Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Cage

Spray season has started. I'm locked in. I'm finding myself pacing from window to window, staring out. Outside is gorgeous. Sunny, 70*, green and growing. But, they've sprayed. & sprayed. & sprayed. In the last 3 weeks there were 3 days I could safely get out. The volume of spray is so high that I'm suffering, even locked in. I've had a constant toxic encephalopathy for several days now. My chest and lymph nodes are ominously painful. My vision and even my cognitive ability are impaired. I keep taking nutriceuticals, I keep doing detox protocols. I'm losing ground and I can feel it. I'm caged in. I can't go anywhere. Even inside my cage they torment me. How I wish I already had my RV, so I could just drive away...

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