Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spring Sprang Into Summer and I Was Very Nearly Unseated

Whew! What a busy time. Last I left you Ron had flown back to Indiana to help our daughter move back home and I was being stalked. The stalker was leaving cigarette butts which stopped a few days after Ron returned.

Since that time we've been working hard to get the addition completed so my daughter and her husband will have a home of their own to live in while she's working in the area. After all, who wants to live with their mother, or mother-in-law? My son-in-law, Justin hasn't been transferred yet, so he's still back in Indy. Just so you know, the addition is on the shop. Originally and eventually, it will be the office, workroom, barn laundry/restroom, kitchenettes and tack room. In the interim, for this short term job, it will make a nice, temporary "house." They will have a living room, bedroom, laundry/bathroom, kitchen and dining area. Is it completed? No. Still a long way to go. It's difficult when it's mostly just Ron doing the work. I can't anymore. The majority of its toxic, and it's spray season. I end up being locked inside a great deal of the time. I've been able to help occasionally, screwing siding on, standing walls, that kind of thing. But until Justin and Ryan get here, it's slow going.

Ryan comes home today. Finally, we have both children graduated from college! Ryan has several applications out. The economy is slow to recover. Ryan has several companies that want to hire him, just that until they pick up jobs, they can't afford to. In the meantime, he can work for us, both for the firm and on the farm. Hopefully we can get a bunch of stuff done before he gets an offer.

Amazingly, I still haven't got the sheep sheared yet! It's been wet and windy. It's at the top of my list. I don't think it's ever gone this long. I'm anxious to get it done so I can thin my herd. I need to get it more equitable for Ron. He shouldn't have to do 'my chores.'

Doing my IVs at home is helping quite bit. I'm definitely benefitting from not getting exposed at the Dr.s office. Hopefully this will be a great year of recovery.

Oh, and yesterday, there was another stupid cigarette butt. Obviously I'm spending too much time outside with the dogs, and having too much fun...

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