Sunday, July 22, 2012

Slaving Away

Still working on tearing stuff out. The screws that held the wardrobe in were 2 inches long and a real booger to get out. I was averaging 3 a day before I pooped out. I was even using a power driver. They were in so tight that the driver stalled out. Yesterday my husband took out 6 and that only left me two more. :-) So I wrangled them out, then wrestled the cabinet out. After I recovered I called a contractor and made an appointment for him to come give me a bid on rebuilding the old cabinet into what I need to go in that space. I'll be stealing all but 4 inches from the bottom.

I checked, the carpet was just stapled down over OSB. That will make replacing it easy. I ordered sealer. As soon as it gets here, I'll start working on that. :-)

Of course all this physical labor plus the chems from the farming are giving my porphyria fits. I had a crash today. :-( I treated myself with IV glute and chocolate cake. Still not quite up to par.

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