Sunday, November 7, 2010

Connect the Dots

Many people live with conditions that detract from their lives and never connect the dots to Environmental Exposures. They suffer dermatitis/eczema, acid reflux or hyperactivity, just to name of few of the most common conditions.

When my children were little, I noticed that after breakfast they'd get wild. I could almost imagine them racing about the top of the room like "Tom and Jerry." They got cranky and squabbled. At the same time my daughter developed the round red rash.,, The family doctor identified the rash as "ring-worm." He prescribed an ointment with a pesticide. (icide is latin for -killer.) And like a good little sheep I  did what I was told. The ring-worm didn't go away. I took my child back in. He advised painting it with iodine. We did this for a month. I burned my child's arm every time I applied. She would scream and cry. It didn't matter what I said to that Dr. He insisted that I continue the treatment. I decided he had to be wrong. I tooke her to a dermatologist. He diagnosed it as eczema and insisted I put cortizone 10 on it. Corizone is a hormone. It is dangerous to mess with hormones. The disclosure sheet that came with the creme was horrifying. I broke away from the flock and began to study the various causes of red rash. I came across data on red food coloring that said it caused red rash. (red dye also causes hyperactivity and irritability.) Ron's mother was allergic to red food coloring! I read all the labels. Turns out the children's vitamins I was giving them were loaded with red food coloring... I switched to a "clean brand, without coloring, and no more rash, no more hyperactivity and squabbling. (since that time I've discovered that nearly all red food colorings get there red color from lead...)

As a substitute teacher, I had the opportunity to observe thousands of students. I worked 4 different school districts in two counties. (I like a challenge and I like variety) Substitutes always get lunch room/playground duty. I would see these kids in the morning, during lunch and in the afternoon. After lunch even the nicest kids could turn into monsters. I made a point of noticing what they were eating. There was a direct correlation in the amount of additives they consumed to the degree of loss of control.  This was not necessarily a discovery for me, but a confirmation.

Years ago, I had developed horrible, disabling headaches. I had seen a "60 Minutes" special on MSG, with Dr. George Schwartz. When I cut out the MSG, my headaches went away. Dr. Schwartz also spoke about hyperactivity, out of control kids and MSG. Even though we had cut out all the MSG from our diets, the red food coloring still caused similar problems. Those are the roots of the 26 years of study that I have put into "cause and effect of environment on health."

There is a growing epidemic of acid reflux in our country (it's in all the other 'developed' countries, too). It is ironic that traditional medicine doesn't actually look into the root cause but attempts to mask the problem with another chemical substance. Instead of simply eliminating toxic substances from our diet/environment, things we were never designed to eat or use, they prescribe us known toxic substances to treat the condition. I queried several doctors and pharmacists. They all say, "All pharmaceuticals are toxic. All pharmaceuticals have side effects." There are NO non-toxic pharmaceuticals! When you take prescription drugs you are exchanging one set of symptoms for another, and most times the second set is far worse, long term.

Take a look at the disclosure statement that comes with your prescriptions. Many people are not aware that there is another more graphic disclosure statement, intended for the physician, that the pharmacist takes off. My pharmacist didn't. I read them. I suggest you ask your pharmacist for those statements as well. Take the attitude that you will get those symptoms. Don't just assume that it will be someone else. That is our human tendency.

Think about it folks, how many lawsuit commercials are out there asking people if they've been hurt or injured by taking this and such drug? Really look at the symptoms that are cited. They are serious stuff!

I've mentioned the movement to reform the Toxic Substance Control Act in a previous blog. Do a web search for "The Health Case for Reforming the Toxic Substance Control Act." It is the report, put before the legislature, that was compiled by a group called "Safer chemicals, Safer Families." It compiles research by some of the best professionals in our country.  It links specific chronic health conditions like, all heart attacks, strokes, all cancers, all neuro-degenerative diseases (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Autism....), birth defects and reproductive disorders to consumer product and environmental toxins. It goes on to theorize that the same is true for all chronic illnesses.  I've personally read research by the worlds most credible scientists that verifies the same for pretty much all disease conditions. Even viruses get a "leg up" from the damage that consumer product and environmental toxins do to our bodies.

Start thinking about your personal environment and diet in a way that protects you from unnecessary chemical exposures. There are safer products and safer practices out there. Take advantage of them. Yes, they are a little more expensive and a little physically harder, but those things are an investment in your health. We could all use a little more "exercise." We could all use better health.

Yesterday I focused on 'not fragrance' toxins in consumer products. I mentioned that "fragrances are trade secrets and can't be monitored by any government agency." Its a loop hole that has been exploited to the detriment of people world wide. Independent research says that, on average a fragrance (whether cheap or expensive) contains 600-700 ingredients.  Approximately, 200 of which are known toxins. All fragrances contain pesticide, or you'd be swarmed by bugs. Mostly, the biting, stinging kind ~ bees, wasps, ants.... Merchants are driven by profit. They are interested in producing things cheaper, faster, boosting sales and increasing their profit margin. They are not interested in your best interest. Just because they sell it and promote it as good for you, doesn't mean it is. You need to take control of your life and start thinking again. Know what you're putting in and on your body.

Toxins are accumulative. They collect in your tissue. Then they combine in your tissue, producing even more deadly effects. It's called synergy. When they examine a particular chemical for safety, they don't take account of synergistic effects. They study them and test them one chemical at a time, in optimally healthy bodies. To date there has been almost no testing for synergistic effects. I've only found record of one. It was concerning food additives.

In 1978 a small scale experiment, on synergistic effects of food additives, was performed on rats. All the additives were taken from the GRAS list. When they fed the food additives to the rats, one at a time, all rats were fine. When they fed them to the rats in two additive combinations, all the rats got sick. When they fed them to them 3 at a time, all the rats died in 14 days.

This is horrifying considering that most people sit down to a meal containing, on average, 12 -16  food additives, 3 times a day.

Bare in mind the rats used in these studies are brought to a state of excellent health before any testing can begin. Rats with health issues are excluded from the trials. They are fed an optimal diet. There are few people living who have a state of excellent health or access to an optimal diet. We all have health issues due to the fact that we live in chemically inundated environments. We are being poisoned, everyday.

Many people, just haven't connected the dots, yet...

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