Friday, April 15, 2011

Sand and "Street Cred"

I injected myself for the first time this morning. It was surprisingly easy. I hardly needed any "sand" or fortitude at all. I gathered all the supplies, rested, and began opening the sterile packages... The chemicals they used to sterilize the syringes it's self was toxic and came wooshing out of the package. Got a bit of a headache from that.

When I opened the needle, I was a bit non-plussed. It was an 18 Gage and looked a bit like I'd be inserting a pencil into my vein. O.K., not literally, but I won't even use an 18 Gage on my cattle, intra-muscularly. It hurts them too much. Luckily for me Rich, my RN, had given me a 23 gage butterfly needle, with tube, so I could find the right kind. I used it.

Went right in perfectly. I'd watched 8 nurses training videos on YouTube. Well, I didn't do everything perfectly. I'd stuck the tape too far away. When I reached to get it, the needle came out. I mopped that up and reinserted a little above the first insertion site. I'd also stuck the tape to my arm this time, so I could pull it acrossed the needle with my fingers, without letting go. The rest was easy. Of course, now I have two marks... We (those of us who get regular infusions) used to joke at the Dr. Office "street cred."

I've spent the rest of the morning trying to find a supply of the right kind of needles. My compounding pharmacist doesn't carry them. I finally found one, I just need to get a Rx for the supplies. Sheesh. It shouldn't be so complicated!

Next injection will be left handed, I'll have to try taping the syringe to my arm so I'm not fumbling with it. I'll have to do left handed exercises to improve my dexterity and coordination on that side. The accuracy of the stick is going to be the hardest part. Maybe now the uphill climb, to get better, will be easier!!

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