Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Trade Off

You can't do everything. That's the bottom line. We want to do everything, but we just don't have the energy for it. Take today. I have this blog to write, the horses to work, the kitchen and house to clean. I should answer that email from the dog trainer and those 3 from the holistic pet health forum. I should do laundry and pay those bills. I have to order the yarn for the hat I"m knitting for the young man who mows my driveway if my husband can't get to it...  I should eat. I'm supposed to rest. And, there's always the protocols. (forget about cooking dinner, it's leftovers tonight!)

So today I chose, protocols, eating, horses, ordering and answering half the emails. Which I discovered, I did a crappy job of, due to the fact that I used up all my glutathione working the horses. I didn't discover it until after I posted. Of course.

When you use up your glutathione, your thinking gets muddled and you can't talk straight or make nice clean sentences... How am I doing by the way? Sometimes it's so bad, I type and type, thinking I'm writing this really great stuff. I even read it as I'm typing it. When I go back to edit it, its complete gibberish. That's scary.

I can read something over a hundred times, on tox days and not see the mistakes. FYI, I don't drive on those days. I get some one to take me. Frustrating and scary.

I am loving working with the horses. It's a shame I have to give up one for the other.  I can't research on the days I expend a lot of energy. My brain won't process it. There just isn't enough " glute" to go around.

When I was sicker (yes, not a word, I know) I could only do one thing more than my protocols a day. I actually embarked on an exercise program to remove the toxic fat. My doctor bumped my glute up so I could process the toxins I dumped when I burned the fat. I actually only exercised a total of 2.5 hrs on the Wii, each day. It took me 10 hrs a day to complete it. I'd do one excercise, 30 seconds, to 2 min., then rest. etc. I didn't get anything else done on those days. It was boring! And the Wii has a smart mouth!

I lost 30 lbs. I've gained it all back over the course of two spray seasons. The toxins hit my body, my body encases them in fat and stores them in adipose areas. I also experienced the same kind of mental fatigue that I do when I work horses. Working horses is much more fun. Not boring. So we'll see if this helps burn toxic fat! I'm going to take it a little easier. I want to be able to still have a functioning brain!

That's all I have time for tonight. I have to turn the horses out to pasture.

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