Monday, November 15, 2010

Field Trips for TIs

This is Silver Falls State Park, near Silverton, Oregon. It is a beautiful temperate rainforest with a succession of spectacular falls and miles of trails. If you go during the week, you hardly meet anyone. And more importantly, the bathrooms are fragrance free.

TIs need get-a-ways too!

My husband, daughter, son in law and his sister, and I took a terrific 4 day vacation to the Oregon coast this last May. We stayed in a yurt, south of Newburg. The park rangers there were wonderful, and arranged to have our yurt cleaned with non-toxics and the bathrooms, to be done the same.

On the way back, we spent 4 hours, hiking the trails at Silver Falls, with my father, who met us there. It was wonderful to get out, feel a fresh breeze and smell the understory.

We visited many beach locations while away and made a local healthfood store our deli of choice. We cooked chowders and grilled salmon steaks over an indian fire...

If I got tired, I napped in the car while they visited the more fragrant sights. It helped that we had an extended cab pickup with a canopy on the back. That way they could put the jackets, that they wore into the smelly locations, and their packages, in the back and not tox me. The jackets also helped to keep their clothes from picking up toxins. I always prepare take a long food that eats cold. This trip, I made pizza pockets with a gluten free crust, that were a success even with my Normal family members. It was wonderful, and I felt like a real person again.

I even got to go into the Yaquina Head Museum!

We visited the light house at Yakina Head, as well, and took pictures of the sea lions, resting on the rocks.

Another safer thing I can do, away from home, is sledding in the winter. We always go cut a fresh tree and have a snow day. That's actually me, sledding down the logging road. O.K. so extreme adventure isn't on my itinerary, yet...

Ron, does the manly job of cutting and hauling, after the rest of us plough around and find the 'perfect' tree. We take along cookies and hot cocoa, and if I really beg, they'll sing Christmas carols with me.

The scenery is spectacular!

Well, that's about all I have time for today.

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