Friday, March 18, 2011

And So It Begins, Again

Spray season has begun again. Today they will be spraying on two sides of me. Doug, from PGG called last night with the locations and chemicals. They have a maximum REI (re-entry interval) of 12 Hrs., which means 24 Hrs for me. He generally gets started around 10:00 a.m., weather permitting. So I have until then to get the dogs pottied and run. Then they will either have to tiddle in the shower, or hold it, until Ron comes home, or my son gets here, which ever comes first.

Currently I have Jesse, as well as Rose and Sonia. Ryan had an out of town interview, so we are keeping him until the end of spring break. Ryan will be working here for spring break, which begins today, after his last final. Having Jesse here has put a wowee in my training schedule. We have had to focus mainly on "distractibility." Rose, being a hunting dog, is high in prey drive. Being a "teenager" she's going thru the "dog flakies." Good grief! I have to take her out separately or she can't focus long enough to do her business! Taking them all out together is a real circus. Rose wants to pounce on Jesse, and he's always game for a boisterous wrestle. Whew! Hard work to keep order with those two, but a good training opportunity. To my surprise, Rose (a sensitive poodle) is as strong willed and stubborn as Beege, our German shorthair, was. I kept hearing how poodles were so responsive, you just have to tell them something firmly and they get it. Not when Rose is in prey drive!! Previous to Jesse coming, I thought her response to kitties was bad! I have gotten an education! That and nearly had my shoulder dislocated a couple of times. Poodles are a lot like Tiggers, their legs are made of springs... Imagine me, if you will, being drug about on the end of a leash by what appears to be a curly, furry, kite whipping about in the air, with a long pink tongue lolling out of its mouth!

Rose playing with Sonia
Well, I got the taxes done yesterday. It wasn't too bad this year. Having my brains back has made it a lot less trying. Of course, I discovered a perpetuating mistake I made a couple of years ago, while I was toxed and stessed off my ass. I had to file amended returns... Hate that. Being pathologically honest, doing something wrong, causes extreme stress and anxiety. (part of the autism spectrum). Doesn't matter wether it was a mistake. I lost a nights sleep over that one. Good thing my tax program makes filing an amended return quick and simple. Once I got the problems corrected, I was o.k. Another sign I'm improving. My autistic responses are milder.

Our preparations for our daughter and son-in-law's return experienced a hitch. My husband was getting frustrated with shifting stuff, stored in his shop, to get to the things he needed. I'm given to understand that this is a universal problem for husbands. So we are making a minor detour to resolve the issue. Years passed, my husband built this huge "poultry palace." It was to house my small flock of chickens, our daughters show ducks and my husbands pheasants and quail. He raises any wild birds that the nests are swathed over and then release them after bird season.... Anyway, I've always thought it was a bit excessive and too much space for the few birds we keep. I suggested that we partition off a more appropriate sized area for the birds, and refinish the remaining area for storage and working sheep. So that's what we've also been up to. I've been helping where I can, and we've been using non-toxics. For the last couple of days, I've been painting the chicken's new digs. I do love painting, though the unaccustomed exercise has triggered some brutal fibro-flair. Thank God for the sauna!!!

The other great things that are happening are strides forward in Toxic Injury Awareness and Prevention. Several of the Governors have signed, a couple of Nevada Senators are sponsoring a bill in their state senate making public spaces fragrance and pesticide free and Portland, Oregon has passed a similar mandate, city wide. Our time is coming! Keep pushing loved ones, we'll prevail yet!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Slogging Forward

Perhaps I should have called it the "Ides of March." Anyway, it has been an uneventful, tedious, pressing forward with the mundane and unglamorous grunt work of life. That crap that every adventurer goes through in order to have an adventure, but rarely writes about, because, quite frankly, their reader will realize they are really no different. All the mystique will be gone.

Since I've never intended to dazzle you, but rather provide a window into the world of those disabled by Toxic Injury, I won't leave out the more boring aspects of the adventure. I won't even try to pretty them up a bit. (i.e. lie) I'll just paint it like it is.

The hardest thing to teach Rose is housebreaking. We have a lot of tile floors, and as one of the trainers said, it's nearly impossible to teach a dog not to pee on a concrete (or similar) floor. Sigh. She's 17 weeks now and some days I think she's got it. Somedays she doesn't. On those days, she "lets go," every 30 min. I'm persevering, but on fibro ravaged feet. It's taking up the majority of my energy. Of course I continue to work the other aspects of training, in and around this, but being exhausted takes the fun out of it.

Into this comes tax season. I get the mundanity of organizing all the papers reports and receipts. Collating, data entry, Pee-uw. I press forward. As a reward for completing the taxes, I'll get to shear sheep. Yeah! I'm pinning my hopes on that.

We didn't breed this year, due to the high volume of pesticides, so no lambs. Both my neighbors are having lambs. Yesterday both had delivery problems... Interesting. I wonder if I counted back the gestation period, if it would come out around a spray time... Hmmmmm. Nobody tests for these things.

My daughter and son-in-law are moving back to town, as my daughter is finely graduating. This fills me with joy, yet brings more work in preparing for their return. I feel like I must be improving. With everything on my plate, I still don't feel completely overwhelmed. In years past I would have been. So while I'm tired and over worked, I'm not undone. That is a plus.

Did I share with you that I had Rose titer tested for protection from Parvo and Distemper after only one vaccination? She came back with such high numbers, she's protected for life. More people should do titers on their pets. There's no need to repeat the vaccinations in most cases. Actually, titers should be done on people too.

On that note, it's back to the taxes!