Thursday, October 28, 2010

My sister Kathleen inspired me to begin this blog

She's living her dream adventure - riding across America on horseback. She's risked everything, and kept back nothing. How cool is that? One of the things I've learned is that an adventure is when you experience events, things get wild and crazy and you survive. A tragedy is when you don't. She's having a tremendous adventure and enjoying every minute of it, even the bad parts...

So, I'm beginning this blog about a different kind of adventure. I've survived 7 years of severe, chronic toxic injury where minute by minute there can be life threatening exposures.  I've experienced unimaginable discrimination, in a country known for it's "Civil Rights." I, like the 140 million Americans that suffer with the same disability, struggle everyday to get over the obstacles, to complete the simplest tasks and step through an unending medical protocol. 

I'm blessed enough to have incredible family, friends and internet community friends that support me. I'm dedicating this blog to all those with Toxic Injuries ~ the fastest growing segment of the disabled population ADA Region 10.

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