Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Most People Don't Want To Hear It.

It is true, so many of the people that I blog to, on other sites, and even those in my life, don't want to hear it. That just blows me away! I mean really?! How can you protect yourself against the unknown. You can't. If you are ignoring or running away from your enemies or problems, you are vulnerable. You can't defend yourself. If you face them, you can fight them.

They tell me they are "overwhelmed" by ALL the things I tell them are toxic. Don't they get it? Their bodies are being overwhelmed by all those toxic things! I don't know how to proceed. I make them uncomfortable and they, in so many ways, want to shush me. They want to stop the flow of bad news. But, that's not going to stop the bad news from coming, or from destroying their lives.

So many people hear my story and because I'm sick from big exposures, assume that the toxins won't harm them. They don't get that I, among the TI, am in the minority. The majority of TIs can't tell you what injured them! They became TI by multiple small daily exposures to what are considered everyday products...!!! They were sickened so gradually that they didn't recognize that there was even anything wrong, until one day they realized just how very bad it was. Some struggled along, obliviously suffering, for decades!

Unfortunately for those who's injuries occur like this, there is less help or validation of their condition. They are the ones that suffer the most with the "it's all in your head" accusations.

How many of you, out there, don't think you're TI? How many of you have acid reflux? That is due to toxic injury. How about arthritis?- also recognized as a TI. Muscle aches and pains? ED? Fertility problems? Ulcers? Gout? Headaches? Asthma, allergies, dry flakey skin, diabetes? ALL toxic injuries. Slowly and insidiously they pile up. Until one day you begin to notice that certain perfumes are bothering you. You find yourself selecting fragrance free laundry products because "the fragrances conflict." Keep deceiving yourself... Then you find yourself avoiding the fragranced aisles in stores or cringing when nearing and passing Bath salt stores or Candle stores at the mall... You are chemically hyper-sensitive!!!! But, you'll tell yourself all kinds of things that you'll try hard to believe, in order to convince yourself it's not happening to you... I know you will. I did. So has every other TI I've ever talked to. Eventually, you'll reach the tipping point. You'll be so fricking sick that you can no longer deny it...

That makes me sad! It breaks my heart! That's why I share ALL the crap I know. That's why I try so hard to warn people! I don't want one more person to succumb... But, They. Don't. Want. To. Hear. It.

I'm thinking I should just stop blogging on that other blog. I don't believe in forcing anybody... I've heard from several posters, that they don't want to hear it. I even heard from someone that I thought was a supporter, who in the nicest way, told me he didn't want to hear it. Must be time for me to move on. I'm hoping that I've given some help to people who would have otherwise never have known. I'm hoping that in some way, I've prevented some Toxic injuries. I'm very sad for the lives that will be lost due to obstinacy.

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