Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Proclamation

2011 has arrived and with it the push to get out all the petitions to governors and heads of state to issue proclamations in support of Toxic Injury Awareness and Education. Peggy, my fearless leader, does most of this work with Julia's help. I contribute only as editor/proof reader. The bulk of the work has to do with obtaining current contact info and making contacts. Peggy is very good at it. I suck.

Few people realize the enormous work that goes into preparing and paving the way for each Governor's and Head of State's packet, let alone establishing the relationships! It's huge, and Peggy pours her life out for this every year. She does it because of her tremendous generosity and love for other people. She doesn't want even one more person to suffer with the symptoms of toxic injury.

It is for this reason that Peggy takes personal offense when certain other people in the chemically sensitive community take the credit for the work she has done, directly or indirectly. It pisses me off too. (besides which, it's illegal and immoral.)

There is one person, in particular, that has built quite a reputation for herself by stealing the credit from several people's hard work. She's actually slithered in at the last minute and called some Governors, inferred she was us, and renamed and redirected our proclamations... Wow! Corporate sabotage in the chemically sensitive world. Who'd have imagined it? She's actually being sued for claiming support by several doctors, who's support she didn't have. She's left a trail of burned individuals in her wake, as she recrutes and uses people, then callously discards them. We've heard from a number of people who volunteer for us, that she's approached them, and then have been even more surprised when we discover that she's recruited and used some of our people to pull off her schemes. She must be a very convincing liar. She should at least give credit where credit is due!

Anyway, I'm so glad I can blog that. I've had to bite my tongue on that for years.

So this year, Peggy is getting a lot of help from John, our Mold Specialist. He's another excellent people person! A much better people person than me. I generally reach the point of wanting to crawl through the phone and shake them, very quickly! Good thing it's not possible! Which is why I'm in research and education, not public relations. Go Peggy, Julia and John!

One of the things that we do to show the Governor's, etc. That there is support for the Proclamation is to send along copies of the names of people from their constituency that have signed the petition. You can find our petition and sign on at www.toxicinjury.org.

If there are problems with it, use the email link and send your signature to Peggy that way.

Every signature helps. Since we send them to government officials, they become part of the permanent record, and we can't remove them. The information that you've signed will always be available (as public record) and it can't be rescinded. Be sure you understand that before you sign. But please, do go to our websght and sign. If you aren't injured, or don't think you know someone who is, it's only a matter of time... In the ATSDR's National Conversation on Chemical Poisoning and Public Health they state, "800,000 known or suspected toxic chemicals used In our consumer products and environments..."

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  1. Apparently "800,000 was a typo...it has been changed to 80,000. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine states 90,000