Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rosie, Service Dog Update

So Rosie is now almost a year old. While she is ready for her Canine Good Citizen certification, AKC doesn't do Fragrance Free events... Not quite up to ADA standards. I have spoken to them about it, but I've given them some time to mull it over and haven't recontacted them yet. Its on my list.

I finally was able to get an e-version of Teamwork II, by Stewart Nordenson, for training your own service dog. Stewart was disabled himself and the book is excellent! You can get an e copy of Teamwork and Teamwork II directly from or Amazon. Well worth the price!!

Rosie now puts away clean laundry: she's working on putting away dirty laundry. She can remove sox, retrieve items, like phone, pens, remotes. She's working on "find Help." She can find Ron, Justin and Alex if they are nearby. We will be working on this more in the "Find Help" catagory. For that she will bring them back to me. She alerts to fragrance, and if I'm crashing. She backs, holds, takes, gives, waits, stays, heals, gets, comes front, sits, downs and finds. She of course stays out of the kitchen unless asked in, and lays down next to me quietly when eating. We will be working on Under so she can go under tables at restuarants, not that we'll use it, but she'll need to do that to pass any test we take.  She differentiates between sox, ball, squirrel (a toy), and phone. She also braces and pulls. We are working on closing doors and drawers, as well as putting things in various places by command, like hand, lap, drawer. We will also be working on pick up clothes to hand to me on days I'm so swollen I can't retrieve anything I drop on the floor, or so she can pull up pants.  we will also work on removing pants. All these things sure make painful, swollen days a lot easier!

Top Dog does certify service dogs. Its Not required, but my one concern about them is that they require spayed or neutered. No exceptions. I'm not sure I want to spay. I don't want puppies, its just that dogs are healthier if they keep the organs that God designed them with. Surgeries are toxic.  I want to keep her as healthy as possible. Since I don't go anywhere. Its not so much an issue. I understand why dogs that go into public need to be spayed, but I can't go into public. I'm going to mull that one over for a while... If I do spay, it will be around 2 years of age when she's fully developed, and only a partial. I haven't got the Rabies vac yet. Still looking for one with out adjuvants. They are hugely toxic, and she had that bad reaction to Parvo/distemper.

oh, yeah, she's started on pheasant retrieval, and sheep herding... Here's a couple more pics. ;^) One with her buddy, Jessie.

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