Monday, April 23, 2012

The Lull Between Recovery and Boredom

Well, after this last few weeks, culminating in close applications of Atrazine, Callsto, Dual II Magnum, & Glystar, this weekend, I'm thrilled to say the wave of pain, paralysis, nausea, mental impairment, etc., etc. is receding. Yes!! I could begin to feel it start to turn last night, about 8:00 p.m. But it was quickly followed by intense hyper-activity impulses. Makes me wonder how many kid's ADD, or ADHD is triggered by neighborhood, or school ground applications of glysophate...? Yeah, both I and Rosie had symptoms. She ran around the bedroom, anxious and unable to settle for a couple of hours... I "vibrated" wide awake with hallucinations, and sporadic myoclonic jerks, until the wee hours of the morning. Gee, thanks Sprayers... The Gift that keeps on giving... (dripping with sarcasm.) So today I get to deal with the follow up symptoms, while I recover some energy. That would be the boils and blisters all over my face, scalp & trunk, and the film of toxic crap I get to exude from my pores and that coats my body in a rank, gummy residue! Hmmmm, lovely! (also heavily sarcastic) I do get a little tired of being constantly wet. Well, you didn't think I was going to leave it there did you?! The good parts of today are that, "Nothing feels as good as feeling better!!!" and everything is a mountain to accomplish, so you're busy all day. When I get enough recovery from this, that normal things like dressing, bathing, peeing, eating, aren't so huge, I'll have time & energy left over and that's when I get board. I don't have enough energy to sustain a project, but enough that I don't pass out. Hugely boring!! I like to fill my time by blogging on other sites, raising awareness and helping people, or researching for the Foundation, but I've gotten so toxed, I'm forced by my own impairments to take a break. I can't recall my sources, and on public forums, I can get beat up pretty bad, if I can't defend my statements at the drop of a hat. Frustrates me. That means, I have to give up my only social life. I'm back to the clock ticking. It's going to be a very hard, lonely week, what with my son's wedding in Texas, that I can't attend, due to my disabilities, and my favorite forum that I've had to withdraw from, due again to my disabilities... I don't want to have a pity party, cookies or not, so I've been trying to come up with projects to keep my mind off of my losses. I was weeding, but the sprayers shut that down. I was trying to steam clean the bedroom carpet. The weakness slowed that to a crawl!! Oh, I'm doing it. It's just taking me FOREVER!!! I can only do a little bit at a time, then I have to rest. And fit all the rest of that crap in there, like detoxing, bathing, eating. Sigh. Good grief, the drive belt broke on the steamer and that took me half a day to fix!!! O.k. I can practically hear you saying, "huh?!" First, I had to get down on the floor. That probably isn't a big deal to most of you, but when your feet are so badly swollen and painful, and your legs so weak and shaky that you can barely stand on them, getting down on the floor, is dicey. You may not get back up. And they may not support you getting down. Then you have to turn the thing over to figure out what is wrong with it! It's at that point, you realize you need some tools, and that you have to get back up! Oiy!! Hopefully, you can kinda extrapolate the rest... Cause I'm getting too tired to finish this now, I need a nap and I haven't managed breakfast yet... It's 1:15 p.m. Sigh! Yawn! More later....

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