Monday, December 13, 2010

The National Conversation...

The CDC is sponsoring a National Conversation on Chemical Exposures and Public Health.

I urge all of you to check into their web sight and check it out! Too many people have been, and are being, harmed by consumer product and environmental toxins, for anybody to remain ignorant on this subject. I took the time to read all the comments that have been submitted for the most recent round. There are some tremendous people from all walks of life, submitting a wide range of well informed comments.

You can read personal stories, facts and figures and research papers. There are comments submitted from hospitals, universities, groups, coalitions and individuals. Everyone of them telling their piece of the story. All of us crying out for change. But, we can't do by our selves. We need everyone to get involved. We need every voice! The bottom line is that the government will be moved by sheer weight of numbers...they've been in possession of substantive facts for more than 60 years. Only when the majority of the population is crying out, will they input the changes we need to protect ourselves and our children.

This too, is part of the adventure of living with Toxic Injury. The fight for recognition and equal rights. It has to be DONE. It won't get done by itself. So each of us fights on, one letter, one comment, one paragraph, one word, what ever it takes, whatever we can accomplish, be it great or small, we do it. It all matters. It all helps. Join us. Fight for your future.

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