Monday, April 25, 2011

Incredibly Evil

I filed an informal report to my local sheriff's deputy this weekend. It's no use filing an official one. The "Sheriff's Department Administration" has refused to recognize that any crimes have been committed against me... I believe I've mentioned my evil neighbor? Well, rather than going over it again, I"ll just paste a copy of the report and let you think about it...

"...It has been a while since I last contacted you, not that the harassment has stopped, just that there's been nothing we can do about it from your end. However, there has been some escalation, and I wanted to keep you apprised.

Multiple times over the last 6-9 months, when I've gone out to potty the dogs, the yard, (along the path that I normally use to & from the dog potty area, south of the house) has smelled like someone had dumped cheap perfume all over. If I move away from that area, the fragrance (which is a known harmful substance to me) is less... I have seen wet marks on several occasions. Ron has smelled it on a few. 
The mark left in the drive

Yesterday, I was awoken from sleep with a severe pituitary headache at about 5:00 am. I had to get up and treat it, it took me almost an hour to get it down to an endurable level. I went back to bed, but was awakened again at 6:30 with a resurgence of intense pain in the same place, with radiating pain behind and beneath the right eye. These are the symptoms of a pituitary bleed. (VOCs enter the home even when it is closed up.) This pattern was repeated through out the day.

Every time I tried to go outside, yesterday, I'd become nauseous, dizzy and my eyes would burn. I did not smell anything definite. I was going out to potty the dogs, (south of the house) help Ron and weed.  I was forced to quit, when I realized the second set of symptoms were connected to going out side. Finally, in the late afternoon, I was able to take the dogs to potty, without those symptoms. When I took them to the "new" spot, north of the house, to do their "big job" (that I'd been using for the last several weeks) I encountered a strong smell of "Raid" insecticide. It had not previously been there. I backed up immediately and got Ron to see if he could smell and locate it. He could and reported that it was ONLY on our big John Deere, which was exactly were I'd been taking the dogs to do their business.  None of us has used any insecticide on or near this location. I must conclude that some one trespassed onto our property and deliberately sprayed our tractor with a known toxic substance. (I should state that, this last Wednesday I saw {Mr. Evil} and another male, watching me as I pottied the dogs in that exact same location. 

This morning, I took the dogs to potty south of the house and saw that someone had left a definite mark in the gravel, in the drive, right were I would be sure to see it. It was definitely man made, (to our knowledge) neither Ron nor I had made such a mark. I took pictures. (it wasn't there last night). It looked like this  ) l   It was cleanly made. I thought had it been an accidental mark, it wouldn't have been so cleanly made. These recent incidents made me feel as though someone wanted me to know that they are watching me, know what I do, and that they are coming on my property at night, can hurt me and there is nothing I can do about it. That person is harassing me, threatening me and assaulting me with substances that he/she knows are harmful and life threatening to me.

I only have one suspect, as only one person, that I know of, bears this much hatred for me. {Mr. Evil}. He has motive, access, knowledge and opportunity.

I have told you before, I believe he will continue to escalate, until he kills me. He has a history of violence, been incarcerated for assault (he said, "prison.") beats his wife and kids (told so by {Mrs. Evil} in 2005), he's deliberately, chemically assaulted me on more than 200 documented occasions. I'm not counting the occasions were I've been booby trapped by fragrance on my property, and now pesticide, by an "unknown" assailant.

If I see him on my property, I must assume he is there to harm me. I will attempt to take pictures, but that will only result, if he sees me, in him becoming more aggressive and violently attacking me. (That is a reasonable scenario. As my photographing him doing illegal behavior, in the past, has caused him to become aggressively angry. Driving without a license, spraying my property, etc...) I won't have time to call you. I will be forced to defend my life. That is not a position that I wish to be put in. Can't we do anything to head this off?"

This is not the first time I have filed this kind of report, nor is it the first time I've asked them to do something before he tries to kill me in a much more direct way. Lets face it, I'm so horribly vulnerable, I don't stand much of a chance...

I have written a letter to a US Senator, that has expressed sympathetic views, asking for legislation that recognizes attacks against the chemically sensitive with toxic substances, including pesticide and fragrance be recognized, specifically, as a hate crime and classified as assault, etc. No answers yet, from any party...

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