Monday, January 17, 2011

What Happened to the Off Season?

Boy am I pooped! Last year was such a nasty spray season, what with the corn test plots being sprayed with atrizine and dicamba (both horribly nasty pesticides) that we're experiencing higher than usual animal health issues. Their immune systems are so weakened that they are at risk for more parasites and infections. We tried to be proactive this fall, but we're having difficulties anyway. We did treat for parasites. Some of the animal's systems were so weakened that they had "sleepers." parasites that didn't surge until the cold snap, and their systems became stressed.

My husband and I just spent the last two weeks fighting to save one of our cows and a lamb. We saved the cow, not the lamb... It is rather tragic and frustrating. The pesticide weakens their immune systems. Parasites infestations take hold. To get rid of the parasites, that have become immune to less toxic substances, due to over use by the general populace, you have to give them stronger, more toxic pesticides. These pesticides further weaken their immune systems, leaving them open for secondary infections that have to be treated with antibiotics, which are poisons. All the time busting your chops to off-set the toxins and supply beneficial nutrients, probiotics, and immune boosters to counteract the damage done by the drugs, used to treat the problem. Sigh.

At the last there, I was tube feeding the lamby every hour. Poor little guy. He was so cute and very sweet. We grieve every loss.

Add to that I'm still potty training my service puppy. While she will potty anywhere you tell her, on command...she hasn't quite got it put together that she's not supposed to just let her rip, in the house.

Add to that, I'm still struggling with the side effects of being expose in the doctor's office by that stinky lady... Well, no wonder I'm wondering what happened to the off season.

What? I've mentioned her before but didn't tell you what happened? Oops! Well,...
I went to the Dr.s for my treatment a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I opened the door the burning stench of this woman's personal care products hit me in the face like I'd been pepper sprayed. She was a new patient. Duded up to the nines, I swear she bathed in it!

I went directly through the waiting room and into a side room. My eyes were burning and tearing, and it gave me an instant pituitary headache. Rich came in and took me to a more isolated room in the back, for my treatment. He also took her to a isolated room and shut her stinky self in with the doc. Things started to go down hill shortly. Even my glute treatment wasn't pulling me out of it. I blew up several sizes, sustained kidney and liver damage and began hemoraghing all before I got home. Yada, yada, and on and on, it's gone on for two weeks. I'm still bleeding. Just when I think I've just about gotten it stopped, I get another trace exposure and it starts up again...endocrine system disruptors!

So, I'm anemic, I'm running myself ragged treating livestock and potty training a puppy. That's why your not hearing much from me. Didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you!
More later...

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