Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Venture

My son moved to Texas. His girlfriend is from there. They are talking of getting married...

I realized she will want to have the wedding near her family and friends. That's right. That's the way it should be. When I realized it a terrible pang shot through my heart like a ragged splinter through the heel of your hand. Housebound. How can I go? I can't survive restaurants, public restrooms, or hotels. I can't fly. Too much fragrance, cleaning chemicals and pesticide. To not be able to attend my son's wedding would kill me... That's what started this new venture.

I knew that if I was going to get to go, I'd have to take my safe zone with me. I needed a motorhome. If I could find a clean, used motor home, and modify it for my needs, I could go. I have at least until May. My son won't have vacation until then. Originally, they were planning for next October, but I don't think they want to wait that long. So, I'm beginning my search now!

I started looking this weekend and found one locally. The wife was TI so she no longer uses fragrance. It was just very weathered on the outside, but fairly nice on the inside. It could be made to work. There were several things I think it needs, that this one didn't have. I'm going to keep looking.

My criteria have morphed a bit since I started. I began looking a B class. Small, handlable. It would have everything I needed, almost. It wouldn't have a full shower, or washer/dryer. If I'm going to use it past this event, it needed to be bigger. So I looked at Jayco C class. Jayco has made a lot of non-toxic components and works at keeping VOC levels down. Their C class don't come with washer dryer hook ups, either. So I started looking at A class. Wow, are they big. I don't think I'll be comfortable driving one. I want to be independent, and that looks like it could be intimidating on bad days... But I looked at them anyway; they are so luxurious!

Today I found out that if something goes wrong with the engine, on a class A, they open up the hatch between the front seats and work on it inside the motorhome space. That won't work. I would be unable to access it for 2-3 months. So I am back to C class. C class are constructed on a truck cab and the engine is "under the hood." that will work better for me. I decided that if I looked at 90s vintage they should be outgassed.

The other things I need, convection/microwave. I can't do propane or gas, cooking or heat. A solar charger and inverter. The onan generators aren't going to be an option for me either. Then there's that washer/dryer... I won't be able to access laundromats; too much residual fragranced laundry products. I couldn't wear my clothes if I used a laundromat. I also need it to have been non-smoking, non-pesticided pets and non-fragranced. That may seem like an impossible wish list, but I'm encouraged...

I surfed Craig's list and found 3 different dealers that were either TI, themselves, had a family member who was or their detailer was TI. They use only non-toxics, to clean the vehicles. They are all in different parts of the region, so they will all be keeping a look out for me. :-) This could work!

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