain yet, but they will be soon. Sigh. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Savoring My Family Time

February 14, 2018

11:19 p.m.
Can't sleep. Too hot. Ron's been working long hours in the cold since November. I think he's been chilling these last couple of weeks. So he built a fire today. He stoked it up real good before he went to bed. I'm sleeping in the living room because Joey's spending the night. Its sweltering in here.

We had both Joey and Tobes over last night. I found out my daughter was feeling pretty sick yesterday afternoon. I offered to take the boys as soon as Ron could swing by and get them on the way home from work. We had our usual wild crazy time. For dinner Ron made battered and fried walleye. I baked spicy sweet potato planks and served buttered winter veggies. We had pancakes for breakfast, then nachos and black beans for lunch. Lots more cooking than we normally do. Toby decided he was ready to go home just before afternoon nap, but Joey stayed here. 

When he got up from his nap one side of his face was puffy! I have no idea what that was from. I helped him wash his face. It helped so we tried having him take a shower. That helped even more. He didn't feel sick. He had plenty of energy. It was just very swollen. I stripped the bed and washed everything. He'd used Toby's pillow. So I removed it. It acts like it was some kind of contact allergy. I also had to do an eye wash. Joey was very brave!

Anyway, the swelling went down over the evening. We made pizza and played Mario Kart and Super Galaxy. He went to bed as soon as his bedding came out of the dryer. Which was well after his bed tine!

So what did you think of the SOTU? And what are your thoughts on the memo? I was hoping for more fireworks but after reading lots of peoples responses on line, I can see a lot of people wouldn't be able to handle it if there were more fireworks. 

Did you hear that the train wreck was an assassination attempt? 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

More Little Buddy Time, While I Can

Sunday, January 28, 2018

7:08 a.m.

I certainly got more time with little buddies this week. Toby had a fever Wednesday, so he came to Grandma's. He perked up by noon. Then both buddies came for the day yesterday. Ron was able to stay home and play with them as well. More fort building in the living room! I played the part of the attacking "monster" with breeching the wall, and tickle fighting and "tossing" on the couch. I don't know how he manages it, but Ron napped in the middle of all that! I'd pre-made a chicken casserole and biscuits, so we had plenty to eat. 

When they went down for naps Ron went out and reinstalled my RV toilet. He sealed the gaps around the toilet sewer pipe and insulated the floor. That should help prevent future freezing and cracking of fittings (that was what had broken). He added some filter clothe to the back of the air vent covers, as an added precaution for fumes if he missed any gaps. It didn't take him very long. He came back in and finished his napping.

I generally can't nap during the day. I used the quiet time to get updated on the amazing things that are happening behind the scenes as the Trump administration continues to take down the corrupt officials in and around our government from previous administrations. This coming week is going to be a big one! In a Strzok to Paige text message he disclosed they actually have a name for their corrupt political group, the "Espionage Machine Party!" I saw a post of the identified upper echelon members with ties to black hat CIA! Hundreds! They've been placed in the highest positions throughout our government, judiciary, social media, mainstream media.  

Fasten, or tighten, your seatbelts people, some of the most vile stuff is coming out this week. Inside white hat sources, including Q, say if you're tender hearted, don't look at the details. Its horrific! Read the headlines, so you know that these people deserve to be hung, but if you know this will be too much for you, don't read the articles! I wish I didn't know the things I know. You can't unknow this stuff. Protect your innocence. 

Many of us, myself included, have been victims of this kind if evil. I've known about it for most of my life. My mother was into dark, evil stuff. If you've wondered why she's not part of my life, thats why. I cut her out long ago. It's why I fight against evil and fight for righteousness. Always. I know its real. We have to fight. There is no neutral. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. So, get informed. Read or watch videos on Q, tweet, post, spread memes and hashtags. This war is fought using truth and information! Even someone as sick as I can fight! Great aources: American Intelligence Media, aim4truth, Judicial Watch, Isaac Greene, Tracy Beanz, Roy Potter, the White House official page, Dustin Nemos, BPearthwatch. I don't believe everything anyone says. God says "2 or more witnesses," and view all things through the lens of the Word of God (the whole Word). This is a time when people of disparate beliefs are coming together on the facts, truth and fighting for our country and way of life. Read/get the facts, pray, stay out of the way. Be careful, be vigilant, pray! PRAY!

They are warning that the anti-patriots will be using false flags to detract from their treason this week. If you don't know about false flags, they are when these deep state, black hats set up and execute a horrific event: the Boston Bombing, 911... These were black hat CIA ops orchestrated by George H.W. Bush and the globalist traitors. There is some evidence that the rogue CIA was involved in the Las Vegas massacre. There were other things going on and not all of the info is in yet. Trump and the white hats are working hard to out maneuver the destruction that the NWO cabal and traitors are trying to unleash! 

This is an historic time to be alive! Don't sit on the side lines. Don't let the corrupt Democratic leadership hijack the truth movement. Be a part of history! Get involved! #ReleaseTheMemo #WeThePeople #MAGA 


Friday, January 19, 2018

I Think Soil Fumigation Has Begun

Friday, January 19, 2017

I was wrong. Ron made time to cut the rest of the boards! So I finished that project.

While I appreciated the help, he's wearing himself out. It makes me sick to my stomach.😩 Yes, I want and need my stuff done, but the cost is too high! 😭😭😭

I ordered replacement parts for the RV toilet, they should be here today. Ron plugged the holes around the toilet drain pass through. That should help reduce the freeze cracking on that part, as well as the fume problem. As soon as he reinstalls the toilet, I'll be ready to put all the cleaned textiles back in. I've been holding off so they don't get contaminated when he opened the toilet space. 

I've continued to fight symptoms and card llama fiber when able. Symptoms are indicating that someone outside of my visual field is drilling soil fumigant, or spreading synthetic fertilizer. 😟 

At least while here, I have unlimited internet access and am getting caught up on world events, and research projects. I'm learning all about LGDs and looking for an adult in need of a new home, that is either retiring from full time stock guarding or more bonded to people. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

One Foot In Front of the Other

January 11, 2017

6:30 a.m.
Good morning. The internet is colicky this morning. So much is happening in the world. It makes me grumpy to miss it. I'll post as soon as I can.

In my own little world the days have gone by much the same. I finished the fluffing and restuffing. Do you remember my posts where I told you that in the mornings I would lift the center of the mattress and shove a footstool under it, then run a heater pointed at the lifted space to dry it out? I designed a 2" high platform to go under my mattress, to vent it and prevent mildew and allow it to dry, without all that effort. Apparently its a problem with foam mattresses in boats and RVs, too. Ron cut most of my boards for me last weekend. I spent all my energy a couple of days this week putting those together. I screwed pilot holes with countersinks, then joined the pieces with wood screws. He said he'll finish cutting the rest of the boards this weekend. I'm thinking it won't happen. I'll tell you why in a bit. I'm putting adhesive cork on the bottom of the lower tier of boards to keep it from sliding off during travel and to prevent scratching the bed platform. I had a bunch of cork scraps left over from lining my drawers and cupboards. I didn't have enough. Had to order more. 😶 

I received my chainsaw. I haven't got to see it yet. Its airing out in the addition. I also got my game cam. We set it up. It caught pics of the Evil's dogs that first night, tearing things up in our barnyard. We'd been pretty confident that it was them. Ron found a downed sheep that next morning, and a cow had jumped the fence and was out. The reason wasn't on camera. The pics we did get wouldn't be conclusive enough to take to the cops, and if we did, the Evils would up their retaliation against me. Ron says he'll wait to do anything about their behavior until I'm safe. 

I've begun carding the next basket of cleaned fiber. Llama, summer black (fades to cinnamon where it was exposed to sun), ultra fine. Not that I had anything in mind to make with it. I'm just cleaning up old projects in preparation for moving. Always looking forward to better days. I did cut more rags for rug weaving. 

I did not get to see my grandkids this last weekend. My daughter was too tired.🙁 Poor child. And the boys need good naps the day before they go to daycare. I was looking forward to seeing them this weekend, but Ron's parents decided that they are coming to my daughter's to visit their great grandkids. Ron will have to go get them and take them home. 5-6 hrs each trip. Not only does it mean I lose my buddy visit for another week, but Ron won't be available to help me make forward progress on my RV prep for evacuation. Sigh. Oh, he asked if they all, including my in-laws could come here for an afternoon, but I told him no. I have to protect myself from his abusive mother. She refused to admit she'd done anything wrong. She said we were all liars. Now she's being extra sweet to Ron, with every contact. She has a life long history of this. Its typical abuser behavior.  I held my father to the healthy standard of accountability. I pointed that out to Ron, and asked him why I should treat his mother any different than I did my own father? I told him I would not interfere in his relationship with his parents. Thats for him to work out. But I will not allow an unrepentant abuser in my safe space. I did tell him the buddies could come and his folks could stay at our daughter's and visit with her and Justin. 😏 Yeah, not going to happen. His family are enablers. My family were enablers too, when I was going through the holding my Dad accountable stage. They didn't get their before he died. So sad.😢

Thats about it. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last Day of 2017, Last Post of the Year


11:25 a.m.

Wow! It has been a monumental year! Not just for me, but for our nation. I have generally avoided posting anything on politics, but starting in 2016 I started digging in to find out just what is going on. I have to say, I was pretty oblivious to what politicians were doing. I naively assumed they were doing what they swear to do: serve the American people. More fool me! Needless to say, I feel very betrayed by our past Presidents and politicians, of both parties. I urge you to dive in and dig for the truth. We don't get truth from the mainstream media. If any of you remember the McCarthy trials, he wasn't wrong. We've been being deceived. Not just Americans, but the ordinary citizens world wide. There's a movement, Red Pill/Blue Pill. Check it out. The truth will set you free. I for one am thrilled with what President Trump is doing to restore America!

For me the year began with the usual evacuation, as my regular readers know, and turned over a new and hopeful page when we closed on a wilderness property the first part of August. While its a future not without struggles, its a much more hopeful one. 

This last week, celebrating the birth of Jesus our Lord and Savior, was rich with family time and joy! On a practical note, finally, I was well enough to cook the traditional, festive meal. I even made pie! That is a big deal to me, to be able to do it all and still have energy left for socializing. I did get exposures from gift packaging etc, and spent a few days down, but got to have the boys over a couple more times this last week. My daughter and her family are coming over again today. I finally got around to editing a photo of Ari in her hand knit jumper. So here she is.

Ron helped me take the tree down Wednesday. We determined that it too had some low level of contaminant. Probably insecticide. He cut it from a national forest (with a permit). It was closer than our property. I look forward to next year, and having my own house on Grandma Mountain, with one of our trees. I also think I'll need to wash and air out the Christmas decorations, as well as, everything I own when I do move. I can't do it here! 

I'm closing in on the last batch of mattress wool. I'll be glad when that chore is finished. One more to go.

Ron ordered the front gates for the property and a new E-UTV ranger for me! He said he'll pay the amount for a regular ATV if I make up the difference! Yes!! It has a rear box bed that dumps, a roof and windshield as extras. Using it to get around will allow me to use my energy on the chores and not use it up getting to and from. I also ordered my cordless chainsaw, and a stealth game cam. 😏 If I like this one, we'll get a few more. We wanted those expenses in this year. Things are going forward, and I'm feeling very hopeful!

Well, I'll end this now. I have some carrots to peel for my pot roast, and some English Toffee to make for the New Year's party tonight. May God bless you and keep you safe going into 2018! 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas!

I hope this Christmas Season finds you all filled with Hope, Joy and Love. May God bless you and protect you.

My week has been blessed with visits from my daughter and her family including Joey, Tobes and Ari. I finally got to hold my youngest grandaughter! I got to have Toby and Ari over again Monday, and will get them all again tomorrow. The very best kind of Christmas present! It would be perfect if my son and his family could be here, but that can't be. He can't get that kind of time off; new job. 

 I've continued to clean and fluff mattress wool. I've been baking cookies and working in the sewing room. Cleaning and sorting. I knit up a new pair of socks. I'm currently working on a new hat. This one has a "braid hole." I get tire of my braid pushing the back of my hat up and the brim down over my eyes. 😄