Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two Types of Readers

I figure I'll have two types of readers, the toxically injured (TIs) and the "normals."  I'll undoubtedly piss off both.

As TIs, we have so much toxic exposure that all of us, from time to time, (some more than others) go ape-crap crazy and get honked off over something we a.) don't agree with, or b.) misunderstood in the first place, as we're suffering cognitive impairment and some degree of diminished visual acuity.

For you "normals" checking in, a toxic exposure is relatively like somebody else forcing an overdose of meth on us. We experience: confusion, agitation and rage, among our many other physical symptoms and organ damages. It's systemic, so that's just the beginning.

I'll upset the normals because, by in large, a person can only understand that which they can perceive. I'll be talking about reactions to things that normals don't perceive. They don't smell them, they don't feel them. For that reason, many of them think we are flipping crazy. Kudo's, though, to those normals, kind enough to empathise and take our claims (without personal experience) on faith.

That brings up the question as to why we can perceive them and they can't...  It's a secondary survival mechanism.  We, by virtue of repetitive toxic exposure, plus some degree of genetic damage, either inherited or from exposures in our lifetime, become "detoxer enzyme deficient!" O.K. I just made that name up. What we and all those with chronic diseases are deficient in is the tri-peptide (enzyme precursor), Glutathione.  There are two others, but research right now has focused on glutathione, as it's the main one.

When your body uses up or (heaven forfend) can't produce enough glutathione, all sorts of systems fail and bio-functions run amuck. The process that is left to our immune systems for combating toxins is - encase them in fat and store them in adipose tissue.       Think about the epidemic of obesity...

Meanwhile, the immune system revs up its proactive systems and is in effect, "hypersensitive." RED ALERT MR. SPOCK, RED ALERT!!

The bad news for normals is, until their primary system of immune defense fails, they will be like pig farmers. Pig farmers, become immune to the smell of pig feces. While they can smell other stinky things, they can't smell pig poo. Normals can't smell the chemical dense environment they live in.

First Piss-off Alert: Fragrance, to TIs, is and will be referred to in this blog as "stink, stench, smelly, reek, etc..." Because to us it smells like cat pee mixed with the "ubiquitous powdered fruit-flavored drink mix." The stench of which is always accompanied by horrible life-threatening symptoms.

Which segues nicely to next times blog...."I just used a little" an act of war.

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