Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chicken House Cleaning Party

Well, the party was a great success and as they say in all those family news letters you've ever seen, " A good time was had by all."  I figure if they can say it, so can I. After all, it's as much true here as it ever was there...

The work got done in short order and refreshments were served following shower and sauna procedures. I provided an excellent braised beef roast, broccoli smothered in a home made cheese sauce, with sweet potato chips, followed by cake, chocolate and ice-cream. Sorry you missed it.

Of course, the chickens were anti-social. That's to be expected. They are rather flighty...

We had a lovely time playing with horses before the work began. I'm still working on getting Mariah's hooves up. She did have one little temper tantrum, and I had to get sharp with her... She was instantly sorry and is starting to figure out just what I want. I'm happy to report that she coming along nicely. This morning I got all 4 hooves up and cleaned.

It is a unique experience trying to train a horse to give you her feet when you can't tolerate any resistance. If she pulls away, or resists at all, I can't restrain her. You see, when you have glutathione depletion, you have no muscle tone or strength. If I try to hold onto her feet, like any regular trainer would, I'll tear muscles. I have to let her take them away. Then keep touching and picking until she gives in. It takes a whole lot more patience. I use a lot of voice inflection. My ferrier hates it. He thinks she's spoiled, cause she "gets away with stuff." Short term yes, long term no. I'm relentless. It is beyond "whispering." More like singing.

I told you Dan was old and curly. I took a picture this morning to show you. Can you see the curls growing in?

So, the party was fun, we played all kinds of games like, Sweep Shit, Toss the Dead Mousie Out, and Flood the Floor.  I find that chicken manure is not toxic. No, I don't breathe the dust. I wear a particulate mask. (Come -on!)  I've missed being  around the hennies during spray season. It was nice to get out and get that barn in order.  I'm going to be sore for a few days, but it was worth it. Next time, I'm hoping for a bigger crowd.

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