Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Roller Coaster Ride

Well, unbelievably, when the spray trucks set out to do that field, yesterday, they discovered that the pump wasn't working! Yeah! They told me they would be coming the next day. Which is today. Boo. They of course said, again, it was weather dependent. They would have to wait till it warmed up... About noon. Yeah! I'd be able to do another day of horses. Yeah! It warmed up about 10:00 a.m. But I already got the horses done. Then unbelievably, the wind came up. They can't spray if the winds blowing! Yeah. Yeah! They will probably try again, maybe this afternoon if the wind stops blowing. Boo. Or tomorrow, boo, weather dependent. And I would get another day of horse work. Yeah!

We are supposed to get snow this weekend, into next week. They can't spray with snow or too much moisture. Yeah! for me. (Boo! for my farmer friend, that really needs to get rid of those weeds.)

If they put off spraying until Monday or Tuesday, that's too close to my trip out to the Dr. And will be severely life threatening. BOO! Booo! Boo! I'm praying that it will freeze really hard, and they won't need to spray at all. Yeah!

We live on tenter hooks. Other peoples decisions make such a huge impact in our lives. Our lives are controlled by so much outside of ourselves.

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