Sunday, July 22, 2012

Slaving Away

Still working on tearing stuff out. The screws that held the wardrobe in were 2 inches long and a real booger to get out. I was averaging 3 a day before I pooped out. I was even using a power driver. They were in so tight that the driver stalled out. Yesterday my husband took out 6 and that only left me two more. :-) So I wrangled them out, then wrestled the cabinet out. After I recovered I called a contractor and made an appointment for him to come give me a bid on rebuilding the old cabinet into what I need to go in that space. I'll be stealing all but 4 inches from the bottom.

I checked, the carpet was just stapled down over OSB. That will make replacing it easy. I ordered sealer. As soon as it gets here, I'll start working on that. :-)

Of course all this physical labor plus the chems from the farming are giving my porphyria fits. I had a crash today. :-( I treated myself with IV glute and chocolate cake. Still not quite up to par.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Hamster Ball

Last Tuesday we bought my RV. Yeah, too late to attend the wedding, but still a valuable piece of Durable Medical Equipment for TIs.

For those of you just joining us, it's the ability to jump in and broom away when someone sprays. It also represents the freedom to go somewhere in relative safety. I don't have to limit my trips to bladder range (public toilettes are fragranced or toxic, in addition to possible encounters with Fragranced Members of the Public (FMPs). I also won't have to pre-cook all my food, or arrange huge environmental accommodations. I can take my safe zone with me. :-)

Of course, it's not quiet ready to go yet. The couple I got it from we're fragrance free, but the original owners weren't, and all kinds of stink is coming up as I deep clean. Remember, people only clean to the level of their ability to perceive.

Once I get a lot more of the fragrance abolished, I'll begin the remodel. Nothing is ever 'plug & play' for us. The first thing that has to go is the carpet. I want hardwood, but there are weight considerations. I may go with cork, instead. I will rip out the rear queen bed and replace it with a twin over the storage bay. I asked the couple I bought it from to keep the matteress. (Nasty synthetic thing.) :-p I looked at organic wool mattresses and decided on the futon type. They ran $1200 for a twin. I'll be sewing my own. Good thing I have all that wool! I'll be adding a washer/dryer - its not like I could access a laundromat. Solar panels, battery bank & inverter are must haves, as are water filters, air filters and replacing the gas oven with electric.

I don't know the first thing about rewiring for solar or the oven. Something else to learn how to do... TIs have to learn how to do everything for themselves. I've been studying all week just to know the little bit I now know.

And last but not least, reupholstering with all natural fibers. That will be a big job! Anyway, here a couple of pics for you...