Friday, November 5, 2010

A Day Outside

Yesterday was an unusual day. I got to go outside and play. The weather was gorgeous. Nice and cool. Upper 50's, I think. So I slipped out and gathered up the horses. I need to work Mariah. She needs her feet trimmed and is unruly after a summer without personal attention. Dan and Lottie are well broke in, and are fairly cavalier, even when pulled in right from the field after a long sabbatical.  You see I was training Mariah when I first went down. She hasn't had the handling she needs. Now, on good days, I try to go out and do it.

They came running. Catching was easy. I just opened the gate. Lottie and Mariah, came rip-tearing down the pasture and charged in. Dan, who's somewhere around 20, ambled in. He's the old man.  I closed the second gate on the girls because the llama's wanted to join in on the fun and mess everything up. When Dan got there I closed the first gate behind him. The girls did not want to be caught up once they realized food was not involved. We did a few laps around the pen until Mariah joined up first. 

This sounds fairly routine for horse trainers, for TIs there's always an additional 'backstory' going on. Let's replay what we have so far and review the back story...

Open door, carefully test air quality. Scan upwind properties for farm implements, especially spreaders. Step out and scan propeties left and right. To my right is my evil neighbor. The one who is abusive and likes to hurt vulnerable people, like me -disabled, his wife and kids.  I don't see any rigs from this vantage point. I go ahead.

Seem paranoid? It's not if someone is actively hurting you. So the whole time I'm going out to gather up the horses, I'm checking and processing what else is going on all around me. Especially the mean neighbor and his family. They've all participated, (except maybe the daughter). In fact, I have to keep up surveillance the whole time. I've had times when I've been out, and suddenly Mr. "Evil" will run out and grab his sprayer or scream obscenities and threats at me. Mrs. Evil has done the same kind of screaming. She doesn't usually wave her arms around and march back and forth or charge the fence like Mr. Evil, but you get the picture. I ignore the screaming, and threats. It's when he discharges toxins that I have to take evasive action.

So resuming the fun part; I didn't see anybody outside while I was out playing. What a blessing. I got to smell horse. I truly believe there is a theraputic component to the smell of horse. It always makes me feel better. It can't be synthesized, by the way. And it only works if the horse is living. So it can't become a commodity. No, you can't use the methane gas from horses, either. I can just see some of your entrepreneurial minds cranking over, "Healthy
Glow ~ Horse Fart in a Can." That's not what works. It's the smell off the neck, or a warm flank. It smells like life and health, and living.

Any way, I did some grooming and picked up Mariah's feet. One at a time. Just a hair or two. Just enough times so she would start to remember.  When she was a foal I could pick them up out in the field with no lead, and even while leaning over her back. She's been wild for a long time. Then I moved on to my two pros. It was very restful. Old Dan is so old he's become fuzzy and curly. He's a Kieger mustang. Here's a younger picture.

When I turned them out, that naughty Mariah, broke the hot wire connection. So I got to spend some more time outside. Fixing the fence. It was almost like the old days. I also paid a visit to the chicken house. Needs cleaning. I'd planned on starting that today after I worked the horses again, but I got an exposure last night and am down with a head ache. Not a bad one, but I have to work on detox, that takes up all the extra time. Maybe tomorrow....  Any volunteers for the chicken house cleaning party? LOL I'll serve treats,... not bar-b-qued chicken.

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