Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Post of the New Year

I'm working on starting a forum with a very good friend of mine, who is absolutely amazing, when it comes to holistic nutrition & dietary health, not just for people, but for furkids, too. We began complimentary posting on Mercola Healthy Pets, became fast friends and when that forum closed, moved on to DFA. Well, Dr. Mike has very graciously given us a lot of latitude over the years, but its not really a good fit for everything we want to talk about. His forum is supposed to be an unbiased dog food review site, and we talk about way more than dog food. We've talked about starting our own, several times, and we think the time has come.

We're doing the forum, as opposed to just the blog, because we'd really like more interaction and feed back. Both of us like to help others avoid the pitfalls that we've faced, or get through them easier, and an interactive forum seems to be more effective. I'm researching info on it. The first thing we need is a name. Any suggestions?

I'll post the name we decide on here, when we get it up and running, and I hope you'll come participate.

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