Friday, December 31, 2010

The Service Puppy Is Here

Well, it's been a while and lots has happened. A few nasty hits, some lovely company and we went to Montana to pick up my puppy.

Our target date was mid January, but another toxically injured woman was getting a pup from the same litter and her husband had Christmas week off. So did mine, so we moved up the date. I had been looking forward to meeting her, but I didn't get the chance. I did meet her son, Joe, who was a very nice young man.

The trip itself was an expedition. First there was the recomissioning of my husbands truck. He uses it at work and it is routinely contaminated by clients and co-workers. It had to be thoroughly cleaned. It took an entire day, with a purifier running all night. While it wasn't 100%, it was close enough. We always travel with a car purifier, so figured it would work.

I had to prepare food to take. 99% of restaurant food is toxic, so I make sure I have my own. I also have to take along my detox Meds and porphyria cures, clean water, as most city systems are treated with chlorine or worse, and a bucket to pee in, as most public restrooms are fragrant. This trip I took meat, cheese and cookies. I also took 2 gals of fresh water, with baking soda, large dog towels and fragrance free detergent, just in case the puppy wasn't fragrance free. I also took fragrance free wipes. Then, of course a change of clothes, in case I got a bad hit and needed to change out of the contaminated ones, since we'd be traveling for 13 hours. We chose the truck because the cab and canopy are separate compartments. That way toxic items can be in the canopy. If the puppy was really smelly, she could travel back there. We brought along two kennels. A smaller one for the cab, a larger one for the canopy.

With this condition you have to plan for everything. I had maps and routes printed out, as well as contact numbers for the other couple and for the breeder. We had agreed to meet in front of a restaurant, or as close as I could safely get.

Our trip began at 6:00 a.m. It was right about 30 degrees and expected to stay around 35 during the day for most of the trip. Hardly anyone was out on the roads the day after Christmas, so the drive up was very pleasant. It wasn't until we hit Spokane that the weather started to get messy. As you leave Spokane you cross into Idaho and climb into the mountains. We entcountered ice, slush and packed snow. There were only a few flurries and Ron is a very experienced winter driver; he grew up in the Elk Horns.

We met the breeder in Superior MT. My new puppy was everything I'd been led to believe. It was well below freezing there, so we didn't linger over the exchange. In fifteen minutes we were back on the road, it was 12:30, mountain time.

We started with the puppy in a kennel, but this was her first experience being separated from her mom and siblings. Her mom was even there at the exchange. The pup showed us just how loud a voice she had and the finer points of it's ear splitting qualities in the confines of the cab... I tried to keep her quiet as best I could, until we got through the icey parts. I didn't know how wiggly she'd be and didn't want her distracting Ron. It was a good thing, too. Just ahead of us another extended cab pickup spun out of control and rolled across the highway. When we arrived, the family members were crawling out of the dented place above the driver's side door. That pick up was laying on the drivers side. It was odd to think that "it was a good thing it got the dent there, or they wouldn't have been able to get out."

Once we got back to Spokane and the temperature was safely above freezing I held her, so she wouldn't bark. Normally I wouldn't do this, but we still had 3 + hrs left to drive. We stopped often so she could pee and to break up the trip.

The last few days have mostly been about housebreaking and crate training. It will be awhile till my next post, as I've got my hands full. So far, she has met 45 dogs and 19 people. She's met cows, sheep, llamas, ATVs, and been to the vet. She has learned: sit, out, down, leave it and quiet. She hasn't got "come" down yet, but she's making excellent progress. I'll keep you informed.

Hope the new year brings you blessings, healing and health!

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