Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Bright Spot

For the moment, the air is clear. I managed to outsmart the melon farmer, and avoid being toxed when he applied fungicide through his drip system Thursday night. You see I read the label on chlorothalonil and while it gave a 12 hr. REI, it said that workers shouldn't be allowed back in the field, without PPE for 6 1/2 days, if it was applied through drip tube, under plastic. Which is exactly what he's doing! So, since he's never cared about my life, or the lives of other people who've complained over the years, I wasn't surprised to see workers in the field Thursday. They weren't wearing protective equipment, there were children, and it had only been 4 1/2 days. Since he'd applied after the workers left before, I reasoned he'd do the same thing that day. I checked cautiously Thursday evening, sure enough, he was applying. I started to react, just opening the door. I reacted to the dogs the next morning when they came back in from potting. Looks like I'll be locked down for most of the summer. But today, now that I've finished painting the ceiling in my daughters old room (VOC free paint), I'm going to jump outside and weed, until someone sprays! Take a few minutes and visit my Facebook page. Please use the link to the petition requesting President Obama to declare "Toxic Injury Awareness, Education and Prevention Month." Please sign the petition. Even if you don't live in this country! President Obama is globally minded, and what happens in one country affects what happens in other countries. Together, we can make a difference. :-)

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