Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boon Docking

Well, for those of you who don't keep up with me on FB, I've spent the entire summer remodeling my RV. My husband helped me install the carpet and bamboo floor. We finished that mid week, last week, and I reinstalled the seating, etc. and had her loaded up and ready to go when he got home from work Friday night...

On the ride up into the Blue Mountain Wilderness, sometime around 11:30 at night, it hit me. I'd done it. I'd conceived of a wild, improbable (for someone in my condition) idea, researched it, tweaked it, formulated a plan and taken all the necessary steps to bring it to fruition.

I sat there clutching the seat with one hand and hanging onto the door handle with the other as my husband careened around hair pin corners on rutted, narrow, tracks in the bright moonlit night. The low grind of the motor was broken only by my gasping softly as he deftly avoided menacing boulders and overhanging branches, making my 30 foot Georgie Boy dance like a gypsy around a campfire. My husband used to fight forest fires, and drove those huge forest service fire rigs over roads like this, at break neck speeds. But hey! This is my baby! I'm much more invested in her well being!

O.K. the hair raising ride wasn't part of my plan but, the fact that I was finally free of my prison, after 8 long years, and riding in a vehicle that was safe enough that I could 'not be toxing my ass off,' the whole time, is spectacular. The fact that I could safely pee, eat and lay down to sleep, with out getting exposed... Well, it's a miracle!

While going hunting wouldn't have been my first choice for our first trip, its an excellent opportunity for some supported trouble shooting. Where better to find advice and know how about propane systems, generators and RV appliances than from "experts." I'm making a list of things I want to fix or change. Boon docking, or dry camping, certainly motivates me to figure out the intricacies of RV electrical systems. Sigh. More to learn.

Currently the girls (Rosie & Sonia) and I are nestled comfortably in our galley. The guys went out hunting before dawn. Oh, we got up with them, but there's not a lot to see at that time of the morning. We went out a little later when the sun came up and took some pictures. Unfortunately they lose a lot of the colors in translation. The aroma of pure air, juniper and sage is intoxicating! Not sure if all my more civilized friends can see the beauty of our dry landscape, but to me... Glorious!!!

There is no Internet or cell here. I'm definitely off the grid. No spray panes or tractors either! The peacefulness is blissful!

Added later:
Unfortunately our camp sight turned out to be the Blue Mountain equivalent to Times Square, with so much traffic we couldn't open a window or take the dogs out to potty so we broke camp and found a quieter, and shadier sight.

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