Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Warm Fuzzies and Cold Pricklies, on second thought...

O.K. great, before I told you the story I wanted to find the author, so I could give credit. I typed in the title and to my surprise, there are all kinds of versions out there. None of them where far off, but none of them where exactly like the story when I originally heard in in college during a Ed. course. (1980) I was unable to find out the original author. Several people are claiming the credit. I suspect it's probably this guy as there were originally no pictures. T.A. for Tots by Alvyn M. Freed, PhD.  Over the years I've retold the tale myself and morphed it a little as we are all want to do. I kind of hate to type it all in again so I'm giving you this sight instead:        It's a shorter version.

The bottom line is that by giving out kindness we get back kindness. By giving out meaness, we get back meaness. Choose kindness.

So now what? I was all prepared to tell a story today... I guess I close this post and begin writing the next one.

A Day in The Life, part 3, The Hazards of Going to the Doctor.

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