Saturday, August 11, 2012

A breath of Air

There seems to be a lull in the spray schedule. I was actually able to get outside yesterday evening. The air was fresh, and I could breathe. Sigh of pure pleasure! I was able to eat something last night and keep most of it down. I slept without vomitting and aspirating it into my lungs. It feels indescribably good. There is nothing that feels as good as feeling better!

I'm guessing it's because melon harvest is in full swing. There are workers and trucks in the field most days. They'll most likely have to spray for insects again, but for now, gloriously, there's relief. 

I even went out this morning and fed the bull and steer. Poor guys. Land locked pirate cattle with patches over their eyes. The sheep looked good. :-) They are much happier, freed from their wool.  My gardens are over grown and festooned in weeds. The roses need pruning. That always makes me sad. I get out and clean them up in the fall, but I can't get out to tend them in the spring and summer when they need it. :-(

I actually signed a petition this year asking Oregon's Governor to outlaw pesticide. Not that I think it will happen, but it might start them thinking they should meet us more in the middle. Especially if the petition garners more support. Eventually, enough people will be toxically injured, they're going to have to. Most pesticides are being banned in Europe. The US is backward, and it's going to hurt our ability to compete globally. All the toxins are lowering our cognitive abilities and it's reflected in our children's test scores... Except in the tests that lower the bar to make their schools look better in the ratings. Like Washington State. I saw on the news for the last 2 years they've lowered the requirements on the WASL. SMH when are people going to wake up and connect the dots?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Still Down

Sick as a dog here and still TOMA.

I did manage to get the bed platform OSB sealed but the spraying became so heavy I've been down with severe porphyria ever since. I was forced to eat at least one bowl of gooey chocolate cake every day, and my blood still draws up purple or violet in the IV. Some days I'm so shaky and weak I can barely stand. I'm so fed up I could scream! Except that takes energy. I long to do something but I'm forced to remain affixed to this chair and it's driving me nuts! It's so wrong! They are robbing me of my life and health. They've stolen day after day and I'm helpless to protect myself. I'm trying to do hand projects, so I at least have some positive thing to focus on, but some days I'm too weak to lift the needles. I'm very, very sad, and very righteously angry.

They've sprayed so much our whole herd of cattle got sick. Ron treated them. He's still got the bull and a steer penned up. One of the known adverse effects from 2,4D is conjunctivitis - pinkeye. Over night the bull and the steer developed pinkeye blisters, and were blind in the effected eye. So Ron's been keeping them in and giving them antibiotic shots in the eyeball membranes every couple of days. Our bull weighs about 3000 lbs. He's not happy having a needle stuck in his eyeball. Ron has to do this, mostly alone, since I can't get out and I'm too weak & sick. Plus, Ron believes the local, vet sponsored opinion that pink eye is carried by flies, which drink from the cows tears and infect the eyeball with bacteria... Hence the antibiotic treatment. I don't, but they're his cattle. So, he treated them with insecticide to keep the flies off they're faces. He also wormed them with Ivamec. So much for "no more chems."

The sheep are mine. They don't get toxins. They're doing fine, even though they were unshorn through the heat & that spray event that made the cattle sick. Less toxic stress from standard vet treatments = a healthier immune system over all.

I know my husband is just trying to do the best job he can for his livestock, just like the other ranchers, but it is hard to watch them continuing down such a destructive path. Anyway, both the steer and bull have been penned up for a couple of weeks now with patches over their eyes. Ron reports that the blisters are healing and some sight is returning. Poor things. Damn melons and GM corn.

I'm also going through another hemorrhaging event. Saturday was so bad I lost 3 lbs. I had to hire a shearer because I couldn't get out, and this was the first day he had free. I didn't get to help because the spraying has been constant. Ron & Justin helped the shearer. But the wool bags were exposed to deisel, and it transfered to them and came in on the guys. Plus they went to the grocery store and the store had 'cinnamon pinecones' out already! They are synthetic cinnamon scent - cinnamide. it's very toxic. Anyway, it became a very bad event, very suddenly. My daughter had finally read the research papers I sent her. She totally gets it now. She did everything she needed to without me telling her, and really helped me mitigate the damage. :-) And she's being much more careful in her own life. Never stop educating, the life you save could be your child's.

Only 109 people have signed our petition, so far. Thousands of people have seen it... Do all those who didn't sign truly believe that this won't happen to them? It is incomprehensible to me that people could not sign. Until I remember when I didn't believe it either... Oh, how I pray people will wake up and be smarter than I was!!! Please, please try harder to educate your loved ones! Don't let this happen to you or them. I know you can tell 'em and tel 'em, but they may not listen. My daughter was like that. But things happen and attitudes change. Don't quit trying! People are dying from consumer product and environmental toxins.

I hadn't shared much about this because it's made me sad but, my good friend Victoria Innes Brown died last month. She died of cancer, from diet sodas. She used to be a heavy diet soda drinker. She wrote "My Aspartame Experiment" a book chronicling her personal research with 200 rats, in her basement. Between the experiment group and control group there was only one difference. She added a packet of nutrasweet to the experiment group's water, in the amount comparable to the average diet soda drinker's intake. The results were staggering! You can get it from Writers Without Borders and Amazon. The pictures were horrifying. All her rats that got the aspartame had severe medical problems including cancers and neuralgias.

Victoria was a lovely person, full of love and laughter and whimsical humor. She didn't deserve to be callously murdered for the sake of corporate profits. I miss her terribly and there is a painful hole in my heart. She died still trying to convince her family members of the very real consumer product and environmental toxins that are inundating them everyday. I pray that people could please get their heads around this! Corporate America is merchandising us! They don't have our best interests at heart- only their profit margin. We need to wake up and take back control of our lives, our health and our country. Corporations are running our government. Please get involved, get informed and get active!