Monday, May 7, 2012

Aaaaaand Here's Why!

You'd think Sunday morning would be peaceful. Not so for TIs. Here's an excerpt from an email I sent to a friend this morning... "I took the dogs out yesterday morning and got an exposure. Some one applied chemical and didn't tell me. It was horrible. It blistered my esophagus, & stomach, stopped all gut motility, caused me to blow up like Willie Wonka's blueberry girl, my liver distended, My kidneys shut down, I had interstitial cystitis, & lymphatic impaction in several places- right leg, arm pits, breasts, spine-, I actually weighed myself this time. I put on 6 lbs., my whole endocrine system was inflamed! My uterus, & appendix were also swollen & burning, my brain hurts, my eyeballs hurt - like they are stuck in the end of the vacuum tube, from behind... my bones hurt and every cell in my body hurts. Yesterday, I wanted to die, so it would stop. And, I was mad that they would drive me to that point. That they can legally continue to do that to me. That they could very nearly kill me, because one of these times it will... And they would rob me and my loved ones of my life. Yet, I'm too damn chemically bludgeoned to figure out how to stop it. So I sent out two letters. One to the President, asking for a national proclamation (both Peggy & I have been too sick to petition the governor's this year) one to the Governor, whose meeting with a group from the Triangle lake area, asking him to outlaw pesticides in Oregon. I sent my testimony & support. Not very effective, but I don't know what else to do. Where is my superhero when I need him? Oh God! It's me, and I am Under-Under Dog!! It's not looking good for our heroine." And that is why I would like to be someone other than me. It is sooooo "old!" I'm fighting my way out of the pit, again! I'm wracking my brains for ways to stop this! If you haven't signed one of the "Safe Chemicals Act" petitions, through "Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families" or the Sierra Club, who's partnering with them, PLEASE, do it now!! NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS!!!! NOBODY ELSE SHOULD BE FORCED (by toxic consumer product & environmental chemicals, TO HAVE TO BECOME LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!! Here's a link:

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