Thursday, April 14, 2011


I, myself, am surprised by the tremendous amount of relief I felt when my IV glutathione perscription finally arrived. I've been living so long, 7 years, knowing that the least little, haphazard trace exposure could kill me, that I hadn't realized how stressed about it I was. I actually felt my shoulders drop!

I'm not sure I can express the enormity of the difference it makes. Having immediate access to the substance that could stop the life threatening symptoms, without having to expose myself even more, is life changing. I could say it's comparable to being lost at sea, and finally seeing the coast guard steaming t'word you, and finally knowing, "you're going to be o.k."

I haven't injected myself, yet. But knowing that it's there... huge. I finally have regained a sense of peace, and safety!

O' I know I'll still have exposures, horrible pain and disability, but "way," not as bad. This is HUGE!

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