Friday, March 30, 2012

If It's Not One Thing...

This has been a heck of a week. On Monday my son-in-law, Justin, got a kidney stone. On Tuesday my husband had to take him to the ER. Later I look out and see someone drilling something on the evil neighbor's field. It's not the usual guy, who works with me and calls me before he puts down chemicals. Mr. Evil rents his property to other farmers. So I call the usual guy and leave him a message asking if he knows anything about who, or what...

I get a call back later. Mr. Evil has rented his field to Jack Bellinger. The same guy who rented property adjacent to mine, all those consecutive years and lied about what he was putting down. Remember his famous statement, "It's just fertilizer." And it wasn't "just" fertilizer! It was fertilizer plus chlorothalonil, the chemical that uptakes cellular glutathione and destroys immune systems. This guy is, in large part, responsible for my disability. This year, they put an irrigation circle on that field, so I know he's going to be there for a long time. That's a big investment. That made me sick to my stomach.

Later that same evening, my son-in-law had to go back into the ER. And I've been caring for him most of the week. if there's one thing I know a lot about, it's being sick. He's doing better today. Finally, poor guy. The stone passed, but the Meds are making him pretty sick.

Today, my daughter & son-in-law are signing a rental agreement on an apartment, and moving out. I don't think they'll get completely moved out this weekend. Justin won't be able to lift anything much for a few days. But my daughter and my husband will move quite a bit. Then when Justin feels better, they can move the big stuff.

Life goes on. I'm not calling Mr. Bellinger, yet. No use starting the antagonism until I need to. He won't like me telling him to inform me of what he puts down again. It won't matter how nicely I say it. He's one of those belligerent people that hates doing anything they are told to, or should. Sigh. I sure wish there was someone in our government that recognised the need for people like me to be protected, and wrote a law that we had to be informed, and that they had to use the least toxic product, that will get the job done. I feel like a sitting duck. And, there is nowhere safer to go. What to do? The last time I went into this, it didn't work out so good...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Texas is a Rabies Active State

Rosie, my service dog, had a severe vaccine reaction with her first parvo/distemper vac. It was given to her the day before I got her, and we nearly lost her 4 days later. So, I didn't give her anymore vacs. She titered out protected for life for parvo/distemper. I don't go anywhere, so I wasn't going to rabies vac her. There's no risk that she would get it. She and I have medical exemptions. The adjuvants could resolve out of the dog and get me, even if she hadn't had a problem, before. It takes two years for them to get out of the dog. I researched this as well. (I guess you can see what's been occupying me, and why I didn't get to posting...)

Anyway, I checked on the state laws between here and my son. Every other state accepts exemptions but Texas. So I called Texas. I talked to the head of the the Zoonosis, Dept. of Health. He advised me to just ignore the law. My problem with that is, what happens if I run into a bigot, in law enforcement? I've had enough personal experience with bigots. Then there's the testimonies of my frends, who are TI. So many of them have been threatened, harmed or harassed by law enforcement. We seem to be "bigot magnets." They come out of the woodwork to harass us. If I did get pulled over by a bigot, they could impound (up to 6 months) my service dog, vac her, and charge me $1000 + costs of boarding. I wouldn't even be able to access her for 2 years. Nor would I be in any condition to argue past the first few minutes. Bad all the way around. So I asked the head of Zoonosis if they recognised exemptions? NO! Titers? NO!

Texas does have a pretty bad rabid fox, coyote, bat and skunk problem. They vac them with an oral vaccine, in bait. I asked him if I could get a dose of that for Rosie... It doesn't have adjuvants (the toxins they put in to elicit a huge response from the subjects immune system, when they use killed virus.) NO! It's not legal to give to pets.

Well that pretty much shot my dreams of attending my son's wedding in the ass!! I depend on my service dog. I can't not have her with me for 10 days. Ten days were I will be getting exposures and will be so swollen and painful I will need her... I was back to attending by Skype. Which breaks my heart. I want to go to my son's wedding!!!!

I cried for a while. I'd heard rumors of a non-toxic vac on line. I'd even gone to a holistic vet to get one. It turns out it was Imrab3 TF. It's thermerisol free. Thermerisol contains 50% liquid mercury. Mercury is a neuro-toxin. It's in most killed vaccines as a preservative. They used gentimycin, an antibiotic, instead. They still use aluminum as an adjuvant. Aluminum is a neurotoxin. So that won't work.

I decided to look for that "non-toxic" rabies vac. My holistic vet told me if I found it, he'd order it for me. I initiated a massive search. I ended up calling every rabies vaccine maker out there and running down every possible lead. There is a less toxic rabies vaccine out there. It's for cats. Too high a precentage of cats were dying of Rabies (vac) Associated Sarcoma (RAS). Cancer at the sight of their rabies injection, due to the adjuvants and toxins used to kill the virus. It's a recombinant (DNA fragmented) live virus on canary pox. It's not legal for dogs. More and more dogs are starting to get RAS, so they are working on a dog Vaccine. It's out there about 5 years away.

I spoke with the Immunologist at Merck. She was a very lovely woman. She confirmed that niether Rosie or I should have anything to do with vacs. And she should be exempt on both counts. She did say it would be 2 years before the adjuvants resolved out of the dog, as well. She was also highly concerned with me being anywhere near a rabies hot spot. Another big, bad dead end. I cried and moped for 24 hrs.

I decided, that perhaps the nice Dr. Of Zoonosis didn't know his ADA mandates very well. I looked up the Texas Department of Disability. They weren't in, but had a link to the Independent Living Resource. I called them. The nice young woman said she'd see what she could do, and to give her a few days. So that's where we are... Waiting.

Anyone else got any ideas? Where o' where is "Walker Texas Ranger" when you need him?

I Want to Go to My Son's Wedding!! :-(

My Son, Ryan, moved to Texas. He plans on getting married there, this year. His Fiancé lives in Texas. So, naturally they'll get married there, where her friends and family are. I want to go.

If you're a regular reader, or TI, you're mind is already thinking of all the barriers. I've been working on it for months. First off, it's 2000 miles. I can't access public spaces; they're all too toxic. Trains, planes, hotels, restaurants, restrooms... All out. That leaves driving. But it's a 3 day trip one way, and I can't arrive in decent shape eating, sleeping and peeing in a car, for 3 days. So, I pulled the TI's old stand-by idea of a converted RV out and dusted it off.

An RV would provide me with a safe place to eat, sleep and take care of bathroom functions. The round trip would be about 10 days. So I started mulling over the logistics. What all would I need to do to convert it? First off, I know I can't do propane gas. So I'd need a convection/microwave to cook. Hmmm, and probably a hot plate, too. I think a couple of extra air purifiers. The space is small, but the likelihood of it getting contaminated is high. I'd definitely need water purifiers on all the faucets. That's easy enough. I'd need a solar charger and converter. I think an extra battery or 2. I need laundry facilities. I can't access laundromats, and if I got exposed, I'd need to clean the clothes as well as myself, or they'd be outgassing toxins. I thought a lot about the sleeping arrangements. Lots of times Ron out gasses stuff he's been exposed to, during the day, at night and we can't sleep together on those nights. So I'd want one with the bed-over-cab for him. I'd prefer leather upholstry, its easier to clean off toxins. However, that's out of my budget. :-(

I did find some beautiful class A's that were affordable. I was very excited. Until I realized that they access the engine from between the front seats. Any time that was opened, petroleum VOCs would contaminate the entire interior. I wouldn't be able to access it for a couple of months. That wouldn't work. So I decided on a Class C. Class C's don't come with washer/dryers, but I did a little reconnesance. I looked at one in a nearby city, that was owned by another TI, and took some measurements. The washer/dryer unit will fit very nicely into the spot where the stove/oven is! I won't need the oven. I can just pull it out and plumb the washer/dryer in to the water & sewer lines under the sink. That should work. I went back and forth on the slide-out issue. I'd love the extra space, but I'd run the risk of contamination, whenever I moved it in or out, and if it didn't seal. There'd also be the concern of deteriorating rubber on the seal. It would outgass, and it could allow VOC leakage. I eventually decided to go with no slides. Optimally, I'd want one from folks who were non-smokers, & fragrance free, and without pets. Not that I have anything against pets. It would just be that they probably used peticide for flea and tick control. That's a pretty tall order to start with, but it could happen!

I also figured it should be older, so it will have outgassed a lot of component VOCs, but it needs to not be too old, or I could have major problems on the road. I decided on a 2000-2005 model. I started looking on line. I researched makes and models. I looked at floor plans. I looked at all the features and what it should have that it doesn't. Then figured out how much I'd need to buy one and upgrade it. That was the easy part.

I've made a bunch of calls. I'm expecting a lot of nos. so I'm not discouraged. I'm also educating as many dealers as are open. I tell them there is a huge market out there for non-toxically detailed RVs and fragrance free personnel. Actually, I've found several dealers whose detailers are TI, so they already use non-toxics. That's a plus. I have a couple looking for me as well.

That brought me to the ext barrier... Rabies vac for the dog...