Friday, April 29, 2011

Addendum to Phase 3

I reread phase three and realized I left out a pertinent part. So here it is...

Spraying for melons actually begins the last week of February, or so. By May of '03, I was noticing a lot of flu like symptoms following certain teaching assignments. I just didn't connect my symptoms to the spraying. I wasn't aware of it until that incident with Alex, later that summer. At the time I started to put it together, causal factors and sypmtoms, I remember realizing that it was becoming popular to have those plug in air fresheners in the class rooms...The school year ended, and I continued on through the summer, just being me. I worked the farm and picked up an occasional survey job, every now and then. Since I'd retired from full time surveying, Ron had taken a job with a local Port District. They needed to hire my services. I was after all, 'the best Party Crew Chief, around.' (When five local Professional Land Surveyors collaborated on a landfill cell, they hired me to run the gun. The Part Crew Chief is the boss. They are the person that tells everybody where to go, when to jump and how high. And I was good at it.) So, the Port had Ron ask me, if they put together a crew, would I run the gun. Since Ron was in control of the project, I said yes.

Ron let me know that just he and I would begin the project, then after their regular start time, a crew from the maintanance department would join us. We were running a topographical survey, for a construction project. A company was developing the site and putting in a large facility. The first step was this topo, so they can estimate earthwork.

Ron and I set to work. Ron runs rod, and I mean 'runs.' there's no dawdling. We're both competitive and we were always trying to out do each other. His goal was to get to the next point before I finished typing the notes in the data collector. That way he could give me garbage about being slow. And mine was to get the shot the instant he had the glass up and level, so he didn't have a chance to rest. Onery, I know, but he started it. Well, we were rip-tearing across the property and 9:00 o'clock came and went. No crew. Then finally, at about a quarter past 10:00 a maintanance vehical showed up. They pulled onto the lot, we kept working. They didn't get out of the truck. I could see the passenger had his feet on the dash. We just kept working. Eventually they decided to get out. There were two young men. The one on the passenger side kinda slung himself out of the pick up. In one hand he had a can of coke. He stood there for a moment, checking me out. Then he sauntered over t'words me. I stopped shooting points, smiled and greeted them, asking if they were ready to work. Unbelievable! The kid looked me up and down in the most insulting way.
I changed to a very business like demeanor and said,
"Let's get to work, boys. Each of you will need a rod. They're right there in the back of the car." the creepy one, kept walking t'word me. He was still holding the coke, so I said, "You'll have to put the pop down, you'll need both hands." he just smiled really viley, ignored what I said, and kept coming t'word me. I repeated my self, more firmly. Still no change. I switched to "school teacher, Mom, and bitch mode, and snapped out,
"I said, PUT DOWN THE CAN, YOU'll NEED BOTH HANDS. OBVIOUSLY YOU CAN'T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, OR YOU DON'T TAKE DIRECTIONS FROM WOMEN, SO YOU'RE OF NO USE TO ME. YOU CAN LEAVE." He didn't. So I said, " GET THE HELL OFF MY PROJECT." He started to move t'word the vehicle. I said," AND NO, YOU DON'T GET THE TRUCK. LEAVE THAT FOR SOMEONE WHO WORKS." Then I turned to the other young man, smiled nicely and said, "You ready to work?" he said,
"Yes, mam!" I quickly showed him what to do and we went to work. The creepy kid stomped off.

When Ron's boss showed up to find out what happened, I was informed that I had a vendetta against this kid's uncle, and that's why I'd treated him that way. I didn't know who the kid was, and I didn't know who his uncle was. Turned out, his uncle was an Ag- pilot. The one who had dropped chemical on my children, my livestock and my property, not long after I got sprayed with Monitor. I'd reported him for dropping chemical on my property, so he dropped it on my house and children. I reported that too. To this day he strafs me, sprays my yard with herbicide, and flies over my house well below the 500' ceiling. Many times he's flown over at less than 40 ft. off the ground, between my house and out buildings. And I'm supposed to have a vendetta against him. I found out his name back when he dropped chemical on my kids. Gene Moss. I'm betting, this is the guy that sprayed me with monitor.

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