Monday, October 17, 2011

Summer Summery

Sorry I left you for so long. For awhile I had both my children home and my son-in-law. We were juggling farm work, surveying, water rights and moving Ryan out of his college house, as well as prepping it for the next renters and property repairs. Ryan was looking for work while living with us, and in case you don't remember, my daughter and son-in-law moved back in, while she works a temporary research position nearby. I, as the mother, farm/office manager orchestrate the whole thing. I feel very much like a conductor. Or perhaps the ringleader at a circus.

For a while there, I was doing all the cooking, cleaning and dishes. It had to stop. It was too much. So I commanded a rotating schedule. That worked well but there are so many changes, that it keeps getting upset. It's still in effect, however, I'm doing a lot more cooking because everyone comes and goes except me. I'm also,doing more of the dishes. The only person that rivals me for "sink front time" is my son-in-law, Justin. It's been pretty darnhectic. Alex and Ron leave for work early and get back late. Ryan and Justin did farming and surveying in the mornings. Justin works for a shipping company, so he works swing, and Ryan would do engineering and water rights, as well as submit resemés, during all other hours.

I certainly got a close up view of the difficulty of finding a job in this economy! I watched my highly qualified son apply for hundreds of jobs. Not having a real job, as opposed to working for his parents, was tearing him up. Not having a job bugs me too. So I understand how the unemployed feel. I'd love a job, but the injustices and limitations of this disability forced me out of the job market. I still keep looking for something that could accommodate my disability.

Even with all the extra work that having more bodies in the house brings, I still thought I'd be better now. After all, I do get lots of help. You remember that I was giving myself IVs, so I dn't have to get exposed at the Dr.s? That works great. The kids- [3 adults :^)   ]  have been a tremendous help. They've taken over all the grocery shopping and much of the household shopping. They run all the errands for both Ron and I. The boys have cleaned up huge amounts of the Farm, and Alex collects my organic produce from a nearby organic producer. That's been great!

So what's the problem? It's me! The better I feel, the more I want to do and the harder I push. Of course, that leads to exposures and wearing myself out. I told you that Alex was picking up produce, right? I canned 10 canner loads of salsa, and the same of stewed tomatoes. Justin was my chopper. He's better than a dice-o-matic. He'd do the jalapeños and onions before going to work. Yep, more energy, because I have more help, equals more that I try to get done. And since Alex was here and loves cherry pie as much as her father, the two of them built scarecrows and netted the cherry trees (something that I used to do, but can't because the orchard is by the Evils property line.) They did it so the magpies couldn't get them all. She and I processed cherries for days! Justin helped.

Justin hadn't learned to cook before he married my daughter, and she didn't have time to teach him while writing her thesis, so now that there's a rotation, I'm teaching him to cook. We're calling him "the man of a thousand fish dishes." He loves salmon and we have tons, as Ron loves to hunt and fish. Because he works evenings, he normally cooks one day a weekend. Justin is turning out some really tasty and creative dishes. His hollandaise sauce is incredible!

At one point I was feeling so much better that I started up a weaving project I'd begun and had to put down a year ago. I was doing it in those little time bites that we break everything into. The important part was that I had the brains back to do it again. That's one of the ways I measure my progress- how much and what I can create. It doesn't take a whole lot of mental health to get the laundry run. It takes a great deal more to figure out a pattern and warp up a loom. Yeah! I was doing pretty good. *read that with a smug smile on my face.*

Part of my recovery has been the fact that I haven't had hardly any trouble with Mr. Evil. You see, both my boys are big. They both have powerful chests and shoulders. Mr. Evil is a bully and a coward. (I posted this pic, so you can see how big they are. Sheep shearing was another activity that I love and got to do again with their help! Such a wonderful summer!) Anyway, Mr. Evil has hardly bothered me at all. Only when no one else was around, and that's not very often. Of course, I still had Jessie (Ryan's German Shepard x husky) and Rose is almost a year. They've helped deter Mr. Evil from his malicious behavior.

But, all that activity takes its toll. September was a whirl wind! Ryan secured a job in Texas, and he started making arrangements to move down there. His girlfriend flew up to PDX at the end of the month, and after they visited the coast, they came over here so that we could meet her. She's the one. Poor child... Jumping head first into a toxin free family? cold turkey! well the girl has chutzpah!

So that was a huge deal, and we only had a week to prepare, once they decided she was coming. It was also the weekend before her birthday, so we wanted to honor her with a birthday celebration. My daughter, Alex made up a desert some time lat year and her husband named it. It's called, "Chocolate Cheesecake Squares of Fatness." It is so good. We made that in honor of Michele's birthday. They arrived, were here for a day, and then were gone. Michele, Ryan and Jessie, drove off into the rising darkness. Both Ron and I cried. Ron had moved Alex, when she left for Indiana. So he was able to feel like she was "safe," because he'd installed her. This time, his son wanted to be independent. Ron had to remain behind. Both things, Ryan leaving, and Ron out there roofing a porch through his tears, nearly broke my heart, again. It was a toxically hard weekend as well. Though Michele and Ryan tried very hard to help her be fragrance free, it wasn't doable in one week. I received some pretty big exposures.

Mid week after they left, someone had a chemical/petroleum spill up wind of me. It hit me at the back door when I was returning from potting Rosie and Sonya. Whatever it was started me hemoraghing. About that time we found out that the professors were coming for opening of pheasant season. Ah, our beloved professors. Only two came this year. It was a wonderful social event for me but I still got more exposures. The accumulation had my glutathione so used up, despite the shots, that I nosedived this last weekend, over an additional exposure. The crash was pretty bad. I ran through every trick I knew, even an extra shot, and it barely knocked it down. I am back to being grounded to my chair for a while.

I've noticed I either live life, or I write about it. I haven't seemed to be able to balance it yet. It has been a busy, glorious summer. I'm glad I found a few minutes to write you about it. Hopefully, I'll write you all about Rosie's progress and get on my desk top computer to add some pictures real soon. Bye for now!

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