Friday, October 29, 2010

"Just a Little" ~ an Act of War


Well, this is obviously a hot topic. Hot under the collar that is. This action (when deliberate) and statement is guaranteed to make TIs become enflamed... 

1.) We are going to suffer horrendous damage from someone's "just a little" bit of fragrance/toxic product use. It's gonna hurt like H. E. 2(toothpicks) ~ {that's algebra. See your teacher was right, you need algebra in the real world... O.K. in my world.}

About this time guilty-feeling-Normals are saying, "I wore a little when I was visiting _____, and nothin' happened."  WELL, can I get a witness, TIs? 

Our downward spiral begins with symptoms other people can't see. First, we smell it. It burns our noses and throats. Then we begin to feel as though we're getting the flu. We get feverish, and all our joints begin to swell and hurt. Our lymphs also begin to swell and hurt. We're not talking mild hurt. We're talking screaming, flaming hurt. Notice I"m saying "begin to." This  is just the beginning. It's going to get a whole lot worse! In fact the peak symptoms will manifest anywhere from 20 -48 hrs. from exposure. The journey to and from is nasty! The peak, is bloody hell And it lasts for Hour to Days. Recovery, from just that "little bit" take weeks to months.

For many, respirtory distress begins immediately, and continues to escalate. The other nasty symptom we'll get, that you can't see, includes migraine, cardiac, brain, intestinal, liver and kidney damage. In other words, its as though the stinky person is beating our insides with a baseball bat.

Fragrant (and I mean smelly) Normals are not seeing anything because, TIs understand that society doesn't recognize the fact that we've just been assaulted by a known lethal weapon. So while we yet retain control, we refrain from clocking you one. 
              "It was self defense, officer, I swear!" 

After all, we already get enough unjustified accusations of mental illness. The mainstream traditional medical establishment is just now recognizing the research that proves our condition is physiological rather than a mental illness. Do we get brain damage from exposure. O' yeah! So we contain our selves. (Sooner or later though, you will get "flamed." And , all of you inconsiderate Normals (different than uneducated Normals) will deserve it.

O.K. lets define the difference between, inconsiderate/indifferent and uneducated normals... TIs have compassion on those that don't understand the condition. We recognize that there is very little public knowledge about us. A lot of times we'll just suck it up.

On the other hand, there are those who, after being told exactly what we need as accommodation and what will happen to us, figure that they have a "right," to wear their usual product and that it will be fine if they wear less. They think we'll never know. They can't smell it, so obviously we won't be able to either...  (see previous post, paragraph containing references to "pig poo.")  Then their are those who, in defiance, literally bathe in their fragranced products! In the majority of cases these persons have been "medical professionals, family members and public servants." Unbelievable. 

I have personally been told by a imaging technician that she, "had a right to wear her fragranced products." She bragged that she had bathed in them and there was nothing I could do about it." This was after I had made extensive arrangements for accommodation with her supervisors. She was so rank that her malodorous fumes burnt my husband's (a Normal) nostrils, as well as mine, and we were 30 ft. from her... As a public servant, that's a federal violation of the ADA and a hate crime.  In fact, it is a violation for any person, including individuals to prevent access to any disable person on the basis of their disability.  So for TIs to be prevented from participating or going anywhere, due to someone elses fragrance/chemical use is literally against the law. Think about it.

I know a number of TIs that have sucked up some of the most tragic accidental exposures and never let on to the person (inadvertently) harming them. It's part of our way of life. Because we are so isolated, we value interpersonal interactions. We care about people. If they haven't been educated, we chose to educate, rather than become angry. I have found that the majority of people, once they understand the depth of the damage that VOCs can have on the toxically injured, feel terrible remorse, and make considerable effort, such that it never happens again. That is the Biblical definition of repentence and mandates forgiveness. Which by the way, we are only too happy to give! Its not the accidental ones that enflame us. Its the deliberate ones.

Unfortunately, there is very little awareness out there. Education is one or two people at a time. As it now stands we are literally, second class citizens in the eyes of most of the public. If you've never been disabled or a member of a minority, it is nearly impossible to imagine the contempt that these groups of people routinely face. 

I've actually had people walk up to me, in a grocery store and scream the most hateful, vile things into my face, pinning me against the display, so that I was unable to move away from their fragrance. I once had a man in the check out line holler out that, "someone need(ed) to call the men with the white coats and butterfly nets to come get (me) because people like (me) shouldn't be allowed out in public."  I've had people walk up to me and say insulting things about me to each other, like I'm a cur in the gutter. I didn't know bigotry like that really existed prior to this disability...

I recently came across a blog from a woman who was training service dogs for the mobility impaired. She herself was not impaired. She took the dog to a grocery store and used a motorized cart, to accustom the dog to that kind of behavior/environment. She got to the checkout stand and realized she had forgotten something. So she went back to get it without the dog, still in the scooter. She was appalled at just that little bit of discrimination that she was subject to; even though she was reassured by the amount of acceptance she encountered when the dog was with her. Hmmm....

Next post: "Service Dogs for the Chemically Sensitive"

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