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How I Got This Way - Part 6d, Livestock Problems

Part 6d

In 2010 we discovered the neighbor to our SW and and a neighbor directly across the road from us were both contracting with Pioneer to do test plots for GMO corn. They use chemicals with organophosphates, 2,4-D, dicamba and round-up. Test plots use a lot of pesticide. But there are fewer applications, and most follow lambing seaon. Here's the animal results...

On 03-15-10 I discover that Lily has a stuck lamb. He's been stuck for a week. She didn't have any signs of labor. I just happened to see a little bit of bloody discharge, so I checked her. (Remember, I've become much more "invasive" after the weird things that have been going on.) I pulled it, it was septic, and a little spotty ewe lamb.

Checked the other ewes and found Cheryl's Ewe-nice had a stuck lamb as well. Pulled it, black ram, and a second lamb (a white ewe).

03-16-10 the ewe, 10 of 07, has a large ram lamb on the field. I give Lily B complex and note after birth is still not delivered. I manipulate the afterbirth, to encourage it to release, put in a second uterine bolus and give her penicillin for the sepsis.

03-18-10 Lily is declining. She's off her feed. I give feed supplements and more penicillin. She's bleeding, clotting and shaking. One of our neighbors puts down fertilizer on both his place, to the south, and the Evils, (which he's renting). Fertilizer contains a number of toxic "inert ingredients." Lily dies. 1 of 09 has a broken leg. Ron casts it. No apparent reason.

03-23-10 I take Jessie, my son's German shepherd, out to potty and smell insecticide. It smells like Raid.
03-25-10 the ewe, 2 of 08, has a blk ewe lamb, and a second ram lamb, an hour later.

03-26-10, 4 of 08 has a ram and a ewe an hour & fifteen minutes apart. Ron's out working on the fence between us and the Evils, during this time, and Mr. Evil runs over to the fence, brandishing a hammer and threats to "come over the fence and beat (Ron) to death with it." Mr. Evil flies his remote control plane over our farm.

03-27-10 Mel delivers two ram's and a ewe by herself.

03-30-10 Ron notes Mr. Evil sprayed right of way.

03-31-10 take Beege (our German Shorthair) out to potty, and smell heavy chemical smell.
04-11-10 I'm out shearing llama's. Mr. Evil flies his remote control plane over our property, over me, dive bombing me.

04-16-10 shearing Phillip, Cheryl's ram and discover he has massive hard cysts.

04-19-10 working outside, smell petroleum/spray.

05-1-10 Ron works cattle, treats 2 for mange. Mange is due to parasitic mites. Remember parasites infest animals that are Immuno supressed. I should note, we feed premium alfalfa all winter, until the pasture is back up in the spring. They aren't stressed due to lack of good feed... Treats all cattle with "pink eye vac" the vet recommended (Ron uses a different vet than I do and tends to treat "allepathically" they are assuming the pink eye is a virus.)

05-29-10 Ryan notices Rambini (Rambo's son that I saved as a replacement ram) has labored breathing. We decide it must be more paracite problems and reluctantly give Ivamec. Ivamec all ram's.

07-3-10 Rambini having trouble again, Ron gives B shot.

07-08-10, Cheryl comes and we lance and drain Phillips cysts again.

07-11-10 Cheryl's lamb, from Ewe-nice laying down and not eating or drinking. Give B and Ivamec drench. Gets better by next day.

07-13-10 I'm outside doing animals and a yellow spray plane flies over at less than 200' - remember the minimum, unless they are spraying, is 500'. Treating Cheryl's lamb still, looks like it was nose bots and heat stress. Yellow and black plane comes back and sprays Cleaver's field, 1/2 mile down the road. I note that he begins his discharge over Carpenters. Spray engulfs their house and yard. The wind speed is over 10 M.P.H. It's against the law to apply in conditions were it will drift, wind speeds over 10 M.P.H. Are drift conditions.

07-24-10 treat all sheep with Ivamec drench for parasites and note problem's connection to excessive pesticide use from previous 3 weeks. One lamb drops dead following treatment. One a few hours later. (those spray application notes are on my calendars, not necessarily noted in my farm journals).

09-01-10, Shmookie's calf, 2 of 9 has very small, weak calf premature. Dies next day. We also find a dead rat in the field.... Very odd.

09-05-10 Ron treats youngest heifer's for pink eye. (despite "vaccination")

09-06-10 Ron treats Sproingy, (cow) w/eyeball shot for pinkeye.

09-13-10 Ron retreats all cattle for pink eye.

I decide that animals are to run down because of spraying, and have too many health problems. I chose not to breed this year to give all ewes a rest.

11-18-10 Ryan discovers ewe lamb, 3 of 10 dead on pasture.

11-20-10 we move sheep to smaller pasture closer to house. All have signs of mineral deficiency and not thriving. Boost minerals and start grain.

11-22-10 Blizzard

11-23-10 Ewe lamb, 1 of 10 down on pasture. We give her B, probiotics and bring her into shop. We give her extra hay & combo.

11-24-10 she dies.

11-26-10 more sheep come down with diarrhea. We treat all with kaopectate & probiotics. Sheep recover.

12-15-10 our cow, 02 is feeling poorly. Standing hunched and not eating. We bring her in give her anti biotics, probiotics, extra feed, grain w/ brewers yeast & C.

12-23-10, 02 appears recovered. We turn her out.

12-30-10, 02 relapses, we bring her back in and put her back on the treatment. All lambs have diarrhea.


01-08-11 Cheryl's lamb not moving, we bring it in. Begin treatment include "Cellfood" and lamb starter.

01-13-11 lamb keeps improving then relapsing, take in fecal sample. Vet prescribes worm drench. Ron give antibiotic, too. Ron also gives 02 worm Meds.

01-15-11 on vets recommendation worm whole herd. Lamb gets worse. I begin regular probiotics and lamb recovers. Starts eating again. Ron gives selenium to lamb and cow. Cheryl's other lamb starts to fail. Ron gives more penicillin to first lamb.

01-16-11 Cheryl's first lamb dies. Too weak for treatment. 02 dies a week later, I forgot to write it in my journal.

This year, the neighbor on our SW contracts again with Pioneer. It's a different field, further away: GMO corn.

06-03-11 Rambini dead this morning. He was fine the day before. I found him. He had blood running from his eyes & nose. They'd sprayed the evening before.

06-21-11, 09 has bull calf. He has one incomplete eye.

That is the completion of all the relevant farm journal entries to date. My next task will be to review my spray notification calendars and edit them in to the livestock journal entries. I think you'll begin to see an even more obvious pattern emerging...

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