Sunday, October 21, 2012

After The Big Event

It's Sunday morning, and my son, his wife and child have gone. They'll spend the day with his aunt & uncle, and then fly home this evening. My daughter & her husband went with them. It's quiet. Thirty minutes after they pulled out, Ron took off to do some surveying. I'm doing laundry, dishes and bringing out the things I put away, out of reach of busy fingers. It was a lovely week and a half.

I spent the entire summer working to make this happen. And it did. I've spent countless hours worrying over contingency plans, and how to get over barriers. They paid off. I'm sitting here filled with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction... And a little awe. It worked. I've rarely had this much success in the last 8 years.

Oh, I'm not taking all the credit, by any means. There was a whole truck load of co-operation and help, to make it all happen, by everyone involved. That's the awe part. :-)

It just feels so good to have this much of a "normal" life back.

There were some sticky wickets. But we got through them. Last weekend there was a little fragrance contamination at the party, but I just went out to my RV and showered. Then put on clean clothes. (O.k., the water was ice cold, still working on that.) Then there were the fragranced people at the marina, so I didn't get to see the sea lions perform. I still got to be there for most of it. I came out of that weekend, not TOMA, and not exhausted!!!

There was some fragrance transfer from the kids luggage & clothes, but we washed them up and left their baggage in the barn. That took care of that. I got to spend 3 days playing with my granddaughter. Granted, it was physically a little more than I was ready for. She's a very busy little lady. She's very much full of a healthy curiosity and lots of energy. ( I'm worrying a little; the public school system will want to drug her down, to a more manageable stupored state, with riddilin, or whatever the new drug of choice is when she's old enough. They'll want to label her ADD. She's not. She's just healthy, and extremely bright. The schools aren't geared to handle that. But that's in the future.)

Yesterday we had a game day and a "fish-a-palooza" where we cook up all kinds of fish dishes, with the fish Ron's caught. One of the dishes that Ron makes is cedar planked salmon. Normally he makes it in the B-B-Q but, the wind was blowing at 20 mph. He made it in the house. The cedrene & smoke was bad. We just opened all the windows.

It was a wonderful family event. I got to know my daughter-in-law a little better. We had a lot of fun. I feel a whole lot more normal. ;-)

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