Friday, December 7, 2012

I've Been Working On Stuff!

It's been a while, and I apologize. I should have gotten back to you sooner. It has been very busy here, with my husbands birthday and then Thanksgiving. I've posted a few photos and events on FB, but haven't made the time to write a blog post. My fault. I'm sorry. :-}

I have been working on projects, both for the babies that both my kids & their spouses are expecting, and remodeling projects that I was forced to lay down all those years ago. I'm feeling so much better these days that I'm able to do more. Way more! And I'm taking advantage of it. GFETE

The first project I tackled was refinishing the kitchen floor before Thanksgiving. I posted pics on FB. :-) One project that has been driving me nuts for years was trimming the doors & windows in the library, the door to the bathroom my husband remodeled, the facing bedroom door, the entry closet & window and two outside access doors that he replaced. He never seemed to get around to the trim (I'd put duct tape over the transition, so no VOCs would transgress. It comes in all kinds of colors. GFETE), because he had so many other things to do. So, I decided I would give it a go. I priced out fluted oak trim on line, from a couple of different sources and put together a budget. I then discussed it with my husband. He decided he'd check with some of his local suppliers, in case they could do better, or at least come close (we like to support local small businesses, if we can.). They didn't even get back to us. So after waiting on them for 2 weeks I placed my order.

When my wood arrived, I started out slowly. I used non-toxic craft paint to stain it, and non-toxic clear gloss art sealer. ;-) It works! Ron set up the miter chop saw for me in a covered non-toxic part of the shop addition. oh boy! power tools!! LOL, I love power tools, and having access to the saw was lots of fun, and made the project go tons faster than mitering with a hand saw & box. I didn't get to use the portable air compressor and nailing gun, :-( as it had two switches that blew out. But thats o.k. I still hammer like a pro and manually driving and sinking finishing nails is easy. (Edit: I have to fess up! Immediately following making that statement I couldn't drive a nail worth beans, for about as week and a half! LOL That'll teach me for getting cocky!) I've done 6 doors so far. I had to order more rosettes. I hadn't decided on how I was going to do the window trim corners when I placed my first order.

In the mean time I'm still cleaning wool for the mattress for my RV. I finally found the perfect third color for my RV valance & curtains. I have all that material washed and pressed, and ready to go. I need to remember to have Ron bring in the staple gun from the shop.

When I get the wood trim finished, I'm moving on to tile baseboards! I'm even thinking about throwing a Christmas party this year... Hmmmmm :-) Anyway, I hope all of you are having as much fun living, and doing and accomplishing little things, as I am. God Bless! Have a Merry Christmas, or a Happy Hanukah!

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