Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beef Tongue

I cooked the beef tongue tonight. It's been a long time since I've done one. I can't even remember the last time. It must be lost to the brain damage. I remember the time when I first made it for my husband. I remember how easy it was to peel the skin. But darn if I could remember how I did it. That memory is completely gone.

So I read up on it. I read my "Joy of Cooking." Mostly she boils 'em. My mom blanched, peeled and roasted 'em. I did too. I wanted to do that, not boiled. So I looked on the net. Most of those recipes were for boiled as well. I went back to "Joy." there was one brief notation on baking it, with a creole sauce... Let's do that!

Well, obviously the directions in Joy were not the ones I used to use. The skin did not come off. It could have been because I didn't let it cool enough. But, it wasn't getting any easier, as I worked at it, so I'm guessing, "NOT," I decided it was a good time to practice my skinning skills, anyway. They've gotten rusty as I haven't been hunting since before I got pesticided. I sharpened up my knife real good, and set to work. Maybe I should have not sharpened it... Anyway, two nasty slices and 4 band-aides later I had the job done. The dogs were excited. They got skin & trimmings. I included the really fatty parts under the tongue. The rest I thinly sliced, put in a casserole and poured a jar of home canned lime and garlic salsa over the top. Modified "creole sauce." I dashed in a few tasty herbs and a dribble of molasses and tucked it in the oven. It smelled heavenly and tasted delicious. Though, next time I'll cook it slower and on lower heat... Not as tender as I like. Alex said it was fine. I must have got all the chewy pieces!

Two nights ago I made oxtail soup. It is the best tasting meat, with a rich and nourishing broth, thick with cabbage, carrots and onions. Justin has never had ox tail or tongue. Alex didn't remember having tongue. I still can't remember when I lat made it. Of course, if she was at school, she wouldn't have known. Though, I can't imagine me not telling them what it was! GFETE

That takes care of all the fresh meat, from our recent butchering. Tonight, as soon as Ron finishes eating, we'll grind and wrap the belly scrap that Justin brought in, then we'll be done until its hung long enough. Looks like we'll be cutting the first quarter, Christmas weekend. I think we'll leave a T-bone steak out for Santa this year. GFETE

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