Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trace - It's a Killer

I've had very little sleep in the last 48 hrs. Two nights in a row, I've been hurt by trace...

What's trace? Exactly what it sounds like. Some small amount of a toxic substance that, by accumulative exposure, triggers reactions. Due to the severity of my condition, we're talking minuscule parts per billion. "Normals" are probably thinking, "yeah, right!" I know because I've heard it enough times already. Problem for me is, it's unfortunately true.

So, you're probably wondering how I get a trace exposure... Here's the skinny.

Hypersensitivity is a teretiary defense mechinism. When your primary system of defense against toxins fails, then the secondary kicks in. When that fails, or is overloaded, then your body makes you more sensitive to the toxins, so you'll avoid them.

In the yin and yang of this condition, we often get "caught in the crossfire." You see, we are constantly striving to get better. We actively participate in detoxifying and healing our damaged bodies. It's sort of like we are constantly trying to climb out of a pit. When we take a direct, big, hit, it's like someone shoved us back in. Trace hits are more like the sides of
The pit are giving way. At first, you don't notice it, then when it's too late to move to a safe location, there's the avalanche...

When something with trace comes into my environment and I'm doing pretty good, like when I've achieved some repair, I won't smell it. As the toxins volatize into my airspace and I encounter them, my glutathione gets used up. When it gets depleted, my tertiary defense mechanism, hypersensitivity, kicks in. Problem is, it's already too late - avalanche. When it really sucks, is when I don't sense it until the middle of the night, in a crash. I wake up in some flavor of horrific pain.

I've had two consecutive nights with two different trace contaminants. At this point, I'm still in pain and I've fought for two days straight to decontaminate my environment. I've been hemorrhaging for more than a week since encountering the stinky lady at the doctors office...

This is why I say, I fight for my life everyday of the year, 24/7. It's never ending. I strive to be hypervigilent to sustain my life. Anything I miss, I pay for.

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