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How I Got This Way - Phase 2

There were four years between that spraying and my diagnosis of fibromyalgia, and to skip over it would be a disservice to my readers. You see, many of you may be in a state of gradual health decline, and not realize it. I am not alone when I say that I'm the kind of person that just keeps pressing forward, no matter what. - Just like so many of you. We keep going, and ignore the little accumulations until suddenly we realize, "wow! This is really bad." That's how it was for me. 

Fatigue and weak legs were some of the symptoms that began to plague me shortly afterwards. I wrote it off to a very busy life... Not only were we surveying eight to ten hours a day, but I was also the office manager, the bookkeeper, the secretary, we had a farm, and I took care of the livestock, bucked bales and drove hay truck. I also had two young children at that time, that were involved in multiple groups and events. In addition, I was active in several church ministries. There's more, but this list already makes me sound like I should have been wearing spandex and a cape, so let's move on. Suffice it to say, I was extremely fatigued and thought it was do to my non-stop lifestyle...

I began to notice things like, wearing any kind of shoes with foam insoles, made my feet hurt so bad, it was all I could do to stand. I had to stop wearing my irrigation boots as the rubber would peel off the skin. I had this great pair of L.L. Bean muck mocs. They are rubber & leather, they had to go. My feet reached a point where they felt like every bone in them, and my ankles, was broken. It was so bad, that it actually caused me to fall down the stairs, a couple of times... I scheduled an appointment with an Orthopedist, who was also a friend. 

He couldn't find anything wrong on the X-rays. He was the one that felt I should consider Fibro, by eliminating all other probable causes. That started a round of seeing specialists, that included nerve conduction tests. I 'lovingly' refer to those as "electro-shock therapy." the Neurologist hooks you up and tells you it won't hurt, then with the power down low, touches the electrode to himself. He smiles winningly, and says, "See, painless." Then, like an evil magician, while he keeps your attention focused on what he's doing, with the other hand, he reaches down and turns up the juice. Eventually, your cranked up to the level were you're spastically convulsing on the table every time he touches you with the probe. He says mildly, "huh, you don't appear to have any nerve conduction problems..." if I hadn't been so debilitated by the horribly painful procedure, I swear I'd have gotten up off the table and clocked him. 

Eventually, I ended up in front of Dr. Breland, a Fibromyalgia specialist. By this time, I had developed a healthy distrust of doctors, and a strong aversion to meds. Dr. Breland, himself, suffered from Fibro. He was treating it with some pretty toxic meds. That was what he prescribed for me. I firmly refused, explaining my history of reactions to meds. He became infuriated, and physically threw me out of his office. Whoa! I was left wondering, "What the Hell happened!?" But, I had a diagnosis, and began an intense course of research.

My research truthfully began, back in 1983, when I suffered migraines and "Chronic Fatigue.' the Ob/ Gyn I was seeing at the time (first child) told me I had "the flu." for five months. I thought at the time, "idiot, nobody has the flu for five months." I actually figured it out and treated myself, from two 60 Minutes specials. One was Dr. George Schwartz, The MSG Syndrome Complex, and the other was on Chronic Fatigue. I followed up the special with researching Dr. Schwartz and reading (implementing) his book. Removing all MSG from my diet, and then moving away, resolved the problem. I wasn't to know until much later, how much moving away had influenced my condition, and how horribly evil that Ob/Gyn was... 

When my children had hyperactivity problems, and irritable/aggressive behaviors, I dove back into researching food additives and discovered many more hidden sources of MSG, and the problems with red food coloring. Removing these things, improved all our health, and their behavior.

So, having that base to build on, and knowing what I already did, I combined everything that I already knew with everything I could find about Fibro, developed a protocol, and treated, and cured myself. I started a "Fibromyalgia Research and Support group" in my local area. Our first meeting had 144 members from a 40 mile radius. My goal was to pool everything we knew, assign areas of research to willing members, and improve that protocol. We did. While my project wasn't formal, we did have a control group, those that refused to try the protocol, and an experimental group, Those that did. Every person that implemented the protocol, in whole or in part, experienced remission of their symptoms, in purport ion to the degree that they followed it. Those that chose not to, continued with out improvement.

I even had one member that was so ill that she was "narcoleptic." based on my own experience with similar symptoms and what I did to cure it, I bet her that if she would stay on the protocol for two weeks she'd experience dramatic improvement. Her family members would bring her to group, so on her behalf, the did an intervention, and kept her on the protocol. Two weeks later, she was a different person! Alert, happy, the sister and daughter that they used to know. We reintroduced the offending substance, she was out cold in 10 minutes. What was it? Wheat.

 I should mention a tragic incident that occurred following the first meeting. There was one sweet little old lady that was suffering horribly, and I could tell by her symptoms, that a big part of it was MSG poisoning. She agreed and had been telling her family that's what she thought it was for some time... They just ridiculed her over it. I counseled her strongly about hidden sources, and advised her to avoid "Chinese Food" especially. I'd had reactions to the food here in town, even when I asked for "No MSG."  She was very excited and encouraged when she left. I got an irate call the next day.  Her family had insisted I was a "nut job" and to prove it, they took her out to Chinese that evening. She suffered a massive MSG poisoning, was hospitalized, and died that night. On her death bed, she stipulated I was to get several thousand dollars for my research. They were furious. They demanded that I produce proof that I was a charitable entity. I was not, nor did I do that kind of research (I do white papers; read other brilliant people's research and write documented, persuasive papers) but informed them that to meet the stipulation, they could make the donation to Dr. Schwartz' group, "No MSG" which was. They never did.

A couple of things happened with the group, all those that implemented the protocol, got better and didn't need to come anymore, and all those that didn't, got mad that one, we were feeling so great and they weren't and two, they got tired of us telling them to give up their 'addiction' or convenient and unhealthy lifestyle.  They quit coming. Just about the time those that remained, were going to stop meeting formally, I got rear-ended, on my way to the meeting.

From this event, I received three 'permanent' disabilities in my back. I had been stopped to make a left hand turn off a two lane hi-way, the guy that hit me, never even slowed down. He was uninsured. I ended up fighting my own insurance company, for an uninsured motorist claim. They wanted to pay me $2000, and my doctors were telling me that I could end up with reoccurring back surgeries every two years, that would cost me $250,000 a pop. My first neurosurgeon, had me ask the insurance co. for a letter from him. He especially, encouraged me to demand far more. I did as he recommended. Boy did I feel betrayed, when the letter he wrote said exactly the opposite, of what he'd told me. I found out later, that he was a well known "industry prostitute." Who ever paid him the most, got the letter the way they wanted it. The insurance company paid him well. I, of course, was forced to get two more opinions. I eventually squeezed a more respectable settlement out of them. Nothing near what I needed, which I deposited in a health savings account and prayed the interest would accumulate sufficiently, before I would need it.

I had actually contacted a lawyer, to get help with holding my insurance company accountable, and the lawyer told me to settle for the $2000. He said, "You won't get any more than that." I researched, and went to bat. When I called my lawyer, after I got the settlement, to ask him how much I owed him, he was amazed that I had got that much and told me I had done all the work, I owed him nothing. Just wanted to point out, an honest lawyer! 

My insurance agent forced me out. I made her look bad. I found out Agents are given bonuses according to how few claims their clients file. She wouldn't talk to me for years. Needless to say, my agency wasn't a good neighbor and they weren't there when I needed them.

By the time I had this injury, I'd reached the conclusion that allopathic medicine had limited uses. I was seeing my chiropractor twice a week. She was very intelligent and studying to become a naturopath. She started me on huge doses of C. Along with touch, not cracking, chiropractic treatments, it healed an amazing amount of the damage. According to the law, my insurance company had to pay for my treatment for two years...

This overlapped into the advent of my next big set of exposures.

Next time Phase 3

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