Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Weekend That's Actually a Weekend

This morning, I actually have a weekend that's like a normal weekend. I get to relax!

O.k. That didn't last. I just got a call from my daughter, her flight was cancelled. LOL

WEll, I was going to write that "Though I love my family, they all happen to be gone this weekend, and I was luxuriating in the thought of a much needed rest." Since my daughter is coming back home and flying out tomorrow, and the guys are returning tomorrow, looks like there will be no languishing for me!!

Ever noticed that in your lives? It seems that our lives, these days are filled up with more and more nitpicky paperwork, that we must do. Errands that we must run. Stuff that demands our attention and never lets us settle for even a few minutes. It's a bit more amplified for TIs, as we get so freaking exhausted we don't even want to get up and pee, but I see it's the same for so many normals. Just yesterday I was posting on Mercola and a dear friend there went from 16 points to 0, for her comment. She was non-plussed. I was too, so I re-read it to see what could possibly be so offensive. She was advocating home cooked meals and how little time it takes...

I actually think it may have been people that were so overhwhelmed already, rushing back and forth, that knew home cooked, organic, unprocessed food would be better for them and their families, but bought premade anyway, and that made them feel guilty, when they saw it in print. I felt saddened. They must feel trapped.

I hear from a lot of TIs that know doing things from scratch would be healthier, but don't feel they have the energy to spare, in order to start the from scratch cooking. I have as one of my "nudge along projects" a thirty minute cookbook. So I thought I'd put a recipe here for all of you to put into your weekly meal rotation. Steve Brown wrote, "Understanding the Ancestral Diet...(for dogs)" and in it he advocates (at least) one day feeding balanced raw. He talks about how much it will benefit your dog. So I figure, if you serve an easy homemade, organic meal at least one night a week, it will benefit you! So here's a recipe...

This stew is named for a line in the musical "Seven Brides for Seven Brother's" starring Howard Keel and Jane Powell, Jane's character responds to Howard's when he asks her to pass the ketchup for her stew, "My stew can stand on its own two feet!" This one can't. My husband loves ketchup, and puts it on everything. So I gave up and just put it there to begin with. It's one of his favorites and makes this soooo easy to fix!

pre-heat oven to 350* F. Feeds 4 big eaters

1-1.5 lbs. Organic, grass fed lamb burger or stew meat
2 C. Chopped organic sweet onion
5-7 lrg. Diced organic garlic cloves
3 chopped stalks organic celery
5 peeled, sliced organic carrots
1/2 - 1 lrg. Chunked organic red cabbage (depends on how much room in your casserole you have! Mine's 2.5 quarts)
1/2. C. Annie's Naturals Organic Ketchup, twice.(always check the label to make sure it stays organic, and additive free.)
Salt & pepper

In a large ceramic covered casserole place the first 6 ingredients in order of appearance. Cover with 1/2 cup ketchup and season with salt & pepper, from your shaker. Don't over do it!
Cover and place in the pre-heated oven. Bake for 30 min. Remove from oven, stir, cover with remaining ketchup. Replace lid and bake for another 30 min. Remove, stir, you're ready to serve.

Dinner smells delicious and you've spent less than thirty minutes in the kitchen. :-) I really hope that makes at least one day in your life healthier and better.

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