Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The New Site, the New Plan

Well, if any of you are wondering how the new website came about, I'm about to tell you... Several of you know that I started posting several years ago on Mercola healthy pets and met a woman named Swinn. She is one if the most informed people, on holistic nutrition, I've ever met. We both decided we admired the other and became good friends. We were able to do a lot of good there and answer a lot of other poster's questions. Then Dr. Becker began to get a lot of trolls and they decided to shut her site down. So Swinn moved on to another site. A couple of the posters there wern't too happy about her coming along and knowing more than they did, so they started ganging up on her pretty bad. She contacted me and asked if I'd come to the site. That was the dog food review site. So I did. Well, we helped a lot of people there, and made some really great friends. The site owner generously let us post on anything we wanted, as we drew a large audience. Anyway, Shawna (Swinn) and I talked a lot about starting our own site over the last year, mostly when the trolls would get real bad, but we hadn't done anything about it. So long about the first of the year a big hoo-haw started brewing up on that site. Shawna and I decided to get out and start our own site. Just as we were making plans the whole shebang blew up (the site owner no longer wanted any off topic posting) and so we skidaddled. 

Our friends decided they wanted to be on a site that allowed chit-chat and friendships, so they came too. It was a mad scramble to get a site home where we could all get together and have a great time helping people. I had this huge leaning curve! I'm not a site designer and I didn't even know where to start. I baled in, and felt completely out of control! I was trying to cram so much new information into my head it felt like the top of it was spinning! I ended up building a temporary home on blogspot, because I knew how to use these tools. It worked because my friends made it work. Then I hired my son to build the site... And we moved to the new platform. There were expenses. And people generously donated to cover them.

Then Shawna and I realized that the taxes could cripple us, if we got a lot of donations or income. So we decided to become a non-profit. It has been an incredible adventure and we have no idea what's going to happen next!  I'll try to keep you updated, but for the real fun, come on over to the Holistic Chatter Box and join in on the conversation and make some new friends. :-)

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