Sunday, May 20, 2012


Like a lumbering bumble bee... I'm puttering and futsing. Moving from one project to the next, gathering a little here, a little there. Looking for productivity like those gigantic fuzzy bees seek nectar.

Yesterday I worked my butt off. It was an 'Oh, so clever' day. I snatched my opportunity, flung open the windows and painted trim for hours. I painted so long and hard I can barely move today. ;-) Serves me right, but I'm thrilled and am thoroughly enjoying my moment of triumph! It's not often I snatch back a little piece of my life from those pesticide despots, that hold me captive.

Of course I was dismayed at the lack of coordination I now have. I worked while going to college, as a graphic artist. I painted graphics on the walls around the college. I used to be able to trim a window or base board with a 2" brush, and even cut a 90* corner, without tape. Not true anymore. The poisoning has robbed me of my fine motor skills. I persevered. Maybe with practice, I can get them back.

I had to shut the windows down about 4:00. I saw the melon farmers "fertilizer" truck go by. The one I suspect is full of fungicide... I woke up with vacuum hose eyeballs again this morning. Ya think he dripped chlorothalonil thru his system? I do.

I also processed spinach yesterday morning and knit on a cute little lamb, for my new granddaughter. I finished it today. Since I wasn't moving, it was a good "day after" project.

Other than cleaning Rosie's ears, I haven't done much more today than wool carding, mending & vacuuming. Hmmmm, I guess for TIs, that's a lot. I also got the kitchen cleaned up and am baking a meat loaf. Wow!!! I am getting better!! Funny how it sneaks up on me.

Oh, yeah, my Keurig replacement arrived yesterday. I'm back to drinking good coffee! I hate the taste of paper filtered coffee. Even natural, un-bleached paper filters. Yes, I'm spoiled. I have to own that one. If it helps, I did a month of paper filter penance. :-}

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