Saturday, May 5, 2012

Did You Ever Wish...

That you were somebody else? I think we all do it. That's why we go to movies, or read books, or play video games. There, for a little while, we can be somebody better or more powerful. Our lives can be a little less boring, or painful or destitute. I used to think that I could be who ever & what ever I wanted. But I was wrong. I'm not that powerful. The world, not even my world, isn't under my control. That's an illusion. Those of you, out there, who live under duress know this is true. Only those that live in protected, naive, safe, little worlds believe in "the power of positive thinking." The rest of us know it's a lie. I had someone tell me this last week that if I changed my screen name, to something positive, I'd get better. REALLY!? So, what she's saying is if I call myself Something like, "Fluff-bunny of Miraculous Healing" "BOOM!!!!", or is that "Poof!!!" I'd be well?!? Yeah, that's not going to happen... I bet people who are being raped or tortured or starving or living in war zones, or in poverty, get really tired of that arrogant attitude. Because, you know, it's the ones who think they have it all together, through their own power, that profess it. The same ones that have never faced real hardship. It's like they blame us, for the calamities in our lives... Like we're not trying to fix it. Or not trying hard enough, according to them. Which is, in the end, sublimely arrogant. They've set themselves up as god. I don't know how many of you readers have TI, or some other similar affliction, but you know what we go through, day in, day out... The endless protocols. The striving to avoid toxins. The struggling to survive organ damage, etc. So many of you have faced the very real, physical symptoms that trace amounts of toxic chemicals bring on. How many of you were told "it's all in your head." or "if you weren't focusing on negative things your wouldn't have that condition." or how about "you draw that to yourself, when you think about those things."? Huh?! Really?! And how many of you tried to think positively? Do those people really think we haven't tried "positive thinking"?!!! They're essentially saying we're stupid! We're not stupid, and yeah, we tried it! We are that desperate. It doesn't work. If it did, there would be more people who survive tragic accidents. It didn't work at the Twin Towers. It didn't work in Oklahoma City. It doesn't work in war torn countries. It doesn't work. And for anyone to throw that in our faces is the height of insensitivity. They should be slapped. Do any of you, out there, remember when it was socially acceptable to slap someone for being that rude and insensitive? I think we need to bring that back. But, back to the beginning of this conversation. Today, I'm really wishing I wasn't me. I'm too tired and painful to come up with someone better. So, help me out here, who would you want to be? If you could be someone else for one day,... Who would you be?

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