Sunday, April 1, 2012

He's Back

Well that didn't last long. Yesterday I went out to potty the dogs, and as I came out the door, and down the walk, Ron, who was on the shop roof, started yelling at me. There was someone working Mr. Evil's field and he had a tank on. I turned right around and went back inside. It was already too late. I could feel the skin around my mouth, and the inside of my lips burning. It wasn't long before a blistering earache and temporal headache began.

I knew I'd have to do Jack Bellinger. I sucked it up and made the call. I got the answering machine. I made sure my voice was smoothe, reasonable. Not demanding. Not harsh. Forty minutes later, a John Jones returned my call. Obviously, Bellinger doesn't want to talk with me, I thought. I was as sweet as pie to Mr. Jones. I could tell it startled him. He'd been prepared to deal with a raving lunatic, a witch. You know, what crude guys usually call woman they've hurt or offended, who dare to protest. Mr. Jones was so suprised he answered some of my questions. He told me they were using Metam, and Telone c-17. Later he said they hadn't put anything down, but we're going to just be putting down fertilizer. Sound familiar. That's what Jack used to tell me. That's what caused my pesticide injury to become a disability; Jack putting down chlorothalonil with his fertilizer and not telling me, so I wasn't able to protect myself. Anyway, Mr. Jones gave me Jack's email, so I can send him a list of what I need. We had a little trouble somehow and I didn't get the address correct. I searched for Bellinger Farms website, to look for contact information, and found their FaceBook page. There was a post that said,
"our prime purpose is to help others. And if you can't
help them, at least don't hurt them." Dali Lama.

OH BROTHER!!!!! Now that's hypocritical! Yeah, I'm judging. Sure all you softies might be thinking, "he's changed"... NOT. He was applying those chemicals that Mr. Jones mentioned. I looked up their MSDS sheets and labels. Justin's symptoms that we thought were due to Meds, the day after the first tractor was working the field,mwere a bunch of the symptoms of Metam poisoning. And last night, I had a bunch of the symptoms of 1,3 Dichloropropene poisoning... Telone. So, do I think he lied? Yeah. I sent a very nice email. If he was being co-operative, I would have got a reply. Nothin' same old Jack.

What that? You thinking I'm a bit grouchy this morning? Well since I was up a good share of the night in sobbing agony, my kidneys shut down and my lymphoma flaring, while the poison tore at my insides like acid and my liver distended trying to handle the toxin... Yeah. I am a bit grouchy. /:-(

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