Saturday, December 21, 2013


I just drank a delicious cup of coffee and, for the first time since Thanksgiving, it went in! Finally! Whew!!  Up until this morning I've been doing the Achalasia thing: drink a tiny sip, puke it back out, repeat. The pain and pressure is bad enough with liquids. Its almost enough to make you quit even trying to eat. If I cook my food down to almost mushy, it hurts less, but it still feels like you're gagging up gravel. Gravel thats stuck half way. So this morning I started drinking my coffee and it went in smooth, like a real person! I just kept drinking and drinking. It felt glorious!!! I was getting pretty hungry and thirsty so I wanted to immediately go make another cup, but I think if I contain myself, and wait a while, I'll have a better outcome. If I drink (or eat) too much too fast I'll trigger the achalasia again. I'm so tired of eating cookies and icecream! They puke up easier, plus have sugar to stave off my porphria from crashing. So I 'get by' with those. I tried to eat some 'boil it down to bits' stew last week, but I was unsuccessful in retaining much. I did get a little, and I'm greatful for that. Likewise I've been flushing my esophogus (thats what it amounts to) with echinaecia & ginger root tea, aloe vera, vitamin C and magnesium solutions. Not all together...

Today we're celebrating Christmas with family members that can't be here on the 25th. Gotta run! 

Have a Blessed and Merry, Christ filled Christmas!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

For Every Up, There's a Down

I was so looking forward having everyone here for Thanksgiving. It did not go as I planned. 

I asked for their clothes to be mailed a month in advance, the clothes arrived 2 days after they did. We had something most of them could wear, but not everything they needed. Having to buy clothes last minute, from smelly stores, and try to wash them as best I could, then wash their clothes as fast, and as best I could when they arrived, while they anxiously waited, undid all my hard work at getting better. :-( Yes, I got to see them, and I'm thankful for that, but I paid a terrible price. You see, I can't get the fragrances out that fast. My guests can't smell anything, so they start thinking I'm crazy, or just being a bitch, and they start getting angry. So I got the clothes to a level that I thought I might be able to survive. Then I built a fire and opened doors and windows. I started to have symptoms immediately, anyway, and it went downhill very fast. When they get angry, they must think I'm faking my condition, or exaggerating it. They were slipping in a bit of their regular product, or a fragrance free one they found, thats still toxic.  I'm stuck! When I bring my disability up, to try to let them know that I need them to not use their personal care product in my home (even though I've already told them) they get defensive. I was told by one person that they "... already knew everything about my disability and (they didn't) want to hear it." I'm grieving, as it puts me in a very agonizing predicament. They don't know "all about it" or I wouldn't have been having the problem I was having. I thought, "Whoa! That's arrogant!! I've been studying this issue since 1983, and I still don't know everything." I bit my tongue; I didn't say it. My achalasia returned in force. By keeping the windows open during the day I was able to keep the visual appearance to the level of a tobacco chewer with a spit cup. At night when we close up the house, it raged out if control. I didn't sleep for 4 days/nights. I puked every 3 to 10 min. The 3 minute intervals weren't as bad as the 10 minute intervals because I'd fall asleep due to exhaustion, then puke and aspirate it, and wake up choking and drowning in my own vomit. I'd spend the next hour trying to cough it out of my lungs, while continuing to regurge, only to repeat it when I past out again. Not only that but the chemicals in their products sent my lymphoma spiraling. They swelling and pain was horrendous! My liver and kidneys were damaged and screaming in agony. Everything in my thoracic cavity was so swollen and inflamed I was having compression heart attacks. There was so much pain it hurt to move. Even move my legs! Walking was almost impossible. Of course, all fragrance has pesticide, so I'm experiencing the OP poisoning symptoms as well. Primarily the pain in your feet and legs like someone is holding a blowtorch to them. I'm stuck because I can't talk to them about it with out making them angry. I'm stuck because I couldn't ask them to leave without offending them. My daughter didn't speak to me for 9 months after I had to ask her to move out of my house for the same reason. And there's no way to ask them to leave that doesn't come across bitchy!!! I'm gieving. I told my son, when he called this week, "No personal care products are allowed to come in my house. You'll have to use only what I provide." He got defensive. They were going to stop by when they moved back to Oregon at Christmas. I was informed they would not be. I'm gieving! I lose family, relationships, my position in the family, and the essence of who I was, because of this disability and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Its leaving me completely alone and isolated because they can't get their minds around the compexity of the condition. They don't get that I don't want to have to ask for these accommodations, I need them. 

After they left I began the process of decontaminating my house. They left on Friday. By Tuesday I was running the bedding of the person who used the most toxic hair products. It volatized out of the laundry, even with the exhaust fans going and the doors and windows open. It put me into a state that was so bad I wanted to go to the ER. Its the icepick to the chest and back, pain that feels like you're being ripped apart by elephants, and all the classic signs your having a major heart attack. Even after another emergency shot, the pain was not subsiding. I'm rocking and sobbing, and longing with my soul to have somewhere that I can go for help. I have to keep reminding myself that if I go to the ER, it will kill me. But, I desparately want "help!" I'd done all I could do, I was on the edge of the blade, I would survive it, or not. No hope. No help. I endured hours of grueling torture before it subsided. My husband, bless his heart, did not lose control and try to take me to the ER, and he did everything I asked him to. He took the partially washed laundry out of the wash machine, and put it in a muck bucket on the back porch. (Its still out there, and I don't know how I'm going to get the chemicals out of my previously organic bedding.) Then he cleaned out the washer and filled the tub with hot water and detergent. I'm still working on decontaminating my house. I'm afraid I'm going to have to tell them they can't come until they get an attitude adjustment. :-( That breaks my heart, because I know it will piss them off, and they won't speak to me for a very long time. :-(...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving '13

I have a lot to be thankful for! My kids and their families are all going to be home for Thanksgiving. :-) I'll have all 3 grandkids in the house. :-) I get to meet my youngest grandson for the first time. My son in law's kidney surgery went very well. He passes stones tons easier, now. He remarked after the last one, "that was nothing!" My youngest sister is back in Oregon and got a very nice job! My health is improved a ton (so thankful for my RV!), since I was able to get away from so much more of the spraying this season. Heck, I've lost so much weight from the achalasia I was able to fit into my " fat" jeans! LOL look out skinny jeans, I'm coming! Of course I can't wear those fat jeans yet. Still too much lymphoma, but I'm getting closer! I'm thankful that I can do more. It probably doesn't mean much to other people but, I'm thankful that I can get out to feed my chickens nearly every day. I bought an organic mattress for a daybed, for my eldest granddaughter. I can tolerate it in the house with no outgassing! Thank God! I sleep through most nights, and I believe I've turned a major health corner. I have the best service dog ever! :-) and she's so cute! I've established healthy boundaries or severed a lot of toxic relationships. It made the whole rest of my life easier. My husband is coming to terms with my disability. I'm living, and have lots to look forward to! What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting Better

Some Days I feel almost normal. Its an odd feeling. I do dishes, clean floors, do projects and cook a meal. And I'm not even tired! If I stop to think about it I realize I've still got quite a ways to go, before I could be consindered normal, by the normal population but, I feel so much better, its exponentitially more "normal" than I was. I can still be knocked on my butt by the slightest exposure, but in between, I have soo much more energy. Which is kind of amazing, since I only manage to eat on 1 out of 4 days most of the time. A certain group of toxins trigger the achalasia spasm that closes my LES, a certain other class triggers a lymphatic reaction that results in an over production of thick choking mucus, filling my esophogus and preventing eating. On good days, I feast! I've dropped another 10 lbs, in a much more controlled, and healthy manner. On the 3 days I'm not eating I drink a lot of herbal teas to encourage the spasming to relax, thin the mucus, and add lots of phytonutrients. I'm dealing with it, and its healing. 

I had a bit of an adventure yesterday. I drove the 40 miles to the health food store to pick up our organic turkey and some raw milk. On the way home, as we climbed the hill to leave town, the clutch gave out. It smelled terrible. Burnt. I didn't know it was the clutch at the time. I thought it was the transmission. I could put it in 4th and 5th but it didn't do anything. It just revved the engine. I whipped my filter mask out of my pocket and put it on. I figured I was really gonna pay for that, but there was nothing else I could do. I counted myself blessed to have remembered to take an emergency shot with me (I'd been forgetting, the last few times). I coasted as far down the high way as I could then pulled over on to the shoulder and turned on the flashers. I called my husband. He was standing in a ditch overseeing the repair of a steam line, but left immediately for home to pick up our car hauler. Other than the horrid smell, and the consequences, I was thinking that I'd be alright. I waited for the smell to go away, and the engine to cool, before I tried to move the car forward to the nearest exit. About the time I had started the engine again and was creeping down the shoulder my husband called me back. Thats when I learned it was the clutch. He also reminded me I would have to ride in his truck. He uses them for work and I don't even go near them; they're very toxic to me. He chose the least toxic one and hooked up the car hauler and headed my way. At that point I was pretty upset. I  figured I was really in for trouble now. The truckcab could set me back months, and right before the holiday! Very upset. I was agonizing about how bad it was going to be. Well, my husband did everything he could think of to make it better, including driving with the windows down every second that he wasn't behind another truck. It must have froze his ass off! Anyway, he showed up and pulled in ahead of me. My car had a tough time crawling up the ramps even in 1st. The clutch just would not hold. But I got it up there by holding my mouth just right and feathering the throttle. ;-). Ron chained her down and then Rosie and I made the transfer to the truck cab and we jetted home as quick as we dared, windows open as much as possible. When we got home I washed everything. And I mean everything that went into the truck, starting with Rosie and myself. Twice. I was very pleasantly surprised to not suffer anywhere near as bad as I anticipated! I must be getting better. GFETE I made sure to thank my husband for everything he did, and gave him the credit for it turning out so well. :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hopefully, The Last Exile of the Season

Its beautiful here in the mountains, in the crisp fall. Lower down the leaves were jubilant in their fall colors, as Rosie and I drove up. Here at the campground the tamaracs are turning yellow and gold amid there coniferous cousins. For those of you that don't also read my FB page, I had to find a safer location, much farther away to avoid getting injured by the spraying. So I've been camping out in the mountains.

I keep saying this, on all my other pages, because I keep thinking its over but, here we are again, in exile, so... "Its been a harsh spray season." They usually are. I don't think I can single one out thats, "worse" than all the others. They are all horrid in their own unique way. Of course this one did have some very positive notes. Once I realized, and confirmed (by repetition, ugh!) that glyphosate, (and flax in the dog food) was triggering the 2 week bouts of 24/7 puking, gagging and choking every 3-5 mins (Achalasia), I told my good neighbors and they stopped spraying it every week for the rest of the summer. They cut way back. They're also giving me lots more notice. Which really helps! The melon farmer gave me 30 min to 2 hrs most times and that was, in its self, brutal. By the time I'd get the RV loaded, at a dead run, and panicked, with groceries, etc, drive up here, and set up camp, I was completely wiped out and would just curl up in a ball, in total exhaustion. It would take me most of the stay just to recover. This time one of my good neighbors gave me two days notice, so I started prepping the RV 2 days in advance. It was so much better!!! I didn't feel as though my life were ripped out of my hands at their whim. We actually had company and were eating dinner when the call came in. I was able to finish our 4 generation family event, butchering deer, and great grandma getting play time with Joey, like a normal person. The next morning I could calmly load the RV, and check water tanks, while resting, as needed. I even had time and energy to help finish wrapping burger. It was much safer driving up here, not on the point of exhaustion. 

I'm still puking most days, by the way. Its not as bad most of the time, as it was there for awhile. The damage is slow to heal, and any toxin at all sets it off now. The literature says it doesn't heal; it just gets worse. However, I know that most doctors don't have my perspective. They aren't as rigorous as I have to be with avoiding toxins. I believe that is key and that my damage is healing, though slowly. 

I think its my pattern to not write much in the summer. My regular readers are aware of it. I spend so much time being ill, that I try to use whatever energy I have left lowering the burden I impose on my family and loved ones. I work hard at stepping up and trying to provide some normalcy. I think I did more house cleaning, dishes and laundry than I have in past spray seasons. Yeah, the husband's lovin' that. ;-) So in that respect, it was a "better" season. The puking, or regurgitation, isn't usually like vomiting. The volume is generally less per emission. So one can still get things done, if they take their "spit cup" with them. I've been working on small remodeling projects that we were in the middle of before I got sick.  I've had more family events this season. That does bite me in the back side, as there always seems to be an exposure in there some where. I did throw myself a birthday party, complete with guests, cake and ice cream. I had it up here, at the camp ground, so people could wear their own clothes, and not have to shower, etc. I've had a couple of exposures from other people's medication resolving out of their bodies, so we have had to limit over night guests to only those that are as rigorous as I am.  I'm working on my sheep shed again, so I can set up my upholstery machine to reupholster the RV, the next phase! I've sealed and painted the OSB interior walls of the sheep shed, and Ron's building me racks for my wool bags. Then we can remove them, my upholstery machine and my metal work table from his shop. I'll have my own work shop! Its amazing what you can get done while puking! O' I look really bad, by the way. Since it goes on all night, I'm not getting much sleep. I've also lost more than 40 lbs. due to the resultant starvation and dehydration.

I haven't worked on the weight loss article for The Box because its hard to write about healthy weight loss when I'm losing weight the absolute wrong way! I feel like such a hypocrite. However I'm collecting data for it, and one on Achalasia. I was hoping to begin writing again the end of this month, as my brains were slowing returning to sharper function (another reason I don't write during spray season - mush for brains). However when I was out painting in the sheep shed, last week, someone sprayed and I took a pretty bad hit. I don't know if it was someone further away, upwind, or the evil neighbor being his usual creepy self. Shrug. Anyway, I'll see how the brains go. I'm writing this so the damage wasn't too bad. But then, I kind of feel like this entry isn't as well written. Sorry for that. :-} 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Got A Virus!

That may not seem like a celebration to most people, but I've been too toxic for viruses to survive for 9 years. For me to get a virus indicates I've cleared enough of my toxic body burden that they can survive. 

It's still miserable, but its a good thing. Of course I succumbed to the virus following 2 consecutive hits that really had me on the ropes. I posted about them on "The Box." I'm trying to be good and stay in my chair, but I'm sooooo bored!! I'm trying to do little things so I get over the virus, some kind of respiratory flu. Like instead of completely clipping Rosie, I just did her head and neck. Tomorrow I'll do her tail and maybe her feet. Then, the next day, her body. I'm aiming for what Justin refers to as "the pajama clip."  

While I was in exile at the beginning of the week my patterns came. I'm hoping to be able to start some sewing projects! One thing at a time, and then rest! @@

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

10 Days Out

I just finished giving myself my shots and needed to curl up and recover. Lots of people have asked me how I can give myself shots. Umm. They preserve my life. It's stressful to do it, but less so than not being able to get one when I need it. Having to hang on to life for a couple of hours and sometimes days (over weekends) with the kind of horrific symptoms I go through, is far more stress full. It convinced me that I could do it. The kind of relief I get from the shots is akin to the euphoria an addict experiences. So I do them, then have to veg for a while. I was writing a chapter of a paper on safe and effective weight loss, which I'm posting on The Holistic Chatter Box, when I realized my symptoms were climbing and it had been a week since my last shots. I'm thrilled to note my improvement over this time last year. I'm getting them only once a week as opposed to twice a week, and my health is generally better. My cognitive function certainly is. I attribute the improvement to my RV, aka Escape Pod, Hamster Ball, Medical Isolation Unit, and leaving during sprays.

The down side, I've been in exile for 10 days now and it's driving me crazy. The first spray was 2,4-D, which is 5-8 days. They applied right across from my house, so 8 days. Then I got the call they were spraying all around my house, yesterday, so I stayed put. I'm hoping to go home Saturday, if no one else sprays. I'm so tired of being contained in this small space.

In reality this post could be a litany of complaints because that's how I feel, BUT how annoying and boring is that?! I'm trying, desperately, to distract myself, and lift my spirits. Even Rosie was glum. I'll post a pic at the bottom. Rosie was mopey because I told Ron to stay home one night and go to bed early. He looked exhausted. She missed her Poppa. Poodles are like that. They LOVE their family members and long for them when they are away. Alex, Justin and Joey went to Indiana to visit his family. Rosie is bereft. So in order to cheer her up we slipped out, into the big pasture with the steers. She loves to run in open spaces, and a 1/2 mile square field is heaven to a hunting poodle. Under all that fur they're built like greyhounds. I have Rosie clipped in the retriever cut, so you can really see it, as she covers the ground in her long loping run. Well, it didn't take that herd of 600-900 lb steers long to spot the intruder and they got all het up in themselves and rumbled over, blustering and tossing their heads. They stopped under a few trees tucked into a corner of the field and checked us out. Rosie, tongue lolling and trailing back from her mouth as she raced in complete and absolute pleasure, saw them too. She headed back in their direction, never breaking her stride. Tails up, snot blowing jostling each other like little boys daring themselves not to be chicken, the steers held their ground as she advanced. At the moment they broke and ran, I whistled her back. She made a sweeping turn and the steers thundered to a stop. They turned and watched her race away. Ho ho! They thought and charged behind her. Rosie's merry eyes grinned at me as she flashed by. She loves to be chased. The steers came on until they noticed me, standing my ground. When she was 300 yards on the other side, I whistled her back again. The steers watched in solemn consideration. Back she raced on her elliptical path. This time they threw up their heads in delight. They knew this game! On she came and away they rumbled. Kicking up their heels and springing sideways. When she got about 300 yards out I whistled her back again. It wasn't long before both the dog and the steers where turning about on the whistle. Back and forth they ran fully enjoying the game. I got tired and I whistled Rosie in. Both Rosie and the steers were disappointed. But Rosie came in, cheerfully enough. She got to see her Poppa again that evening, so all was right with her world.

Meanwhile, I'm still seeking diversions. :-}

Monday, April 8, 2013

First 2 Thank You Gifts Completed

I'm down at the ranch again. looks like it will be a couple of days. I have my thank you's made up for Lon and Sheri. I had no idea of what to make for Lane. What do you make for a late 20 year old young man out of yarn? LOL its not like he'll want a tea cozy! Though I did see a great elephant one, and a pig one I could modify. But I hailed him out the window and we came to a conclusion he's pretty excited about. Trigger finger-less hunting gloves. I've made them for every other guy in my family. I made a pair for myself, not so much the hunting as for working clasps etc. So he's supposed to get me a trace of his hand and measurements. I'll get the yarn. :-)

I'm not sure what I want to work on next...

Here's some pics of the thank you scarfs.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Getting Stuff Done

Chlorothalonil was dripped this morning and I'm sitting here with a throbbing headache, and a dysfunctional eyeball. Vacuum hose attached to the ack, kind of a feeling. I don't get notices about the drip, even though I've asked repeatedly. But, and its a big BUT, I'm lots better than a usually am this time if year, due to my Escape Pod (RV). As I'm writing I'm also baking cookies for my next exile. That would be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. One of my good neighbors wants to hit a few weeds with glystar. Its a glysophate product. 48 hr REI. The recent research on glysophate shows its a much more toxic product that previously presented... It used to have a 2 hr REI. Now they are required to label it with 48. The product didn't change. Makes you think, doesn't it.

Anyway, I will have Joey again. Evenings this time. My daughter's away giving conference lectures, and my son in law works swing shift. So I have him Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I did get the non-toxic seat covers done. Organic fabrics and stuffing. And here's my all time favorite grandson pic to date. Its captioned "What up dog?"

Friday, March 29, 2013

TI Gypsy

I'm starting to feel like a gypsy. The urge to break into a rousing chorus of  "Wandering Star" is rising in my breast. O.k. its battling with lullabies, to soothe a colicky baby, but you get the picture. I've baled into the RV and jetted out of here 5 times already since mid February. Two were for 6 days at a wack. I only got to spend one night at home, between 2 of the events.  Since the Melon farmer is farming two fields next to me this year, there's a lot of chemical being put down. Last post he was fumigating with 1, 3 dichloropropene. Then he moved to the other field and sprayed Bromax, a Paraquat and phenoxy herbicide. He turned right around a week later and fumigated the first field again, this time with Metam. I've lost 8 lambs and 2 ewes. SMH

We almost lost another little guy, while I was away the whole week, but Ron brought the frozen thing down to Rosie and I in the RV. His momma got so calcium deficient from the pesticide (one of the commonly used "inert ingredients" is EDTA. It binds all their serum calcium and they get sick and die from hypocalcimia.) and couldn't care for her lambs. There's a couple of videos. If they don't load you'll have to go to the Chatter Box FB page:

Most of my days away I've spent down at the ranch. I'm knitting up small thank you's. While I've been home this week I've been working on the non-toxic cover for the carseat. I finished it yesterday. I haven't had Joey this week so I was able to get quite a it done. His daddy is now the official caretaker. I did babysit for 4 hrs. this morning as both the kids had Dr. Appointments. So this afternoon I made a nice pillow for my RV sofa. :-) sounds kinda normal doesn't it. It was nice. Being almost normal. Though I still go to bed wondering if I'm going to get another early morning text, and have all my plans changed suddenly. The last text from the melon farmer only gave me 12 hrs notice.  Since we've tentatively planned to have Easter dinner at our house this weekend I'm apprehensive I'll get a text and have to leave and the rest will move it to my daughter's. But, that's my life. @@

Saturday, March 16, 2013

One New Baby!

My new Grandson is about a month old now. Cute! Incredibly cute!! I'm admittedly quite biased. :-)

I'm  babysitting him for a couple of weeks while my daughter and son-in-law work out their schedules. I started babysitting this week while I was in exile for a fumigation.

The melon grower is farming 2 properties next to mine this year. I received a text at 4:00 in the morning saying he was going to apply nematicide later that day. Since I had all the freezables out of the RV for the winter, I had to bust my ass to get everything loaded. I didn't have time to pre-make food. Most of my clothes were in the wash. I wasn't done re-making the baby things with non-toxic covers, and I didn't have any place to go. But I got the RV loaded, with everything I could scrape up and all the baby stuff, and the dogs and I were locked in by 7:00 a.m. The melon farmer had already started applying. Its a really nasty fumigant (1,3 dichloropropene) that the field has to be cordoned off and posted for 5 days. So we got a bit of an exposure.

Well, we waited a bit longer, until a decent hour, then called a ranching neighbor and got permission to camp out on their cattle ranch. Off we went. I am loving my RV! My husband says its not relaxing to drive (there's play in the steering) but I love it. For me, its empowering! So we got down to the ranch and parked out of the way. About 10:00 a.m. Lon, the owner, showed up and had me move to a different location. One where he could keep an eye on me. And that had power. It was in under cover at the bull sale arena. We spent a few very comfortable days there. Its a busy place, but lots less toxic than an RV park. Come Sunday evening we got some rain. One of the projects that a couple of the guys, including Lon's son, had going on was drilling in some seed. They didn't want the seed to get wet so the hand parked it in next to me. Well seed is treated with insecticide, rodenticide and fungicide. Life threatening for me. It was right outside my door! I knew I had to leave, immediately. I had Lane, the son, unhook me from power. (I couldn't even open the door.) I thanked him for letting me stay and I bugged out. I drove off down the rode, pulled over, out of sight and had a good cry. I had no idea where I was going to go. I feel so displaced and 'unloved' when I'm forced to move, and have nowhere safe to go.

I suppose your a bit lost. You're probably wondering why I didn't ask them to move it or say something or what ever? Well, I was kind of caught. You see Lane farms across from my house. I don't want to be a huge inconvenience to him. It makes people less cooperative. I need to nurture my relationship with him. Now I could have asked Lon if there was someplace else on the ranch I could have gone, but then he would have gotten mad at the "boys" for parking that seed drill there, and that would have caused hard feelings. There'd have been a hoo-haw between Lon and Lane, which would have also upset Sheri (the wife and mom). Nope, it was best for me to graciously exit. So, there I was, in the wind, with no where to land. We'd spent some time earlier checking out local RV parks. most are crowded and absolutely won't work. There were a couple of maybes. I headed for one that was a bit more spacious, and hoped for the best. Their office was closed. So I pulled into an isolated spot and hooked up to power. It was a bit more toxic than the ranch. We were on the edge of town and not that far from the interstate. But I was o.k. Hopefully, I wouldn't be in trouble in the morning. Then I called Lon & Sheri and let them know I was gone, and thanked them.

First thing Monday morning my daughter dropped off Joey, my grandson, and I began daycare. Luckily the temperature had risen. At the start of my exile it was 20* at night, so pretty darn chilly in the RV. Now it was only getting down to the 40*s. So Joey and I weren't cold. Mostly it was just feed, comfort and change the baby. Joey is a bit colicky this week.

Tuesday evening it was time to come home. So after Alex picked him up, I stowed everything for travel and headed for home. I wasn't sure how toxic it was going to be, or if all the fumigant had dissipated, so I stacked everything up by the door for off loading. I parked the RV as close to the back door as possible and just got everything transferred to the house as quickly as possible. Then put away the perishable groceries and showered. Then started to work on laundry and getting ready for Joey the next day.

I guess I forgot to mention that Ron had left for Texas to help our son & daughter-in-law, the day before the fumigation... Well he got home late the same night I got home. We found out the next morning we'd lost some sheep and lambs to the spray. :-( Nothing we can do about it. If we complain, the melon grower won't notify me at all.

So Joey arrives in about an hour. I'd best get moving, I need to clean the house for my father and stepmother's visit this weekend, and I don't get much else done while Jody's here. I'll leave you with some adorable (IMO) pictures. ;-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Corner Turned

Well we've been up and running for 6 weeks now and it seems like something is always happening. Just this week Shawna realized her health isn't getting any better and she needs to pull back. So she asked to be removed from her position of co-administrator. I let her go. I suspect the restrictions that one must post under as an administrator where hampering her usual style. You aren't allowed to give medical advice, or the AMA could prosecute you for practicing medicine without a license. :-( So she is now just a participant, and I'm scrambling again. @@ (rolling my eyes.) but I do have a great team of moderators. John, Mike P and Alexandra!

Come see what's up at ;-)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The New Site, the New Plan

Well, if any of you are wondering how the new website came about, I'm about to tell you... Several of you know that I started posting several years ago on Mercola healthy pets and met a woman named Swinn. She is one if the most informed people, on holistic nutrition, I've ever met. We both decided we admired the other and became good friends. We were able to do a lot of good there and answer a lot of other poster's questions. Then Dr. Becker began to get a lot of trolls and they decided to shut her site down. So Swinn moved on to another site. A couple of the posters there wern't too happy about her coming along and knowing more than they did, so they started ganging up on her pretty bad. She contacted me and asked if I'd come to the site. That was the dog food review site. So I did. Well, we helped a lot of people there, and made some really great friends. The site owner generously let us post on anything we wanted, as we drew a large audience. Anyway, Shawna (Swinn) and I talked a lot about starting our own site over the last year, mostly when the trolls would get real bad, but we hadn't done anything about it. So long about the first of the year a big hoo-haw started brewing up on that site. Shawna and I decided to get out and start our own site. Just as we were making plans the whole shebang blew up (the site owner no longer wanted any off topic posting) and so we skidaddled. 

Our friends decided they wanted to be on a site that allowed chit-chat and friendships, so they came too. It was a mad scramble to get a site home where we could all get together and have a great time helping people. I had this huge leaning curve! I'm not a site designer and I didn't even know where to start. I baled in, and felt completely out of control! I was trying to cram so much new information into my head it felt like the top of it was spinning! I ended up building a temporary home on blogspot, because I knew how to use these tools. It worked because my friends made it work. Then I hired my son to build the site... And we moved to the new platform. There were expenses. And people generously donated to cover them.

Then Shawna and I realized that the taxes could cripple us, if we got a lot of donations or income. So we decided to become a non-profit. It has been an incredible adventure and we have no idea what's going to happen next!  I'll try to keep you updated, but for the real fun, come on over to the Holistic Chatter Box and join in on the conversation and make some new friends. :-)

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Holistic Chatter Box

Wow! I've had a wild day! The new site has a domain name
Its not into forum mode yet. But I'm working on it. :-) Please feel free to come over and jump right into any conversation. You can ask questions about dog health problems... All our core group are experienced dog owners, and very friendly people. You can even ask diet & environment questions. :-) You'll be very welcome!

Oh My Goodness! Growing Pains!!!

Hi Guys!
I've been studying my brains out again to try to set up a holistic health site for people and pets, scramming every scrap of info off the net on sites for free pages... turns out I'm liking bloggers flexability on ease of use best. I've set up a temporary site which may end up becoming the permanent page, if I can figure out how to incorporate a threaded forum into it. ;-} So, if you have questions about the holistic lifestyle for you or your pets,or would like to join in the groups camaraderie keep an eye on that site, as I get my internet friends added, and redirected there. :-)  I'm looking forward to  getting to know a lot more of you, too. I added a translation button over there and will add one here as well. Oh the things I've learned! GFETE (Grinning From Ear to Ear)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Post of the New Year

I'm working on starting a forum with a very good friend of mine, who is absolutely amazing, when it comes to holistic nutrition & dietary health, not just for people, but for furkids, too. We began complimentary posting on Mercola Healthy Pets, became fast friends and when that forum closed, moved on to DFA. Well, Dr. Mike has very graciously given us a lot of latitude over the years, but its not really a good fit for everything we want to talk about. His forum is supposed to be an unbiased dog food review site, and we talk about way more than dog food. We've talked about starting our own, several times, and we think the time has come.

We're doing the forum, as opposed to just the blog, because we'd really like more interaction and feed back. Both of us like to help others avoid the pitfalls that we've faced, or get through them easier, and an interactive forum seems to be more effective. I'm researching info on it. The first thing we need is a name. Any suggestions?

I'll post the name we decide on here, when we get it up and running, and I hope you'll come participate.