Thursday, August 4, 2011

How I Got This Way, Part 6c, Livestock Problems

Part 6c

This year, no adjacent melon farming. The melon farmer and his crews left every field he'd rented wasted, full of black plastic, garbage, weeds and human excrement. Every neighbor is pissed, except the Evils, but Mr. Smart is down wind of the 'Evils' and doesn't want the stuff blowing in on him. The Evils want to keep on Mr. Smarts good side.

Smokey Rose goes off her feed. She's straining and hunching. I call the vet. He determines a bacterial infection. We treat w/enema, molasses, nutrients and he says 2oz of PPG as a laxative. This year I have retired the remaining 3 ewes that I started ths program with. They will just be fiber producers from here on out.

3-5-08 Lily begins labor, first lamb breech. 1 ram, 2 ewes. All lively and well. On the 6th, Mel has 2 ewe lambs on the field by herself.

Sunny died On the 7th. There had been two toxic episodes last week & one on Thursday that made me sick. I must assume that Sunny's death was due to those, as he sickened and died following those events. Also, Smokey Rose seems to have reabsorbed her lambs, and is no longer pregnant.

The Evils had begun a program of unannounced 2,4D spraying that I will address more when I review my journals. I'm including this note here because it resulted in an animal death, that was heart breaking. They sprayed when my husband was out of town, knowing that it would imprison me in my home for 8 days. On May 10th, during the imprisonment, I look out the back widow and discover Lyra, one of my female llamas, down on the pasture. I watch her for some time with binoculars. Not even an ear twitch. I can't get out. It's so toxic, it's life threatening. I assume she's dead. I cry in helpless rage and sorrow. When Ron returns he finds she's still alive. She's paralyzed. As I'd experienced paralysis from these chemicals I should have thought of that and kicked myself. She dies that day.

We were having another summer with pink eye problems. This time the 2,4-D is being applied weekly by the e
'Evils,' not for agricultural purposes, but in retaliation. One of the twin calves, who we named Zoid, as she had a trapezoid shaped patch on her face, got it so bad, she has to have the eye shot treatment. Her twin ends up needing the treatment too. Another cow had twins and one her calves needed the treatment, as does 119's calf.

Ron helps me with feet trimming on Oct., 9. Mr. Evil runs out of his house, fires up his diesel tractor and parks it idling as close to us as the fence allows. On the 12th when we are finishing up sheep Mr. Evil runs out and lights a fire burning railroad ties. When I go inside he puts it out. When I come back out, he dumps accelerant on it and gets it going again. (these notes were in my farm journal, I'll forget them later when reading my other journals, so I included them.) I had to quit, go in and Ron had to finish my chores.

On 10/24/08 Shana my loving, quiet pom died. She'd been showing all the classic signs of stomach cancer for the past couple of months. The research shows a higher incidence of cancer in dogs that are exposed to 2,4-D. 2,4-D is heavy and travels along the ground. Smaller dogs are more prone to contracting cancer as they are breathing in the pesticide zone. I have research on 2,4-D applications that shows adverse effets within an average of 500' from the application site. Children and small dogs are most at risk.

11-2-08 Smokey Rose died with the return of the same hunched posture that the vet couldn't really identify and suggested was a bacterial infection. I think it was just pesticide poisoning, plain and simple.

1-4-09 Mel is standing hunched up. This time I treat the ewe as though she has a toxic injury. I had learned that selenium is a major part of the glutathione cycle. I give her 2cc Bo-Se and 5 cc of B Complex, and brewer's yeast. She recovers.

4-5-09 Mel has 3 lambs. 1st one, extra lrg, and dead. Next 2 healthy. (2,4-D is also an endocrine system disruptor. So I'm not surprised we continue to have problems.) On the 8th Lily has 2 lambs by herself.

On 4-12-09 PGG Agronomy, a spray company, sprays Husky on the Evils back field, adjacent to the field where Lottie the mule and Bullwinkle are. The next day Lottie colics. On the 28th PGG sprays McColley's and Sproingy, a hereford/angus cow has her calf. It's weak and stressed, though delivery is uneventful.

My filly, Mariah, got injured badly and I'd been sneaking out to doctor her when The Evils were gone at work. On 5-31-09 Mrs. Evil and her kids returned with a truck full of sheep and saw me. The next day when I went out to tend Mariah, after they went to work, I started having symptoms of 2,4-D poisoning. Spinal swelling, skin itching and burning, porphyria, severe headache, eye balls burning and swollen, etc....

10/14 was out sorting ewes and ram's for breeding, one of the Evils ran out and started spraying with their 4 wheeler. I got sick.

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