Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Stalker

Well, I guess you're wondering were I went. I have a stalker, so I'm too preoccupied to write much on "How I Got This Way." But, let me vent about this guy...

My stalker, undoubtaby, is the same knuckle dragger that's been harassing me since I rejected his advances. Apparently, it's classic stalker profiling. They are so insecure they can't even stand the perceived rejections. You know, like some other kid being chosen over their kid for a part in the play or a spot on a team. Well, as I just recently wrote, I turned down the adulterous advances of a particular slime bag. You know, so many people along the way have asked me "why would someone do that?" referring to the multiple atrocities that he's perpetrated against me all these years. I've always said, "He's evil."

When I read the stalker profile, on the federal web sight, it was a perfect fit. I'm amazed law enforcement didn't put it together, sooner. But, the web sight said that too. Law enforcement doesn't often get it, until it escalates to a really dangerous situation.

The other thing that I've been saying to law enforcement about "Creepy" is that it doesn't matter what I do, it just makes him angrier. If I ignore him, it makes him mad, and he escalates. If I react, it makes him escalate. Everything makes him escalate. (Classic abuser.) well, apparently the reactions of any kind are what gets the stalker off. The ignoring him is another rejection. The stalker becomes obsessed with the victim until he fails to function socially, but spends all of his time focusing on getting revenge.

I should start by saying that for the last 6-9 months I've been smelling perfume in the yard, like someone was dumping it around where I potty the dogs, south of the house. I've also smelled pine scented air fresheners. So, while I don't know exactly what set this guy off, here's the most recent pattern of escalation:

Cheryl & Mike came on the 20th. To shear a couple of their sheep. Mr. Evil was watching us, once he got home from work, after 3:00. Cheryl & Mike left then. I took the dogs out to potty, south of the house, and north to do their big job. I'd started taking them on the north side because they had used up all te space on the south side. Creepy was watching. That time Rose did her business right in front of our big John Deere. Mr. evil was leaning against the corner of his shed, with is arms crossed, making sure I could see him. Part of his intimidation thing. I ignored him, and never looked directly at him. He and his son watched us.

Then a few days later, I woke up at 5:00 a.m. With a really bad pituitary headache. When I took the dogs out to potty, I only took them to the south side because I wasn't feeling well. It was a weekend so Ron was home, and I try to do yard work when he's here, or help with things outside. Every time I went out that morning my eyes would burn, and I'd get really nauseous. So I quit going out. Late afternoon I tried again, I was feeling better. My eyes didn't burn so I took the dogs to the north. As I approached the John Deere I could smell insecticide. It smelled like Raid. I immediately backed up and went and got Ron. He could smell it, too. He checked carefully and determined it was on the tractor!

Over the next week as I changed poo locations to avoid the insecticide, the new locations would show up with pesticide. I just kept changing spots everyday, so there wasn't a pattern. I do have one pattern, and that is at I take the dogs out for one last time before I go to bed, between 9:30 & 10.

One May first, Sonia was complaining about 5:00 a.m. So I got up and looked out the window. I couldn't believe my eyes. It looked like Dan was just coming out of the corral. Lottie was right on his heels. Ron and I both jumped into our clothes and went outside to catch them up. I couldn't believe it. Mariah was no where to be seen. But it didn't make any sense. How could Mariah get out, and Lottie, who never leaves her side, not? Well, I was following tracks, to figure what happened. There wasn't a lot of activity. Normally a horse hangs around, runs back and forth, leaves at least half a dozen poo piles,... Only two. I also noticed a cigarette butt. I thought maybe one of Ron's associates dropped it, so at hat time, I didn't give it another thought.

The tracks, shortly led right out to the road, heading south. Ron took the four wheeler to go find her. She was no where in sight. That's also unusual. Horses are creatures of habit. At breakfast time, they want to be were breakfast is served. That's why you've heard that horses "return to the barn." Normally, they stay in the same area and race about, getting into as much trouble and lush feed as possible. We had tons, but she was gone.

Ron found her. She was a half mile away. She was unharmed. We remarked that it was odd, and puzzled about how she could have gotten out. Ron was sure he correctly latched the gate, but couldn't swear to it. I suspicioned that someone must have taken her out, then incorrectly latched it behind her, which would have accounted for the other two remaining in until sunrise and then seeing the gate unlatched. Ron thought I was paranoid. Except that the next morning, on the south side of the hous, right where I potty the dogs, there was a clear sign made in the gravel. I ( Someone wanted me to know that they were watching me, knew what I was doing, could reach out and hurt me, anytime, anywhere and that they could come on my property and I couldn't stop them.

Sunday of this week, the insecticide was west of the old van, in the grass. I told Ron about it the next day. Then on Tuesday I took Ron to the airport at 5:30 in the morning and returned home at 7:30. I'm sure that Mr. Evil noticed. He keeps a pretty close eye on everything I do. When I went out to get the mail, later that day, there were a couple of cigarette butts in front of my mail box. Again, I thought it may be a litterbug, except there was pesticide on the right of way, in a line from the mailbox to my front porch. It's not the way I usually go to collect the mail, but I had walked there the day before. That night, when I went out to potty the dogs after dark, around 9:00 sometime, I smelled cigarette smoke. I did not go out before bedtime.

When I went out Wednesday, there were 9 cigarette butts in front of the mailbox. That shook me up, pretty bad. As much as the sign in the gravel. It was a message. I emailed Deputy Evans. I have not heard back from her. So, I collected 3 of the butts, with gloves and placed them in an evidence bag. Then I called and left her a message. I pottied the dogs at dusk and did not go out again until daylight. I turned every outdoor light on that night. The place was lit up like a show boat. I made periodic checks out darkened windows from 8:00 to mid night and from 4:30 until daylight. I couldn't see anyone. The next day, there were two butts. I emailed Deputy Evans again. No response. I followed the same precautions that night. Friday morning, 3 butts, behind the tree, in the shadow. I called and filed a complaint, and asked for a deputy to visit me. Nothing so far. Again I repeated my safety precautions. I checked. I didn't see anyone. This morning, seven more butts. This time they were south of the mailbox, by the end of the driveway. I checked at 5:00. Before Mr. Evil drove to work, because people suggested he was tossing them out of his vehicle when he drove by. There were 7 more butts. I called and reported this too. The national Stalker Database says to call and report every incident, no matter how small, and remind the dispatcher of all the proceeding incidents. Still no deputy has called or come out. Dave and his family came by, they checked out the butts...

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