Saturday, August 11, 2012

A breath of Air

There seems to be a lull in the spray schedule. I was actually able to get outside yesterday evening. The air was fresh, and I could breathe. Sigh of pure pleasure! I was able to eat something last night and keep most of it down. I slept without vomitting and aspirating it into my lungs. It feels indescribably good. There is nothing that feels as good as feeling better!

I'm guessing it's because melon harvest is in full swing. There are workers and trucks in the field most days. They'll most likely have to spray for insects again, but for now, gloriously, there's relief. 

I even went out this morning and fed the bull and steer. Poor guys. Land locked pirate cattle with patches over their eyes. The sheep looked good. :-) They are much happier, freed from their wool.  My gardens are over grown and festooned in weeds. The roses need pruning. That always makes me sad. I get out and clean them up in the fall, but I can't get out to tend them in the spring and summer when they need it. :-(

I actually signed a petition this year asking Oregon's Governor to outlaw pesticide. Not that I think it will happen, but it might start them thinking they should meet us more in the middle. Especially if the petition garners more support. Eventually, enough people will be toxically injured, they're going to have to. Most pesticides are being banned in Europe. The US is backward, and it's going to hurt our ability to compete globally. All the toxins are lowering our cognitive abilities and it's reflected in our children's test scores... Except in the tests that lower the bar to make their schools look better in the ratings. Like Washington State. I saw on the news for the last 2 years they've lowered the requirements on the WASL. SMH when are people going to wake up and connect the dots?

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